Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 6

Chapter 6

When I went to work the following Monday I was listless when I found a carton of milk on the table. Chi Fei Fan’s handwriting was so decorously beautiful, “Don’t drink Coffee.”

Every day he was giving me things, sometimes it was a bag of snacks, sometimes it was milk drinks, sometimes it was a flower.

When I used to see these little things I would smile, within these few second I felt vanity very satisfied, but now I could not smile.

I still want to drink Coffee, although it was not good for little soy bean, but little soy bean’s father doesn’t want me anymore. I sighed, arriving at the tea room for a cup of hot water to warm up the milk.

Lin Xin Fei told me, “Recently my cousin caught a rich husband, whose very handsome. I spent a tremendous effort making her promise to bring him out to dinner, let’s go together.”

I don’t have any interest, “What is there to see with a handsome guy.”

Lin Xin Fei almost choked, “It can’t be? Didn’t you whine everyday saying admiring handsome guys is the only motive in such a boring life. Even when there’s a handsome guy you don’t want to see, surely it doesn’t mean you have yielded to Chi Fei Fan, right?”

Just the mention of Chi Fei Fan I raised with fury, “See! When there’s a handsome guy, why wouldn’t I go to see! Wanting me to yield? My next life!”

Lin Xin Fei praised me and said, “I know I was right about you!”

The place where we were going to have dinner was a luxury restaurant, I look at the decoration when Lin Xin Fei said, “This catch my cousin caught, is really a genuine rich guy.”

Lin Xin Fei said, “Of course, the main point is not being rich, the main point is that they’re rich and also very handsome, if they’re not Ji Nan then it’s not worth the mention of calling you out at all.”

I didn’t think her cousin was Gao Xi Li, upon seeing Gao Xi Li arrive arm in arm with Lu Yu Jiang, it made me almost faint.

Lu Yu Jiang has never liked people touching him, when I was with him I always walked two steps behind him, like his secretary. He let that woman hold him, even my elder sister didn’t have that privilege!

I held the cup with a trembling hand, the cold glass in my hot hand, the chill ran along my palm going straight to the place where my heart beats, causing that place to ache, so painful like a knife piercing through. I refrain myself from throwing the ice water over the cheating couple’s head, if I only to throw the cup, isn’t it going too easy on the cheating couple? I heard my own teeth chattered, causing Lin Xin Fei to ask me, “Are you cold?”

“The air conditioning is too high.” I flush a ferocious smile at her, the cheating couple has come, as soon as Gao Xi Li saw me she smiled, “Ah, turns out the friend Xin Fei was referring to was you?” She turned to Lu Yu Jiang and laugh, “Don’t you think it’s such a coincidence? My cousin’s good friend turns out to be your relative, right, she is your……”


If I let the cheating couple off, then I feel too sorry for my little soy bean, today I have woken, must give him up. As expected, once those two words came out, whether it was Lin Xin Fei or Gao Xi Li, both were completely stunned. Only Lu Yu Jiang acts if nothing had happened, very gentlemanly pulled out the chair for Gao Xi Li, repeat the two words, “Ex-wife, we divorced for a long time.”

For a long time my ass!

It’s been just over a year and, exactly thirteen months and 14 days, not even fourteen months!

I flew into a rage, that assh*le was even afraid Gao Xi Li would be angry and explained to her, “I didn’t tell you that day it was because I was afraid you’ll feel embarrassed.”

Gao Xi Li just recovered, she probably felt rude, so try to smiled at me, “Hello, I really don’t know……”

“There’s a lot you don’t know yet.” I extremely vicious smile, “How long have you been going out, two months?”

Gao Xi Li was a little muddled, stammered and said, “No……”

“Then you can see it clearly, don’t think I’ve been divorced with him for a year.” I patted Gao Xi Li’s beautiful small hands, leaned over and use a voice only she could hear and said, “Just two months ago he was sleeping with me, if you don’t mind, you can continue to use.”

Gao Xi Li still dumbstruck, I have already taken out my mobile phone, in a supercilious manner call Chi Fei Fan. My voice was soft and feminine, even I had goose bumps, “Fei Fan ah, where are you? Working overtime again? I need you to come pick me up. Don’t mention it, I do not want to eat this meal……”

I guess this mannerism made Lu Yu Jiang want to slap me in the face, however, he didn’t do anything, just pressed his lips together, staring at me.

The restaurant is very close to the company, Chi Fei Fan came in no time. Upon seeing this scene, he understood the situation. So many elite people, immediately reached out and held me by the waist, his face lit up with joy while he asked, “What’s wrong?”

I the offender complain first, “Having dinner would also bumped my ex husband, what a nuisance!”

Lu Yu Jiang’s eyes only want to spew out fire, I’m afraid he remembered the old scores with my elder sister, will attack Chi Fei Fan. So I slightly side block in front of Chi Fen Fan, if anything Lu Yu Jiang would not lay hands on a women in public, I said to Chi Fei Fan, “I want to eat oyster, you accompany me.”

Chi Fei Fan cooperated and embrace me affectionately, “Your stomach is not good, don’t eat that, why don’t we buy a little ingredient, what you want to eat we’ll cook it at home?”

“Then you have to make pork braised in brown sauce for me to eat.”

“Okay,” Chi Fei Fan especially polite when greeting Lu Yu Jiang, “She is greedy, we have to go buy groceries so we shall leave first.”

We swagger before others and march off.

After getting into the car I felt exhausted, leaning against the window, I did not want to move.

Chi Fei Fan was very considerate, he didn’t bother me, let me quietly lay there.

At a time like this I felt Chi Fei Fan was in fact, quite good, at least he knows when to advance, when to back off, when to let me be, and when to coax me.

Waiting for Chi Fei Fan to cook took a long time, finally when he brought out a pot of delicious braised pork in brown sauce, I was moved to tears, made me almost wanted to marry him on the spot.

“You can cook a meal, you’re too perfect!”

Chi Fei Fan said while scratching my nose, “Which students can’t cook? In foreign countries if you want to eat hot food you have to do it yourself.”

I ate a mouthful flow of oil, mm mm nodded, “Brother-in-law, you are the new generation of good men!”

Surprisingly, he blankly glanced at me, “Then why do you still refused to marry me ah?”

It is too difficult to answer, I was very quick-witted, “I want to marry a juniors of high-ranking officials!”

“Ah?” Chi Fei Fan was a little startled, “Why?”

“Because they won’t divorce ah,” I told him gab, “I have been divorced once, I can not bear another divorce.”

Chi Fei Fan felt it was especially funny, “How do you come out with one set after another.”

“Online.” I did not lie to him, when I had nothing to do I would just read romance novels online, the male leads in there were all affectionate, will never change until death, just like Lu Yu Jiang fancy and so infatuated with my elder sister, the results didn’t he still find himself a Gao Xi Li?

And all of those romance novels have happy endings, apart from those stepmother ones. I was telling Chi Fei Fan about 《Cinderella’s Dream》[1], inside the two protagonists special infatuation was especially pitiful, even after death they cannot be together.”


Chi Fei Fan still seems very interested, asked me, “Do you like Meng He Ping [2] or do you like Ruan Zheng Dong [2] ah?”


[1] 佳期如夢 Jia Qi Ru Meng: Is a novel written by Fei Wo Si Cun. It was adapted into a drama with the title: The Girl in Blue.


After university student You Jia Qi met Meng He Ping, the two started dating. Meng He Ping’s mother however strongly objected to their relationship. Jia Qi broke up with He Ping and He Ping angrily went overseas. Jia Qi’s friend Ruan Zheng Dong who comes from a rich family, had an accident and ended up in the hospital. Jia Qi went to visit him and unexpectedly met He Ping again. It turned out that He Ping and Zheng Dong were childhood friends. To escape from the heartaches that He Ping’s reappearance brought about, Jia Qi started dating Zheng Dong. Zheng Dong ended up in the hospital again due to stomach pains which turned out to be the terminal stage of gastric cancer. He decided to let He Ping and Jia Qi, the two lovers be together and secretly left. Jia Qi started to search for him. After Jia Qi finally found Zheng Dong, she told him that she has already fallen in love with him. Zheng Dong knew that he didn’t have much time left and asked Jia Qi to help him retrieve back a very important property belonging to him.

[2] Meng He Ping and Ruan Zheng Dong are both male leads in the novel.

I hummed and hawed while eating the pork, “Of course I want both of them, life will be fulfilled.”

Chi Fei Fan angrily poke his finger on my forehead, “Pig!”

I’m not a pig, I’m also not fickle and lascivious, I’m just insatiably avaricious.

In fact, I quite like Zheng Dong, but he can not live, what else can I do?

He had a grand fireworks in the Jin Mao tower, hoping Jia Qi [3] will remember him. Doesn’t he know that fireworks blasted and vanished in an instant, like life, who knows who will not be here tomorrow?


[3] Jia Qi is the female protagonist in the novel Jing Zhi is telling Chi Fei Fan about, “Dream Wedding Day”

I ate pork braised in brown sauce until I felt like I’ll burst, Chi Fei Fan accompany me in the alley walking in circles to help with digestion, my mood is not particularly good, so I took his arm, and recall my first love with him, also not afraid he’ll laugh at me.

“Because he gave you some bubble gum to eat, so you fell in love with him?”

I nodded, “Since young I had no mother, who ever treated me a little better, I’ll anxiously shake my head and wag at them.”

Chi Fei Fan despise me, “Just then you were a pig, now you’re a dog!”

I have serious doubts there’s a problem with my own character, even Chi Fei Fan who’s so gracious when he’s with me, would rush to speak bitter words to me. Maybe my roughness really make a man act ungentlemanly, I angrily said, “Don’t you want me to marry you? Can’t you say something nice?”

Chi Fei Fan played along and patted his chest, “In fact, I’m fortunate he was your first love, fortunate that he moved away after graduating from primary school, or else won’t I have more than one love rival?”

I was amused with him causing me chuckle.

Today was a very uncomfortable day, especially to see the cheating couple, but I also had enough. Eating a big pot of pork braised in brown sauce, and Chi Fei Fan accompany me, coax me happy, I heartlessly felt better.

After sending Chi Fei Fan off, I strolled back alone, just when I was about to get the key to open the door, suddenly in the dark a person appeared reach out and grab my shoulders. Fortunately I also I learned a decade of Taekwondo, my reaction was still there, instincts kicked him past in the shovel. I estimated an average person would have flown eight yards from my kick, however this man response was too quick, in a flash he hid, his strength was great, twisting my arm pushing me firmly against the wall.

Although there was no lights in the dark yard, but just from this move alone if I couldn’t guess who this bastard was, then I really must be a pig. Thinking of the things I did today, I knew he would not spare me. But how could he find here. Did Chen Mo betray me? I knew Chen Mo take love more seriously than friendship, I didn’t expect him to take love more seriously than friendship to this point! I opened my mouth to cry for help, Lu Yu Jiang pulled my face over, directly use something warm to keep my mouth shut.

I tried hard to struggle, only to find that the warm thing plugging in my mouth was his mouth, this assh*le!

Chapter end

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