Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.1

The elevator *ding* sound, we have arrived. With vigorous strides I walked out, I strode along the corridors and turn left passing by those messy indoor plants and arrived at the glass desk, where a delicate beauty sat. It’s estimated that this beauty have been secretly tipped off with my arrival, so she immediately got up and tried to stop me, she didn’t think that my 10 years of Taekwondo [1] was trained in vain, right? A slap on the face has caused her back up against the wall, she had no time to scream, when I have fiercely *bang* flung the door open.

The great beauty finally caught up in front of me with a symbolic block, “Sorry, Lu Zong, I couldn’t stop her……”

The man sitting behind the desk, his eyebrows didn’t once lift up, but he also didn’t utter a single word. The beauty has been very discreet, also disappeared and closing the door behind her.

I rushed up to hold Lu Yu Jiang’s tie, and ferociously spat out every single word, “F*ck you! Second Uncle!”

Yu Jiang slowly removed his gold-rimmed glasses, and then slowly broke free my fingers that grabbed his collar, and finally slowly said, “Ye Jing Zhi, you know, I am our family’s only son of five generations, I’m not second uncle.”

I have not been so angry that I lost my mind, because I know not bicker with this bastard, as long as the one catch on his words, then, in the end, I am certain I can clearly with reason, it is imperative not to waste any more words with him. The person who last directs the rejection ultimatum will be the one who’ll leave.

“Get out!” Once again, I grabbed his tie roaring towards him, “I’ll give you 24 hours, you immediately get out of my house, or else I’ll throw you and your things out……”

“This is also my house.”

With that mentioned, my flames were fanned, back then I really had eyes of a blind dog…… Not right, it was dog blood rushing through my brain that I will sign the agreement.

“Good! You don’t move, I’ll move!”

“Article seven of the divorce agreement, those move out of the house, even if it was voluntary will give up half of their property, all given to the other person.”

Holly crap!

I brought the villa when I was married to this assh*le, at the time we brought it the market price was about 20 million, then later the real estate prices soared, especially the villa. Earlier I have made inquiries, it is now valued at least 50 million!

Half of the property is 25 million!

Even if you beat me to death, I also can’t take about twenty million yuan to hand out to people ah!

Especially to this assh*le!

So I let go, fiercely left the following sentence, “Since you’re not going to roll out of here, then it is best to keep a little grace, we should learn to coexist and live peacefully, stop meddling in my personal life!”

“Who is interested in snooping on your personal life?” Yu Jiang has loose the tie that I had twisted, he remain immutable and completely indifferent, “My flight was delayed, so I only got home at midnight, who knows you have a hobby of making out with your boyfriend in the living room.”

“Dog sh*t!” I have had a lousy choice of words, “Which eyes of yours saw me making out with him?”

“Oh, at twelve o’clock in the morning, one man, one woman sitting on the couch talking about life and the ideals of Russia beating Georgia?”

His eloquent more than slightly annoyed me, Buddha said that if the mind there is Buddha then you will see Buddha, if one’s mind is dog shit then one will see dog shit, and if one’s heart see ill deeds [2], then what one see will be ill deeds.

I looked up, very arrogantly said, “It’s none of your business! I can get intimate with whoever I want in the living room, you never mind who I discuss life and ideals about Russia beating Georgia, also discussing about Italy’s eighty-one type of chandelier paper clips.”

He nodded, “It is none of my business, but now you ran into my office to kick up a fuss, it will interfere with me.”

The thought of this made me angry, just before who was the thief who cried thief [3]?

“You!” I loudly complained, “You, came home in the dead of night, we are clearly divorced, there’s no relationship between us. But you still order me to bring this and that, even called me to find you a bathrobe, yet you still talk nonsense, you finally made Cao Bin Yuan angry and left……”

“Cao Bin Yuan.”

He finally frowned, “I hate that name.”

“It sounds better than Lu Yu Jiang.” I have gone mad, “Cao Bin Yuan is a young talent, he’s a famous designer, full of wit, it was more than likely I was hitting on him. He’s younger than you, more capable than you, have more grace than you, have more humor than you, is better than you one thousand times, ten thousand times……”

He finally interrupted me, “Congratulations.”

For a moment I couldn’t get around that.

His mouth has a faint smile, “You found such a good boyfriend, then hurry up and buy half the property off my hands, so that the whole house is yours, in the future you guys can be affectionately intimate, you also don’t need to worry.”

This assh*le is bullying me, he thinks that in this lifetime, I shall never earn more than 25 million.

I suddenly felt heart-broken, it’s been such a long time, but I still felt heartbroken.

“Lu Yu Jiang, in this world you’re not the only wealthy person. Originally because of your wealth I marry you, but you have the property notarization before marriage, finally after we divorced, there’s only this joint house, I have no way to sell half of the property, because the divorce agreement states it can only be sold to you……”

“Now you feel it’s unfair?” He sneered, “If you want to obtain something, there’s always a small price to pay.”

“I’ve paid enough.” I was completely out of hand, “You guard your money over a lifetime! I don’t want the house! I’ll move out! I was crazy to endure for so long! I’m also crazy to live in this house! I was a real assh*le, major assh*le [4]!”

I turn around to rush out of the office, the great beauty that sat in front of the computer outside was startled, I didn’t pay her any heed and rushed to the elevator and desperately pressed the button, the elevator has not come up, but my tears has fallen down.

I’m afraid of being seen, not waiting for the elevator to come up, I took the stairs down.

While walking I cried, I’m so futile to cry like this. From walking down 38 floors, I walked for nearly half an hour, and cried until I developed a headache.

It’s been a long time since I have a headache, it seemed like the last time was during postgraduate exam, with a headache the entire time I desperately try to solve the simulation questions.

No, the last time it was time was when I quarrel with, Lu Yu Jiang. I was hysterical with a splitting headache, but he only laughed, “Besides loving money, what else do you love? You marry me, was it not for the money?”

Every word pierced my heart, if it was the eight o’clock TV series, the female lead would have spit out a mouthful of blood, but I just have a headache, wanting to spew, almost desperately said, “Yes, I love money, if you want a divorce we can, just give me the money.”

He didn’t throw a cheque into my face, just let me leave.

Lu Yu Jiang would not be so foolish, even if he is willing to his lawyers also refused to divorce agreement, our divorce settlement said to be represented by a barrister, as appropriate, after drafting and modified many times by an elite legal team, they finally got me to sign my name.

At that time I was almost penniless. After the marriage, I did not work, so naturally I had no income. All I have/own was given by Lu Yu Jiang, so I signed the papers. Under such humiliation [5] there’s always the right to feel deflated and ashamed. I wasn’t even in the position to ask for amendments, how was it possible for me to negotiate?

With no place to go, I imperceptibly walked to the park, I felt my headache, sitting alone on a bench.

Fortunately, I have not cried again.

I hate how I looked when I cried, it was very ugly, very hideous.

I’m not beautiful, initially after the engagement with Lu Yu Jiang, the college’s senior and junior sister looked for sorts of excuses come to the laboratories to visit me, after visiting one’s hope was greatly disappointed, “Why does Yu Jiang fancy her?”

She’s not beautiful, she often fights, she mostly love using foul language, her academic achievement can only be considered fared in the past, very average. She didn’t even have a fair maiden aura, plus her intellectual lack noble words of any kind.

Why would a diamond bachelor like Lu Yu Jiang fancy her?

This is a secret, only Lu Yu Jiang and I knew.

Early in the marriage, we still get along very well, he pretended to be an affectionate, I obediently followed and make grand gestures, in front of others, we are a loving couple. Also, when there were magazines interviews to do, in our new home I was a small bird his arm to allowing journalists to take pictures. I still remember the story title, called “Recently the happiness in the world”.

It gave people goose bumps, how laughable.

I’m well aware that in this life the word happiness did not apply to me.

Sitting on the bench, silly staring at the lake’s water, the lake there was full of lotus, a toad squatting lotus leaf, if it is a frog, it may turn into a prince, like Cinderella, in fact, is the daughter of an earl, a true nobility. So that’s why she can capture/charm the heart of the Prince, and lived a blissful life.

Then there’s Cinderella’s wicked sister, even after cutting off the heel she still could not fit into the crystal slipper, also causing others to laugh was the toad wishing to eat the swan’s meat [6].

I have reverted back to a toad.

[1] Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. It combines combat and self-defence techniques with sport and exercise.

[2] 男盗女娼 Nán Dào Nǚ Chāng ; Exact meaning is to behave like thieves and prostitutes.

[3] 恶人先告状 E Rén Xiān Gào Zhuàng ; The villain brought suit against his victims. ; He who first offends will first complain.

[4] 大混蛋: Bastard ; jerk

[5] 丧权辱国 Sàng Quán Rǔ Guó ; Humiliate the country and forfeit its sovereignty.

[6] 癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉 Lài Há Ma Xiǎng Chī Tiān E Ròu ; To crave for what one is not worthy of.

Chapter end

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