Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2

I finally wiped my tears, I’m a pregnant woman, crying is not good for little soy bean, I won’t let anyone hurt little soy bean. In that moment I made up my mind, I have to go with the TVB route, since Lu Yu Jiang don’t want this child, I will run away and give birth to him, and then bring him up to become a business elites, comeback after twenty years and destroyed Lu Yu Jiang’s company, smashed his business, forced him to jump off the building, finally we mother and child will not think of him as a dish, drive him crazy!

Just because you have a few lousy bucks!

I will turn you into a pauper, no more girls to flirt with, no money to fling.

Lu Yu Jiang never thought in this moment I’ll have so many ideas, but overwhelmed by grief I still cried, while gnashing my teeth in anger, he probably was afraid I’ll set his office on fire, so he put his arm around me tightly, “Jing Zhi, you listen to me……”

“Listen your f*cking head!”

I readily took the giant crystal ashtray on the desk and fiercely hit it towards his head.

The ashtray was imported Czech crystal, twelve inches in diameter, it was simply a murder weapon!

Just hearing the sound “Plop”, he had fallen on the carpet. His head was broken and bleeding, looks rather than frightening.

I tried to find his pulse, indeed he just fainted. I knew my strength limits, because I didn’t want to receive a suspended death sentence for murder, causing little soy bean to neither have a father and no mother.

I felt like I didn’t vent enough, while scolding, and I even kick him three times, “Even a vicious tiger would not eat its own cub [1], you’re even worse than a beast! [2]“

[1] 虎毒还不食子 Hǔ Dú Hái Bù Shí Zǐ: The idiom means this proverb ‘Even a monster would not hurt its own children.’

[2] 禽兽不如 Qín Shòu Bù Rú: The beast is an idiom, meaning even than a beast. Describe the personality is low, very badly behaved ; to behave immorally.

Although I didn’t dare to wear high heels because I’m pregnant, but the strength on my feet was not a bit vague, if I don’t kick him until he had a subcutaneous soft tissue contusion, I’ll be unworthy of the taekwondo I’ve practice for more than ten years.

When I valiantly dash out of the office, the beautiful Secretary from behind the computer screen hesitate to stuck her head out and look at me.

I rushed to give her a pleasant smile, “Lu Zong fell asleep, so I’ll go. You don’t bother him, these two days he was very busy, let him sleep.”

The beautiful Secretary nodded, still sweetly escorted me to the elevator.

Sitting in the cab I started to think, I have to find a cheaper father for little soy bean ah, after all, single parent families, it’s a little pitiful. The first preference would be Chen Mo, he will do anything for me, but if it’s like this little soy bean would still have no father, instead he’ll have two mothers, this is also too absurd. The second choice is Chi Fei Fan, but I don’t know what his attitude would be towards little soy bean.

What the hell, I’ll laid down my cards with Chi Fei Fan, if he is willing to be this cheap father, of course it’ll be a very good omen, if he is not willing, I also have to live to up and just let him die in this heart of mine.

I went straight to Chi Fei Fan’s apartment, he has today off, he’ll definitely will be at home. So I rang the doorbell and he opened the door for me, upon seeing me he even bluntly blinked twice, presumably surprised why I suddenly came to find him. I took a deep breath, threw the bomb toward him, “Chi Fei Fan, I’m pregnant!”

Chi Fei Fan looked at me, I haven’t said my second sentence when I heard a “bang” sound, a teacup landing behind him.

I tiptoed towards Chi Fei Fan and my looked behind, I saw a beautiful woman, but her age seems a little more mature, her face has just recovered from the shock, her teacup fell on the ground and broke into a pool of slag. I’m finished, did I get into trouble? I didn’t expect Chi Fei Fan also hide an intimate girlfriend, usually this guy was very considerate towards me, I didn’t think he would be stepping on two boats [3], also the new trend of “cougar” relationship. [4]

Today my ba zi [5] was restricted in daily fortune [6], where ever I go will encounter evil spirits.

[3] 脚踏两条船 Jiǎo Tà Liǎng Tiáo Chuán: two-timer, to have two lovers at the same time.

[4] 姐弟恋 Jiě Dì Liàn: Literally means, “elder sister-younger brother love”. A love relationship in which the female is older than the male.

[5] 八字 Bā Zì: A Feng Shui term that refers to one’s date and time of birth, or the destiny that one is born with.

[6] 犯冲 Fàn Chōng: Is Feng Shui terms, that is often said that the restriction in daily fortune.

Before I could come up with the words to explain this misunderstanding, the older beautiful woman said, “Fei Fan, what is this all about?”

I’m finished, listening to this harsh tone, she certainly thinks Chi Fei Fan and I were adulterer and doxy.

The results Chi Fei Fan righteously hug my shoulder, said to the beautiful older woman, “Mother, this is my girlfriend.”

I… I… I…

This made ​​me almost vomit blood, this scenario is too BH. [7]

[7] BH is the abbreviation pinyin for Biaohan, which means fierce/tough.

Even if you beat me to death I also don’t  think this was his mother, how could his mother be so young? My thoughts were running wild, Chi Fei Fan had secretly pinched my arm. I don’t know what he meant, but if I didn’t follow his words, I estimated he will be use ruthless hands and pinch me, so I stammered exclaimed, “Aunty……”

Aunty that maintain herself quite well stared at me for a moment. Oh, thinking back to the year I met Lu Yu Jiang’s mother, I did my hair, apply a mask, wore new clothes, I carefully prepared for several days, when the old madam saw me, also didn’t praise me. Today I wore coarse clothes, my make-up was ruined from just crying, my eye were swollen, this aunty must have thought, where come out a strange ugly person, even dare to fight for her son’s attention……

The results aunty laughed quite gently, stretched out her hand and took me by the hand, “Come, tell aunty, what’s your name?”

Why this aunty seem like a kindergarten aunty ah?

But the show must go on, Chi Fei Fan was begging me, for a friend, I will do anything, let alone my brother-in-law?

I pretended to be a small white rabbit, coyly told her, “My name is Ye Jing Zhi.”

“Jing Zhi ah, this name is really nice.” She patted my hand, her hands were soft, very comfortably in my hands, “How long have you and Fei Fan been going out? Fei Fan has been keeping this from us.”

I dare not utter nonsense, looked up Chi Fei Fan, he said, “She is my classmate’s younger sister, we knew each other before I went aboard, I did not expect that upon returning we would work at the same company, quite fated, we started dating.”

Aunty seems quite satisfied, I guess it’s because our company is the world’s top 500, able to get in would be a person with virtuous and talented, academic ability are awesome too, of course I was an exception like a fish in troubled waters. Aunty complains to Chi Fei Fan, “You this child, really a muddle-head. How many times have your father and I urge you, if you have a girlfriend, to bring her back for us to have a look. You have a look, what do we do now?” She said while eyeing on my belly, could not help but beam with delight. “But it’s also good, hurry up and prepare the wedding, there’s still time!”

For someone who was so thick shinned I also wanted to find a dug hole in the ground and hide…… This plot development…… It was indeed too dog blood……

Chi Fei Fan said, “Mother, didn’t I just inform you now? We haven’t discuss about marriage yet……”

“You’re still won’t get married?” Aunty was angry, “how long do you want to drag to?”

I could not help but say, “In fact……”

“In fact, we also want to get married.” Chi Fei Fan rushing to interrupt me, “but Jing Zhi has once been married, I am afraid you and father will disagree.”

This tactic/move was really ruthless, who wants their own son to marry a second marriage. I haven’t praise Chi Fei Fan for his cleverness when aunty had said, “Divorced can’t remarry? Come, follow me go home, today your father is at home, regarding your father let me speak!”

I guess “father-in-law” background is very big, however I had not guessed that he, the old man’s background was actually big to this point.

When I saw the guard, I was thoroughly muddled, finally when I got off I didn’t which direction my leg was taking.

Like reading romance novels on the Internet, it couldn’t be more normal than having a dozen of chapters in front of you, then reaching the end when the author suddenly reveals the male lead is a junior of high-ranking officials, who wouldn’t be shocked by such magic and illusion and thrown into a chaos by the wind?

Without such shock…… I almost want to hold the author who wrote my story and shake their head! No professional ethics…… their inspiration must have dried up…… sure signs of cheating the fees……

“Father-in-law” was quite kind, he asked me a few simple questions, such as what does my parents do for a living, which university I graduated from, where do I work now. Upon hearing Chi Fei Fan and I were colleagues, he seemed quite happy, and then criticize Chi Fei Fan, “Since now there’s a problem,  then we must use effective methods to solve the problem, don’t procrastinate, procrastination is not responsible.”

Indeed the art of speaking for leaders were unique.

But did he really intend to let his son take responsibility, I feel sick.

“Father-in-law” had a conference meeting at night, he chatted with us for a while before he needed to leave. Aunty seems quite satisfied with the results, so let Chi Fei Fan take me to his room to rest.

Once the door open I didn’t collapsed on the sofa, tearfully accused Chi Fei Fan, “How can you harm me?”

“Who told you to rushed in and say you’re pregnant?”

Chapter end

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