Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1 

I want him believe that I’m really little red riding hood. Chi Fei Fan was the specially cunning wolf grandmother ah, he immediately changed the topic, “I got something for you.”

I thought it was a big diamond ring, or was it a gold card, the result it was a strange shape phone.

Chi Fei Fan proudly told me, “It’s the latest smart phone the company has developed, at present also belongs to the concept of machine, it’s currently on trial with the company’s top executives.”

The modelling was strange, as a member of the company, I have to say, the operating system of our company in mobile phones has always been failure among failures. As one of the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers, in the traditional mobile phone market share in the US has occupied a favorable position, but in recent years there’s been a rise of copycats, the smartphone wars, so the mobile phone business has been very competitive.

“This is the joint development of Microsoft’s smartphone operating system, the interface is very friendly, very powerful, and very interactive.”

Chi Fei Fan’s occupational disease has raised, treating me as a customer, persistently praising the new product’s features to me. I have always been an idiot when it comes to electronic products, so picking up the phone to observe, in addition to Microsoft’s interface being really very friendly, I also failed to see anything else.

“The mobile phone radiation is currently the world’s lowest, significantly lower than the EU safety standards, you take it to use first.”

It’s also not that useful, and now I rarely go out, except to go downstairs to walk in the garden area, I rarely access and used the mobile phone. But Chi Fei Fan criticises me, “As a company employee, using rivals manufacturing mobile phones everyday, what is this attitude? This is not showing your love for the company……”

I gave him a supercilious look. “Niu Gen Sheng [1] also drink Erie milk every day for breakfast. This is my reminder for Big Boss, be vigilant in peace time……”

[1] Niu Gensheng 牛根生 is the founder of the Chinese dairy giant Mengniu Dairy, is a legendary entrepreneur and philanthropist.

“To be vigilant in peace time, the recent milk incident raised much uproar criticism, my mother wants me to accompany you to the hospital for a body check tomorrow. My mother gave me clear orders, if you do not go, I’m going to be disposed.”

Just hearing that I’m going to the hospital I felt a headache, “Also check ah? Yesterday didn’t your mother just have a group of doctors examine…”

He looked at me with very pitiful eyes, I was almost frightened out with goose bumps forming, he said, “There are some tests they are unable be done at home, the old madame has been a doctor for her entire life, if you don’t let her do a thoroughly examination, I reckon she won’t be able to sleep at night.”

I couldn’t help but ask him, “What you intend to do. The old madame is so happy now, when the time comes for her to find out the truth, wouldn’t she swallow me alive?”

“You don’t worry about it.” Chi Fei Fan laughed very evilly, “I have my own excellent plan.”

If we need to check then check, besides it has already come to this, then I have to put on a brave face and go to the hospital. I never thought of the things of the future, with no ambition at all is the biggest advantage for a person like me, tomorrow never comes, all is well.

In other words, I am a snail, shrinking in my own shell, seldom go to think outside ups and downs. As for the supposedly safe shell will be crushed tomorrow, I really did not have the strength to think further.

The hospital was always like that in my memory, full of the smell of disinfectant, and I always can hear a child crying from afar, I think it was my illusion. Because when my mother died I was still young, less than three years old, I couldn’t remember if I cried, I only remember the adults were busy in the ward, no one took care of me. The ward next to us seems to have a child crying, constantly crying.

That winter, only my elder sister holding my hand, that winter, her hand was very cold, my hand was also very cold, so cold I shivered from the coldness, at that time elder sister was five or six years old. I remember I was hungry, so hungry until my stomach was growling, then my elder sister bought a cake for me. At that time the cake was ten cents a piece, wrapped in a layer of lubricated oil paper. When we were young we didn’t have pocket-money, I also don’t know where she got ten cents from. But I remember the very sweet and fragrant of the cake, it was elder sister who fed me, breaking it into small pieces, and putting it into my mouth. I’ve been hungry all day, I thought the cake was so delicious. But elder sister didn’t ask me whether it was good or not, I couldn’t remember whether she cried or not, I don’t remember, she and I were the same, we haven’t eaten for the whole day.

That time I was too young, I didn’t know what it meant to have my mother passed away, I don’t remember her face, besides I still have my elder sister……

When elder sister died I cried the most severe, I simply wouldn’t let anyone push her to the morgue, kicking up a fuss, desperately, in any case I didn’t believe that my elder sister was dead, I didn’t believe that she was the same as my mother, abandoning and leaving me. I heard there was a child crying in the ward next door, continuously crying. I knew this was my own illusion, because elder sister lives in ICU, and the ICU ward next door, there simply will not have a child crying. But I clearly heard it, just like when I was three, squatting on the ground continuously crying. Because I know the person that loves me deary, has finally left me. I wept and fainted, and when I woke up, they had taken her away.

That day my elder sister died whether Lu Yu Jiang cried or not, I already do not remember, perhaps when I fainted he already cried, perhaps I was too heart-broken, and paid no attention to him.

Originally I was determined to forget this person Lu Yu Jiang, but I do not know why always think of him. In the middle of the night when I woke up in a haze, for a spilt second I felt inexplicable fear, when I was in a daze without rhyme or reason…… I’ll always think of him. Perhaps it is because in this life I wouldn’t be able to forget him, no matter how he detest me, how he hates me, I had to admit during those three years together with him, I had the most happiness.

Chen Mo once said, he was very envious of me, because I can justifiably be together with Lu Yu Jiang, I can marry him, even if we were divorced, yet I could continue living under the same roof as him, this was a happy matter……

When we’re in love with someone, we are humble and pitiful, as long as we’re given a little bit of charity, we would feel happy.

But the depletion of self-esteem, we would usually just get hurt.

I sat alone in the room when I heard the door rang, I thought it was Chi Fei Fan, but I did not expect it would be Lu Yu Jiang.

I stared at him with my mouth wide open, not because how he unexpectedly came to the hospital, it’s also not because he’s head was bandaged. I knew I knock him until I saw blood, how much pain there was, was much pain I felt, I would have let him have just as much pain. It was because he looked utterly miserable, it’s only been three days since we last seen each other, he was like a changed man, he has become thinner, his chin was pan green, he was a person who’s vain, he will not likely go without shaving his beard.

I ask him very maliciously, “Has your company gone bankrupt?”

I was a villain, I will take revenge for the smallest things, and take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

For little soy bean, I also have to severely criticized him a few words, who told him to be so inhumane, even his own child he doesn’t want.

He continued to walk until he was in front of me, then crouched down. My goosebumps raised as I stared at him, instinctively placing both of my hands and holding my belly. I felt wary, what does he want to do?

He stretched out a hand and help me tie my shoe laces, his voice seemed very calm, “You’re an adult now, you don’t even know your shoe lace have loosen, you’re not afraid you’ll trip?”

Sugar-coated bullets!

Sugar-coated bullets of the enemy!

I won’t fall for it!

I asked viciously, “The police didn’t capture you? You profiteer, illegal loans is a big deal, you also don’t have to go to jail, this also defy the laws of human and divine!”

He looked rather puzzled, “What illegal loans?”

I had the feeling that something was amiss, the kind of feeling like being deceived. This thing won’t be brother-in-law deliberately lying to me, right? Lu Yu Jiang suddenly showing up at the hospital, perhaps brother-in-law also betrayed me. Because the hospital arrangement for me to come to the hospital was made by him, but why should brother-in-law lie to me? My mind was confused and I couldn’t think of the reason.

I said, “You really didn’t do illegal loans?”

Lu Yu Jiang seems very angry, “Ye Jing Zhi, why do you always think of me as the worst person?”

He rose up and sat down beside me. I felt nervous for no reason, I don’t know why, I always have a sense of foreboding. Probably because each time he treat me with a benign countenance, I’ll mess up. So I want out, “You go sit on the other side, you’re not allowed to sit next to me.”

He was very obedient, quietly sat on the other side.

This is too weird, all along if I told him to go East, he would choose to go West, not to mention after the divorce, his mission was to anger me. Today, why is he like this?

I will not be the ashtray, did I really bring out his illness? What if I really brought out some illness with his brain, wouldn’t I bear the legal responsibility?

I decided to strike first to gain the initiative, “I didn’t mean to beat you, who told you not to speak. Anyway, I have also hit you already, henceforth we call it even. The child is mine, don’t even try to interfere with me.”

“Jing Zhi,” He was very calm, “in your heart, I am really that bad?”

“Who told you to want to murder my little soy bean!” Mentioning this thing caused me much rage. Assassin! Executioner! Murderer! Wanting to kill your own flesh and blood, although its was only an attempt, it was enough to make me have deep resentments!

There were several minutes he did not speak, he just sat there facing me. Through the window came the late autumn sunshine, because of the back lighting, his entire person was within the golden light, even his eyelashes were fluffy, there seems to be a layer of golden aperture. He looked at me, his encircle of velvet lashes slightly trembled, like butterfly stretching its wings. Even with his head bandaged, he was so handsome, but again no matter how good his surface was, it also cannot hide the coldness of his heartless heart. I really love the wrong person.

Chapter end

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