Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8.1

When Gao Xi Li saw me, my estimation it was enemy meeting with particular jealousy, her gaze was like a swishing knife, my gaze was like a whizzing bullet, a cold weapon against a hot weapon, who was afraid of who? Finally, she was unable to withstand the sustain blows, her eyes were red, dejectedly retreat.

Lu Yu Jiang still wanted to send her out. Well, even if sending each other off I will make you two break up, you want to play 《Butterfly Lovers》, I tell you even if one become a fly one become a butterfly, you won’t even have the chance to fly side by side. So I suddenly jumped up, pull Lu Yu Jiang’s sleeve, “Yu Jiang, I have something important to tell you.”

I never ever called Lu Yu Jiang this way, whining so much even I have got goose bumps. I grabbed and held onto Lu Yu Jiang’s sleeves, he also didn’t pull my hands away, however stared at me with his eyes.

I was accustomed to his stare, like a sticky candy I just smile at him.

The beautiful Secretary act very accordingly, seeing Gao Xi Li brimming with tears, she immediately said, “Miss Gao, I’ll send you out, the elevator is this way.”

Gao Xi Li got a way out, turned and left.

Lu Yu Jiang didn’t look at me, he stormed into the office. I followed him in, he didn’t talk to me.

Who said a distressed Phoenix is inferior to a chicken ah? Seeing him hold his airs appearance, like there was no difference from before.

However on a closer look, I felt that his complexion was not very well, there were black circles around his eye, his chin was more pointer than before, obviously thinner.

We only haven’t seen in a few days, he has worn out incredibly.

It seems what Chi Fei Fan said was 80% accurate.

Originally I thought Lu Yu Jiang was second generation rich [1], at best he can be considered an entrepreneurial success, now I think about it, in fact, it has not been easy for him, there were several firms under his management, with so many employees, they all rely on him for a living. The board of directors were a bunch of old guys who are ruthless and greedy [2], I remember every time before the board conferences, a few days he obviously had the instability to eat and sleep well, even when I act endearingly [3] he also ignore me.

[1] 二世祖 èr Shì Zǔ: is a Cantonese term. Refers to a generation of powerful rich people, the next rich generation that just idle away in seeking pleasure without a single success. However for the translation I have used 富二代 Fù èr Dài which is the Mandarin term with the same meaning.

[2] 吃人不吐骨头 Chī Rén Bù Tǔ Gǔ Tóu: To eat and not spit the bones it’s a Chinese idiom which means cruel, and greedy.

[3] 发嗲 Fā Diǎ: In Shanghai dialect, not only a young woman but also a man can employ endearment to attract attention or invite sympathy.

“Have you stared enough yet?” He folded his arms and leaned back in his chair, his eyebrows knitted together in a little frown, between his eyebrow there was an apparent word “River”. I suddenly wanted to have an iron, to iron flat this word.

I pulled my skirt, coughed again, not knowing what to say.

His eyes narrowed, “You wouldn’t be bringing me your wedding invitation? What a big thing ah? Bring it out then, I said I will send you a red envelope.”

I was angry with him and ask, “Would you marry ‘Koguryo’?”

He hesitated for a moment then came to understand, “What ‘Koguryo’, why do you give people nicknames? Miss Gao is my girlfriend, whether I marry her or not, it’s none of your business.”

He always had a way to make me feel heart-broken, also not waiting for me to speak, he put out a “attending to a myriad affairs daily” posture, “What’s the matter?? I have a meeting in a moment.”

I open and closed my mouth, seeing that I rarely spoke haltingly, he unexpectedly smiled, “What words are that difficult to export, it is difficult because you want to borrow money from me?”

This assh*le caused me much anger, I blurted out and said, “I’m pregnant.”

Saying the two words was much more difficult than I’ve imagined, what if he wasn’t excited as I was, but I spent a tremendous effort, it was almost hard to make them come out through my teeth. The office was very quiet, I could even hear my own heartbeat, thump thump. My palm was also sweaty, my eyes never blinked, stared into his eyes, wanting to see what his reaction would be.

In fact, he didn’t have any big reaction at all, he only rapidly narrowed his pupil, but there was no expression on his face. I noticed his hand, because he was holding his arms, I could only see his index finger, slightly trembling, his elbow was very tight. I uneasily stared at him, regarding this matter it was also my first time, I also don’t know what his reaction would be. In fact, I just wanted to tell him, regarding the business situation it’s also not a big deal, even if failed he can also start all over again. I can can accompany him and there’s also our child, there will be no one that can’t separate our family of three. The child and I will be with him, always accompanied by his side.

But his appearance like this, he didn’t even turn back to utter a word to me, I don’t know what he’s thinking, however seeing him like this, I was not at all happy.

Finally, he smiled, his laugh seems very calm, very cool, “Oh, it turns out to be a shotgun wedding, no wonder it’s so urgent.”

I exhausted my entire body’s strength to control myself from taking the knife on the table and throwing it at him, “You assh*le! The child is yours!”

The interior was surprisingly quiet, he stared at me, I could not inarticulate what his facial expression was, he appeared startled, and also look surprised, or was it confused, or even heart-broken, in any case there still no joy.

My heart sank to the deepest part of the sea, my fingers were cold, my lips tasted bitter, ask, “You don’t believe in me?”

He quickly said, “I believe you.”

I breathed a sigh of relief, at least in his mind, I will not take this kind of thing to deceive him.

But he did not look happy, he even appeared very, very lost, he stared at me, staring at me the entire time, I have no idea what he was staring at.

I don’t know why, I suddenly felt a bit fearful, like a bad premonition, probably because he was silent for too long, too long, long as one’s foot coming down the stairs, I do not know what was waiting for me.

His voice was like a string that’s hasn’t been tuned, with indescribable dryness, as if a great deal of effort, before he uttered this sentence, “Ye Jing Zhi, abort this child.”

In my head “buzz” a sound, I felt an unpleasant shock, looked at him incredulously, I could hardly believe he would say these words, but he clearly just said them. I used to just think he does not love me, now I know, it turns out he absolutely despise me. Even his own flesh and blood he wanted to kill, did he despise me to this extent?

I heard my own voice, already trembling, “Why?”

He looked at me, staring at me the entire time, I don’t know what he’s looking at, but I knew was trembling, I asked again, “Why?”

He finally turned his face away, his gaze fell into the distance of nothingness, “I don’t want you to have a baby.”

These eight simple little words pushed me into the terrain. Many previous situations from our three years of marriage flash like a movie playing in the back of my mind, he treated me indifferently, the awkwardness, those words he said… … I bear out a layer after layer of sweat, just like all the blood in my blood vessels were to seep out of my skin, I felt my mouth parched and my tongue scorched, my limbs were cold, just as tempting to suck away my tendons, like I was stabbed by dozens of knives, all stabbing in my heart, so painful that my stomach twitched. I could not stand up, holding down the table. I looked at my own big tear drop on the carpet, then many soon followed, blurring my vision. What is there to cry about? For this assh*le, he doesn’t want me, he also doesn’t want my child either, what is there to cry about… …

“Jing Zhi!” He still wants to embrace me, I tried desperately to pull away, but was unable to break free from his hand, instead the back of my head hit on the table legs. I’m always so foolish, so muddle and harming myself. He did not dare to move, like begging, “Jing Zhi, you’re still young, you can always have children later… …”

I finally looked up at him, look at this guy I have loved for five years, from the age of twenty-one until now, the most beautiful years of my life were given by him. I gave him all my love. But the presence him, I don’t know at all. Or the person I thought he was, was only my own wishful thinking.

My tears surged out, just like my heart, broken into pieces, embedded within my internal organs, stabbing me very uncomfortably, but it was hopeless. I looked at him, and asked, “I can have children again—— just not with you, right?”

Through the blurred tears, I saw his lips moving, like in vain to explain something, but I couldn’t hear the slightest of what he was saying. My ear had a rumbling sound, as if one thousand big truck passed by and crushing my entire person in the process.

Little soy bean, mummy never thought in a thousand to million that your daddy really didn’t want you. He is so cruel, mummy is being unfair to you.

I was extremely heart-broken, as if someone has broken my heart, and then piece by piece were all thrown into the fire, watching it burn into ashes.

Turns out the saddest thing in this world was when a heart turns grey.

Chapter end

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