Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 14

Chapter 14 

At a time like he also dare to yell at me, he also is not afraid of scaring me this woman who have just given birth.

As expected the doctor glared at him, “Be quiet!”

He obediently closed his mouth, he was even afraid to breathe loudly, while accompanying me to the ward.

He has always keep the old madame in the dark regarding my situation, so he was elated to make the call and announce the good news, I have forgotten that the old madame didn’t know I was pregnant. Lu Yu Jiang proudly told the old madame that she has a granddaughter now, almost causing the old madame to have a heart attack, she directly took the fastest flight over. There was also my father and stepmother, after receiving the phone call they were also surprise and overjoyed.

The old madame was so happy holding little soy bean that she was not willing to let go, “Good ah, what a pretty little girl, look this is our Lu family’s children, have a look at her big eyes and double eyelids, have a look her long eyelashes, have a look at her nose bridge, and her small mouth…… When she’s grown up, she will definitely woo some of big-ticket fellow! They lined up after our girl, but they’ll have to ask her grandmother first, fat chance!”

Unexpectedly the old madame had long forgotten about the son of five generation matter, it seems as long as there was sixth generation for the Lu family, that is enough.

The uninvited visitor was Chi Fei Fan and Chen Mo. Chi Fei Fan excitedly become a godfather. Lu Yu Jiang upon seeing him was a little upset, but I don’t know why, he would reluctantly agreed to let him become little soy bean’s Godfather. As for Chen Mo, he simply came to see me. I am most grateful to him as when I was in distress he let borrowed twenty thousand, so I spoke with excitement: “Vote by papain, react with Hainan opera. The immerse grace of letting me borrow the money I am unable to repay your kindness, either way, I’ll give Lu Yu Jiang to you, you can do whatever you want with him!”

Chen Mo ferociously glanced at me and said: “Do you remember that night you were drunk? Your brother-in-law at the airport angrily called asking me to I find you, you puke all over me…… Halfway we met your brother-in-law, you threw up all over him…… You are a scourge!”

“Ah, turns out that night you really did come to save me, I remembered it was you, brother-in-law lied to me!” I refrained myself from speaking, he deceived me, causing me to think that I slept with him, he made me to feel remorse for a long time…… I glanced at Chi Fei Fan, he laughs cautiously, an unexplainable regnant, “See if next time you will also drown your sorrows in wine. If I do not give you a lesson, you won’t remember.”

Lu Yu Jiang didn’t know what we were saying, if he knows even if you peel my skin I wouldn’t be able to live…… Just as the nurse said she has to give little soy bean her vaccination, I hurriedly sent Lu Yu Jiang to carried little soy bean away.

Taking advantage of Lu Yu Jiang walking away, I secretly asked Chi Fei Fan, “What evidence do you have against Lu Yu Jiang? He’s fond of you, and let you become little soy bean’s godfather?”

He secretly told me, “I told him your address in Shanghai, how can he not be fond of me?”

This is a great mystery I didn’t want to know, I didn’t know how Lu Yu Jiang found me, turns out it was Chi Fei Fan who told him. But how did Chi Fei Fan know? Did a junior of high official really have such great magic power to this point?

Chi Fei Fan said, “The prototype mobile phone I gave you, has a function, even if off, still can make global positioning by satellite, and accurate orientation to no more than five meters radius, so the company all executives refused to put it into the production, they think it invade personal privacy and national security……”

Holly crap!

I was thinking how I could be found in such a big city with tens of millions of people, where finding a person is more difficult than to looking for a needle in the ocean, turns out I ran away with the most tight GSP.

I looked angrily at Chi Fei Fan, “You tracked me, how can you face me?” He smiled at me, “Do not be angry ah, if I don’t track you, I also don’t know how long you and Lu Yu will painstaking duel for. You see how good things turn out ah, because I meddle in, your family is reunited.”

I felt like I was unable to laugh or cry, “Brother-in-law, what is all this for ah?”

He laughed quite evilly, “You call me brother-in-law, don’t you know why?”

I stared at him, he rubbed my hair, this gesture always reminds me of my elder sister, his tone and elder sister was almost the same, “Silly wench, stupid people have silly blessings, if your elder sister can see you now, she will feel very happy. Lu Yu Jiang that big idiot, made me quite furious. Your elder sister just happens to like him, but she was ill. So he never has not said anything, also accompany with your elder sister until the end, he is a good man. But he didn’t tell you, absolutely excessive abusing a good person becoming an excessive assh*le.”

I was almost abundantly dizzy because of him, “My elder sister…… He……”

“This assh*le, when I heard he divorce with you, I was hacked! When he wanted to marry you, I specially bought a ticket back to punish him for his crimes… he said so many empty promises, he said from the beginning the one he love is you, however because your elder sister was ill, in order to let her heart feel better, I didn’t say anything. Your elder sister was not her any more, he still wants to marry you. At the time he said that he will be passionately devoted to you, I asked him what does he love about you, he said that he loves how you eat braised pork in brown sauce. This assh*le, not even three years he divorce with you. Hum! I don’t clear this account with him, how do I live up to your elder sister!”

Turns out the one who love my elder sister the most was Chi Fei Fan. Because of elder sister, he has done so many things, but he also help me to find my own happiness.

But even if you beat me to death I also still don’t believe that from the beginning the person Lu Yu Jiang love is me ah, it’s too dog blood. Oh, well, I know the author arranges my story, she can never go on without using dog blood.

I am very grateful, calling him “brother-in-law”, I asked, “Your mother……”

“I have already smooth things out earlier on.” Chi Fei Fan smile, “Originally every day she was nagging me to find a girlfriend, so I brought you home, give her a fundamental solution, and then not long ago, I told her you were not well, there’s a tumor in your brain, now she can’t force me.”

I knew he had ulterior motives when he took me home, it was to kill two birds with one stone, I don’t know how he is to succeed, he can never be at the shorter end of the stick.

I thought I must carefully interrogate Chi Fei Fan and not fall for his story, although he is my brother-in-law, but he is also a man, man can not to be relied on. So I must make clear, exactly what time did Lu Yu Jiang fall in love with me. I thought it was strange, exactly what time did he take interest in me? If it was before my elder sister pass away, that’s too inhumane, if after my elder sister’s death, that’s still inhumane! If from the very beginning he has taken interest in me, then that’s even more inhumane!

The inhumane Lu Yu Jiang will come back soon, but I was listless and very depressed.

Turns outs in accordance with the nurses said, he was holding our child to take the vaccine, when they asked for her birth certificate.

We don’t have a marriage certificate, only a divorce certificate, so certainly we wouldn’t have a birth certificate.

When I was pregnant we were in a bustle and then I ran away, he found me and then just took care of my health, both of us have entirely forgotten this matter.

So he was like thunderbolt, carrying our child back. I also was also like a thunderbolt, it’s the end of the end, my little soy bean was born as an illegitimate child, she doesn’t even have a legal status, this is a bolt from the blue! I know the author of the story will not let me off so easily, all these unexpectedly new problems have arises.

The old madame was more anxious, scolding Lu Yu Jiang, “Serves you right, such a good daughter-in-law, who told you to leave her? You have a child and still not remarry, look at it now! I’m telling you, if my granddaughter does not go into the family registry, henceforth I will not allow you to enter the house!”

From the side Chi Fei Fan watched Lu Yu Jiang and I become dejected and despondent appearance, he laughed and slowly said, “Jing Zhi ah, say at the time like if show you Lu Yu Jiang and your marriage certificate and birth certificate, what do you think Lu Yu Jiang will promise me?”

I haven’t replied when Lu Yu Jiang said, “I’ll promised you anything.” His voice also has not decline, when he reacted immediately, “Anything except the matters regarding the girls.”

Indeed he is a crafty old scoundrel, Chi Fei Fan laughs loudly, he took out two red books from the bag, and the birth certificate, “Here, you two sort out the matters you have completely forgotten to do! My god-daughter almost went into the black population, what’s the use of having parents like you guys?”

I gave Chi Fei Fan scold cheerful look. Without the party present he still was able to obtain the marriage certificate and birth certificate, my brother-in-law finally has a junior, he is worthy of being my daughter’s godfather, this godfather is really not in vain.

This time even Lu Yu Jiang was convinced, very politely said, “Thank you brother-in-law.”

“You are welcome.” Chi Fei Fan patted Lu Yu Jiang’s shoulder, “Don’t forget the things you’ve promised me.”

I even have goosebumps on Lu Yu Jiang’s behalf, my brother-in-law is too black belly, if he want to calculate a person, it is impossible to guard against him. Who knows what he wants Lu Yu Jiang to do, perhaps it also could be more difficult than those things Zhao Min [1] asks Zhang Wuji [1] to do!

[1] 赵敏 Zhao Min and 张无忌 Zhang Wu Ji were the lead characters on the novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (倚天屠龍記) written by Jin Yong.

But Lu Yu Jiang was neither humble nor pushy, “Rest assured, since I promised you, so no matter what happens, I will do my best.”

I really wanted to know what Chi Fei Fan will make Lu Yu Jiang do, but I know Chi Fei Fan sense of propriety, it wouldn’t be too much. So I also idle to think, after all, the most important now is to take care of my health and take good care of my daughter.

Such a happy ending.

I’m holding onto little soy bean, Lu Yu Jiang went away with a marriage certificate and birth certificate, and then I kissed little soy bean’s little tender face.

Towards the end of this chapter I have edited and left out some unnecessary things that Fei Wo Si Cun included. Because she start rumbling on about herself as an author from Jing Zhi point of view and honestly so unrelated to the story. I felt like the final chapter wasn’t satisfying enough, hopefully the epilogue will make up for it. So stay tune! xx

Chapter end

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