Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 13.1

Chapter 13.1

When it was night-time, he insisted on sleeping on the floor in the living room, refusing to go to the hotel, he was probably afraid I would run. So I ignored him, I threw him a pillow and a blanket, let him sleep on the couch.

The living room’s sofa is very short, and he is so big, so he could only curled up on top. I guess he must feel uncomfortable, because he has not fallen asleep, I also couldn’t sleep. I was also too full, how could I sleep? Although Lu Yu Jiang brought my baby bear brought from thousand miles away, I always thought that after our divorce, he would have thrown the teddy bear away, I didn’t expect him to keep. I asked him, “The bear wasn’t thrown away?” He didn’t seem to be angry, “I didn’t throw it away!”

Why did he want to keep this teddy bear? I couldn’t help but have many thoughts running through my mind, even though I was holding the teddy bear I couldn’t sleep. However, Lu Yu Jiang’s dumplings was really wonderful, how come I never seen he reveal these hands before? I didn’t think he was the same as my brother-in-law, he was elegant enough to show around to the guests, and diligent enough to make good cuisines.

I couldn’t sleep so I simply climb up, went to the living room and talked with Jiang Lu, “How did you find me?”

This is important. I just forgot to ask hi, recently I was intellectually decline, I do not know if it’s because of little soy bean in my womb, or it was because of the small soy bean in my head. Of course I want to protect little soy bean in my womb, so I behove the blames towards the small soy bean in my head. Although there was no indication that it’s growing, but it was arch-criminal, without it, would there be so much things?

The results Lu Yu Jiang closed an eye to say, “I’m not telling you!”

I was angry so I went back to sleep.

That night I slept exceeding well, I do not know if it was because I was on the winning end, or because the dumplings Lu Yu Jiang made was really good. Anyway, I had a black sweet sleep, when I woke up it was broad daylight.

Waiting for me to brush my teeth, Lu Yu Jiang had prepared breakfast. It seems like he really made brother-in-law’s braised pork in brown sauce, merely just a breakfast, he fried poached egg, hot milk, made congee, bought me a steamed stuffed bun from downstairs, specially roasted some hot toast.

I lived up to his expectations, eating everything there.

He was not a bit surprised at my appetite, he just helped me to carry my bags and accompany me to the hospital.

The hospital from here was a short distance, walking there took less than ten minutes. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, did all the basic inspection of the pregnant belly, everybody also had someone accompanying them. I felt that this time I had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfilment, the last time I come here alone, this caused everyone to stare at me with strange glances, today I also have someone accompanying me.

I specifically asked to have a B ultrasound done, I said, “I haven’t done this before so I’m a little worried.”

In fact, I lied, when little soy bean was still the size of a small bean, I’ve done it once. But today I was prepared, the doctor agreed, gave me a simple check list.

This antenatal care B ultrasonic room allowed family members to go in. This time my luck was not bad, a very kind and warm female doctor did the examination, this female doctor was already a mother, so towards pregnant women she had a very good temper. I pestering asked her questions, completely standard mother’s curiosity. She was very patient pointing out to me, “This is the baby’s little head, this is the baby’s arm, this is the baby’s heart……”

The child has been formed, from the screen you could see what he/she may look like, especially the heart, one after the other, plop plop, so strong as if he/she wanted to tell me something. I secretly glanced over at Lu Yu Jiang, he has been completely stunned, just staring at the screen, he looked like he wanted to drill into the screen, and our child’s heart beat was like a black hole, sucking all our visions inside it. I secretly laughed. After the female doctor gave us the report results and on top there was ultrasound scans photos, a hazy body shape baby, curled up like a frog. She smiled and said, “You can keep this as a souvenir, this is the first photo of your baby!”

Lu Yu Jiang placed the reports in his hand, same as holding a baby, I saw him smile, even I didn’t know why he was smiling.

I dragged him upstairs, he also don’t know what I’m doing, his mind was somewhat unhinged as he follow me, I know that his soul was absorbed by the plop plop little heart. I took him to the neonatal observation room, through the big glass we could see many little baby, a row of babies sleeping in the warm box, so tiny, each one of them were less a hot water bottle in size. Some were crying, some were sleeping, some had their eyes open……

The last time I came here I stayed for a long time, not wanting to leave. Lu Yu Jiang legs also did not move, he excitedly pointed out to me, “You see that, in his fist, and this, actually yawning! Really tiny! You can see his mouth, very interesting!”

He and I had our faces up close on the glass, looking at the little angels, each of them is God’s greatest gift to mankind. Standing here, my heart will melt away, I thought of my belly’s little soy bean. Now it more likely a big soy bean, he/she has a head, arms, legs, he/she has a heart, in a few months, he/she would be born, like all babies, come into this world, making me feel over the moon.

Lu Yu Jiang turned to me and smiled, and then gently held my hand, moving a little forward, behind the glass to see those little face, each one of them are so cute. Until a nurse pass by, she kindly asked us, “Do you want to see your baby? Which cot is it? And it’s wrist card, I can carry them out for you.”

Lu Yu Jiang the boss this just felt a little embarrassed, he smiled at the nurse, “No, my wife haven’t given birth ye, she’s only four months pregnant.” He tightly clutched my hand, feeling very embarrassed to say, “We’re just having a look……”

The nurse also understand, “No problem, as excepting parents are all excited.”

I think, Lu Yu Jiang basically has fallen in my trap. This is the trick of mine, move with affection, I don’t believe that his heart is not made out of flesh. Letting him helplessly watch the baby’s heartbeat, and then have seen others babies faces, would he still have the heart to execute his own child?

Yes, I am fanning the flames of love, do not think that only the author of a novel can use sensationalism, I also know how ah, but I can make fan sensation towards a favorable direction. Hum, rather than a stepmother that would only use child sensation, isn’t this a higher level?

On the way home, Lu Yu Jiang holding my hand, and slowly walking towards the direction of my home, he finally said, “Jing Zhi, I have been very worried about your body, I don’t want you to take such a big risk, but today when we look at the babies, the glow on your face, I have never seen that before. I think this is probably the so-called motherhood glow, you’re not the same as before. If you insist on having our child, I will not oppose any more. But I hope you consider carefully, because I don’t want to lose you.”

I have to admit, when Lu Yu Jiang talked about love it sounded very good, although he just said one sentence—— oh no, is only half a sentence, but I am still very happy, “Lu Yu Jiang, when did you start loving me?”

His complexion suddenly became very strange, he tried to avoid my question, “What would you like for lunch? Braised pork in brown sauce?” I loudly asked, “When did you fall in love with me?” Those who walked pass looked back curiously, I’m not afraid of this.

He was forced to shame, “This sort of thing shouldn’t be asked on the street? We’ll talk when we get home!”

“Turns out you never loved me……” I choked with sobs, “you also don’t like my belly’s little soy bean……”

“Who said that?”

“You always deceive me, even a major thing such as my illness you deceived me, but run away……”

“All the things I’ve done is for you, and then I have apologized to you, please forgive me……”

“Would an apology be useful to the police?” I was being overbearing, “you forced me to divorce you, but you didn’t even leave ten cents of the property for me, even the house we lived in together, you also calculate……”

“It was you who wanted to divorce me, and besides regarding the house matter, it was also because I wanted to make you stay, so I just let the lawyer specifically with that clause. You see you even implicated me into such measures to make you stay, I was afraid you won’t be able to fall sleep in the future……”

So the cat is finally out of the bag, I thought it was the lawyers who utterly devoid their conscience, even half of the house property they were set so harsh, turns out all along it was this assh*le’s doing!

With my hands on my waist I told him in a threatening manner, “Lu Yu Jiang, we’re done. The child has nothing to do with you, you want to have a baby go find ‘Koguryo’ to have one with, we would have divorced, one clap two scatters [1]. Now you walk on your broad road, I’ll walk on my single log bridge! [2]“

[1] 一拍两散 Yi Pai Liang San is an idiom that generally describe the two-party determined to end the relationship.

[2] 你走你的阳关道,我过我的独木桥: You go your way and I’ll go mine.

Mentioning ‘Koguryo’, Lu Yu Jiang cannot help but quarrel with me again, he lowered his head and pulled my hand, “It was only because I was cornered by the old madame, I had to catch ‘Koguryo’, and take her home to comfort my mother. You know that my mother have heart disease, once I told her that we’re divorce, she almost admitted into the hospital, she forced me to quickly and find a girlfriend, so I…..”

Contemptible! Shameless!

Chapter end

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