Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 2

Chapter 2 

In the three years, Lu Yu Jiang and I were completely exhausted, we did things to make the other person feel more disgusted, in the end we finally separated.

He ferociously bit my lips until I felt the pain, I also bit his. At the last moment, I almost want to die, the fishy smell and bitter blood flowed through my teeth. As I felt weakly dizzy a thought crossed my mind, if this was the last time, yet I didn’t even treat him gently.

When I woke up, he was already gone.

I slept on the living room’s sofa, clutching his shirt sleeves, the shirt was like rag there. I must have clutched on tightly, so he took off the shirt, and strategy escaped [1]. When we first married, I once fell asleep clutching his pyjamas refusing to let go, this is also what he did. With a splitting headache I climbed up to find a set of clothes to change.

[1] 金蝉脱壳 Jīn Chán Tuō Qiào: A cicada casting off its skin ; a disappearance act from an entangled situation.

The suitcase was resting by the door, and the door closed, I began to try various passwords.

My elder sister’s birthday, incorrect.

Lu Yu Jiang’s birthday, incorrect.

My elder sister’s original mobile phone number, incorrect.

Lu Yu Jiang’s mobile phone number, incorrect.

I finally gave up on this difficult task of guessing the password, after all, I could never guess what Lu Yu Jiang was thinking, to guess his password is simply out of the question, fortunately, there was another way I could leave.

I carry the suitcase to the second floor, open the balcony doors through the master bedroom. I threw the suitcase down on the lawn, and then I climbed down along the terrace.

A smooth landing.

I patted my bottom, picked up the suitcase and left.

I ran to Chen Mo’s place, Chen Mo did not scream upon seeing me, instead he shove a mirror towards me, “Jing Zhi, you have a look, how did you end up looking like a ghost? Did you get robbed?”

I saw myself in the mirror with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, just like a devil, “I was robbed and sexually harassed! Not to mention indescribably bad luck.”

Chen Mo “puff” a laugh, his finger pointed to my forehead, “With your appearance, there’s still someone who would sexually harass you? Do you think everyone is Lu Yu Jiang, whose head is broken to fancy you?”

In fact, he was wrong, even if Lu Yu Jiang’s head was broken, he would not fancy me.

I put the suitcase into the closet, and boldly laid down in his big comfortable bed, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just like how you think Lu Yu Jiang is the best man in the entire world.”

For several seconds I didn’t hear Chen Mo’s reply, I turned over and looked at him, unexpectedly, he faintly sighs, “It is you who is fortunate, you can justifiably be together with him, marry him, even after the divorce, yet you can still live with him under the one roof, this is a happy thing……”

I didn’t have goose bumps, because I know what he said is true. In front of me Chen Mo never conceal his feelings for Lu Yu Jiang, he even knew Lu Yu Jiang much earlier than me, but Lu Yu Jiang’s sexual orientation is normal, so Chen Mo was in a cavity love, seems like he has fallen into a pit.

I didn’t have any discrimination against Chen Mo, what’s wrong with loving someone? Even if you accidentally fall in love with a homosexual, that is because the fate played a small joke.

Chen Mo and I without much effort stared at each other and deeply sigh, because the time to work has arrived, I jumped up and combed my hair, washed my face and brushed my teeth, and then sayazi [2] went out.

The morning rush hour subway, it is easy for people to crowd into a biscuit. The place where I work is so noble, it was the legendary CBD, so you could only see many [3] people hurrying to depart in the subway, the business elite in suits and leather shoes, each thriving for their own prosperity. The office elevator was crowded like zong zi [4], with great difficulty I managed to escape out, swipe the card and entered the company, fortunately I was not late.

[2] 撒丫子 Sa Ya Zi: I’m leaving now.

[3] 乌泱乌泱 Wū Yāng Wū Yāng: Means many / a lot.

[4] 粽子 Zòng Zi: Traditional Chinese rice-pudding

After ten o’clock it was routinely gossip time, because at that time everyone have already finished the important work at hand and lunch was a long way off, at this time there were various small movements emerge in an endless stream wandering into the tea room to drink Coffee. I haven’t entered the tea room when Lin Xin Fei pulled me, a face of anthomaniac appearance, “Ye Jing Zhi, did you see the new Technical Director today? He really is so handsome!”

She looked at that point of prospect, only to drool over. Lin Xin Fei and I in the company are known as the “empire double jewels”, two Gemini’s in the office buildings. There were hundreds of companies in the building, which floor there was a new handsome guy, which company has recruited a young talent, she and I were very familiar with. Usually when there’s nothing, we also love to exchange information, mutually exchange what the other needs/lacks. She was the one urging me to chase after Cao Bin Yuan. Cao Bin Yuan was originally Chen Mo’s colleague, Lin Xin Fei and I once caught him having dinner together with Chen Mo, I initially thought he was Chen Mo’s new boyfriend, so I act outrageously and interrogated him. Unexpectedly later Chen Mo in all seriousness told me, Cao Bin Yuan is just his friend, this person only likes women, and he also asked for my phone number.

After finding out Lin Xin Fei was amazed, “It’s so rare that a person with such fine features would take considerable interest in you, such a chance must not be missed! It’s now or never!”

At that time Lu Yu Jiang and I have been divorced for several months, however living under the one roof every day I was forced into cold war with him, once I returned home the atmosphere was frozen three feet that I would shiver from the coldness. Not returning home and going on a date with a handsome guy, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, just when I had a slight progress with Cao Bin Yuan, that asshole Lu Yu Jiang messed things it up.

I ask Lin Xin Fei, “Could he be a golden foreign devil [5]?”


[5] 洋鬼子 Yáng Guǐ Zi Foreign devil: A term used in pre-liberation China for foreign invaders.

Lin Xin Fei and my only difference is, she accepts both Chinese and foreigners, and I just loved handsome Chinese men.

“Cut!” Lin Xin Fei contempt at me, “Look, you try a little first! Foreign devils? You see several of those northern handsome Europe men in the neighbouring companies? Their tall and handsome…… Noble and dignified……”

I dare not tell her I didn’t like foreigners because my English sucked, especially in speaking the language, company executives are basically foreign devils, occasionally when they call me I wished I could use Kingsoft online……

But Lin Xin Fei praised the new Technical Director to the sky, there is no other in the world. In just a few minutes, I already knew this guy is from an influential family, a prestigious oversea returnee, has a PhD degree, a man of striking appearance, graceful bearing, with the most charming pair of peach blossom eyes.

“Really is Ji Pin [6]!” Finally, Lin Xin Fei is in awe.


[6] 极品 Ji Pin: Means the highest calibre.

Ji Pin, of course, seeing is believing, after all what you hear about may be false.

As a company administrative, commonly known as the handyman, the only advantage is that you have a lot of reasons to get close to handsome guys.

So I use the pretext of sending office supplies, slowly knocked on the new Technical Director’s door.

“Come in, please.”

His voice is not high not low, slightly magnetic.

The first condition known about this Ji Pin is that he has a pleasant voice,

So I beamed with delight, pushed the door open and preparing to properly admire this handsome Ji Pin guy, and then—— I was rendered speechless. [7]


[7] 呆若木鸡 Dāi Ruò Mù Jī: Dumbstruck, stunned, be insensate like a wooden chicken.

He was also rendered speechless.

Finally, he was the first to return to normal, so to say that the elite’s are elite, extraordinary are extraordinary.

“Jing Zhi, why are you here?”

Chi Fei Fan’s voice was the same as many years ago, gentle and refined, my nose twitched, exclaimed, “Brother-in-law!”

I have one elder sister, Jìng Zhi.

In those years, Chi Fei Fan and my elder sister was both a student/disciple of a Ph.D supervisor, Chi Fei Fan only particularly adored one young female apprentice—— that was my elder sister, so he hollow out his mind to pursue her, my elder sister also had quite a favourable impression of him. So even I, this younger sister also gained some advantage from this, he often took me out to indulge in eating and drinking, the person eating was unable to speak justly and forcefully making things difficult for others who were soft-hearted. I thought the outcome was a foregone conclusion, so very early on I started calling him “brother-in-law”, who knew half way through out of nowhere came, Lu Yu Jiang.

Of course, Chi Fei Fan could not win that assh*le Lu Yu Jiang, he angrily gone abroad, and studied a second PhD degree.

At the sight of Chi Fei Fan, I thought of the good old days when elder sister was still here, how can I not feel sad?

That night Chi Fei Fan treated me to dinner, shark’s fin with rice was my most favourite, now he was a director, his salary is high, so I did not hesitate, eating mouthfuls of bursting flavours to my heart’s content, “Brother-in-law, you still treat me the best.”

Chi Fei Fan merely stared at me eating, smiled faintly to himself.

After dinner, I accompanied him to visit the old school that my elder sister and he once attended. The campus night was very quiet, tree-lined road, under the lights we walk into the street, the sounds of our rustling footsteps could be heard.

There was no moon in the sky, just the bright luminous lights, and countless moths flying around the street, which made me think of a very old movie, in the movie there’s a song called 《Dance of Sunlight》.

The half cold, half warm autumn, quietly watching the dance of sunlight, in the wind a piece of red leaves…… Times surely flies, at that time I was a little tail, like a large light bulb I followed behind my elder sister and him. In the blink of an eye, all have changed.

Even I felt very sad, not to mention him.

When getting into the car he said, “I always wanted to come to the old school, but it’s nearly nostalgia timid, thank you for accompanying me here today.”

Chi Fei Fan is always like this, talked so refined, treated others properly, at that time I don’t know what was wrong with my elder sister, insisted on eliminating him and choosing Lu Yu Jiang.

Chi Fei Fan drove an Audi Q7, this is my favourite car. Every time I see the car in the magazine I would long with envy about the rough lines, imagine myself majestically driving it, charging it towards the North Fourth Ring road, must be very cool. But being impecunious, unexpectedly, I never thought Chi Fei Fan would be the same enthusiasts as me. Unlike Lu Yu Jiang, he has three cars, but in addition to Mercedes Benz’s, there’s the Hummer and custom Diaozha.

During the second year of our marriage, I was at home bored, I want him to let me buy a car to hang out, I mentioned it to him under the moon and flowers, the results he said with a cold expression, “There are two drivers in the home, where you need to go that you need to drive yourself?”

Since then I seldom ask him for anything, I didn’t have much self-esteem left, best to use it sparingly.

Chi Fei Fan looked at me touching about, unable to hide my envy [8] expression, and asked me, “Would you like to try drive it?”


[8] 垂涎欲滴 Chuí Xián Yù Dī: Make one’s mouth watery — be unable to hide one’s greed ; coveted ; drool with envy.

“Ah?” I whispered, “I didn’t bring my driver’s license……”

Chi Fei Fan slightly raised his eyebrows, smiling, like those year, encouraging me to eat the junk food, “Occasionally committing a small crime, it’s a kind of happiness!”

I have not driven in a long time, touching the steering wheel I felt my blood boiling, Q7 ah, silver Q7, in the night as if eager like a silver panther, the engine growl as I rushed into the rolling traffic flow, speed, shift, overtaking, changing lanes……

The wind blew from the window, I didn’t see the speedometer also I didn’t know how fast I was going, I only knew the car was beyond me, the road ahead was more and more bright, the street lights were like an orange band, causing a person’s blood to gush, forward, forward, forward……

We did a full a line around a full circle, in the dead of night, empty, and I’m so happy that I wanted to scream.

I really felt so happy! This lighting speed feeling, put aside all the troubles, like a person was relaxing bath in the night wind. Changing shifts until my hands were relent, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this tired, but from my heart to my body, there was a thrill of pleasure.

Finally, he drove me home, I told him Chen Mo’s address, he asked me, “Do you live alone?”

I very gladly told him, “I live together with a friend, a good sister.”

It is also not wrong, Chen Mo and me, has always been affectionate sisters.

“You still don’t have a boyfriend ah? If your elder sister knew, she will certainly be worried about you.”

I could not laugh anymore, I felt astringent, if my elder sister knew about those things I did, she certainly would have jumped up from the ground, and disown me.

I was so despicable, shameless, and a selfish person.

The car stopped in Chen Mo’s downstairs, I said goodbye to Chi Fei Fan, but he was very gracious wanting to send me upstairs, I though it was too late, I’m afraid of Chen Mo opening the door giving Chi Fei Fan a fright, so I declined. While we were being polite towards one and other, suddenly there were a shadow from the side of flower bed, little awn stars falling out.

It was cigarette butts, like a meteor, fleeting, fall into the small, delicate panda dustbin, I suddenly have a sixth sense, and widened my eyes.

Lu Yu Jiang.

Majority of his body was still hidden in the shadows, but just from the cigarette ash I could recognize him, and I could also see half of his face.

I suddenly had cold extremities, my chest tightens.

I don’t know why he was here, but I knew very clearly he didn’t have good intentions here waiting for me.

Sure enough, he slowly walked out from the shadow, Chi Fei Fan also spotted him, temporarily unable to recognize who it was, so he was bewildered, turned around and stared at me.

I think I must have looked terrible standing there like a block of wood.

“Mr. Chi.” Lu Yu Jiang’s entire person gradually strolled into the dizzy yellow street light, he seemed very polite, “So you have returned home.”

Chi Fei Fan was neither humble nor pushy, “Mr. Lu, long time no see.”

Why do I feel that the temperature surrounding us had a significant decline, with a murderous autumn rustling when it’s obviously summer now?

As expected the particularly jealous love rivals met.

I just felt a little sad, even my elder sister is not here anymore, was there a point?

My head was spinning, do I need to call Chen Mo and have him come down to save me?

And let the old love rivals cross a knife with each other! Fight a good fight at outrance……

But if Chen Mo comes down, see Lu Yu Jiang, maybe he would take love more seriously than friendship, and will immediately forget to save me.

Just when my imagination started to run wild, I suddenly saw Lu Yu Jiang turned around and smiled at me.

Suddenly the bell rang in my mind, this bastard rarely gave me a good expression to see, not to mention a laugh. During the three years we were married, I did not see him smile for more than a few times, today this smile, certainly there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Sure enough, I saw he turned away I hear him clearly say, “Mr. Chi, I still have to thank you, thank you for sending my ex-wife back.”

I gasped.

“Ex-wife?” The usually gentle Chi Fei Fan, suddenly gnash his teeth in anger, even his eyes were red.

“How are you worthy of her?” Chi Fei Fan roared and rushed towards Lu Yu Jiang, fiercely served a punch, “How are you worthy?!”

I never thought he would be so angry, Lu Yu Jiang also didn’t estimated he will suddenly make his moves, even took a solid hit. After receiving this, more than 20 years, this assh*le has not learn, not waiting for Chi Fei Fan’s second fist to arrive, he has withheld Chi Fei Fan’s wrist forcing it towards the right ninety percent off. Chi Fei Fan also wanted to wrestle with his opponent, after two, three rounds he was beaten with no arm strength left to fight back.

This assh*le is unexpectedly so deceptive!

Chapter end

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