Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9.2

Once I thought of that wonderful day, I felt as if a knife was piercing through my heart. The person I loved the most, the person I exhausted all my strength to love would use such cruel treatment towards me, towards little soy bean.

I stroked my small belly, inside there is a small embryo, who’s thriving and growing healthily.

“Little soy bean, it’s only me and you now, we need to live well, live healthily and hold our heads high……” I smiled at my own reflection in the glass window, “as for your bastard father, let him go to hell!”

Finished finished! This time we have gone too far, not only have I’ve seen “aunty”, but I also been home to meet “father-in-law”, this is also too mind boggling. It’s all my fault, upon seeing Chi Fei Fan I threw a bomb, instead of blowing up others it blow into Chi Fei Fan and me.

As expected Chi Fei Fan also did everything to delay, “Mother, going back to see father is not too well, you let me underlay underlay, to save him from beating me..”

“You know also know your father will beat you?” Aunt said fiercely. “How long do you want to drag this till? Don’t drag it until the child’s full moon banquet and then get married? I’m telling you, today if you dare not go with me, I will tied and bring you back!”

Once a beauty explodes, of course she won’t be a Hello Kitty.

Chi Fei Fan who was such a ruthless person was also afraid of his mother.

We obediently went down stairs, each step forward accompany the beauty’s affection. The car was parked downstairs, the driver upon seeing us coming down has opened the car door. I wrinkled my eyebrows coming up with a plan, “ouch” a cry while holding my stomach.

Chi Fei Fan was surprise and helped me, “What’s wrong?”

“I have a stomach ache.” I hunched, sounding tenuous, “it hurts …… I do not know if I just twisted my waist……” I used my back to block beautiful aunty’s sight, and I rushed to give him a wink.

Chi Fei Fan look very cooperatively anxious, “Are you alright? Does it hurt? I’ll take you to the hospital, right??!”

Beautiful aunty who has always been with me said, “Is the pain severe? Quick, get in the car!”

The results beautiful aunty harshly glare at Chi Fei Fan, “A person who is about to become a father doesn’t even have a little mature thought! Get in the car!”

I was even helping aunty get into the car, Chi Fei Fan also kept up, we have cunning outwits ourselves ah! Cunning outwits ourselves!

Aunty told the driver, “Go to the hospital!” Then she made a phone call, “Director Qin, I’ll have to trouble you to arrange a ward, let the Professor Sun of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Professor Chen take some spare time to come. Yes, my daughter-in-law is feeling a bit ill, we’ll be right there……”

I was trembling, it’s not that beautiful aunty called me her daughter-in-law, but who she was, how can she be so insufferably arrogant? Calling the hospital’s director and then specify two professors, why is that just from listening her background is not small.

I partially collapsed in Chi Fei Fan’s body, too scared, I don’t know what would happen when we get to the hospital. Chi Fei Fan was holding my hand, presumably to give me some comfort and said, “My mother is the vice president of the hospital, she’s very familiar with the staff at the hospital.”

Turns out that beautiful aunty was the head of the angels in white (nurse), isn’t this trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice? I swallow my saliva and said, “I do not want to go to the hospital ……”

“That won’t do,” Aunty said, “You being like this, it’s best to examine properly.”

“My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore.” I pulled Chi Fei Fan a pleading face, “I’m afraid of tight hospital, you know that my mother, and also my elder sister all died inside the hospital…… …… as soon as I entered the hospital I’ll tremble…… “

Chi Fei Fan held me close and gently patted my back, as if coaxing a child. I didn’t speak, not only I would never go to the hospital, especially in large hospitals, once I enter the door, I will feel the difficulty in breathing, as if floating in the air was not of a sour taste, instead nerve gas.

I said, “Aunty, my stomach it does not hurt anymore, I guess that I was really just a little nervous.”

Probably seeing that I was hiding in Chi Fei Fan’s arms with a delicate and charming appearance, beautiful aunty finally spared me, “Forget it, let’s go home, if you feel unwell, then let the doctor come to the house and have a look.”

When she said this, Chi Fei Fan could not help but clench my hand tightly, as if home is the worse option than going to the hospital. We’re finished, “father-in-law” who has not made an appearance, his background is certainly greater than aunty! G I’m running out of tricks, I could not think of a way out of this.

The car drove past the half of the city, and finally pulled into a quiet street. I didn’t expect Chi Fei Fan to live in such a quiet place.

Late at night, when Chi Fei Fan came to see me, aunty made several dishes, I want to eat boiled fish with bean sprouts in hot chilli oil, Chi Fei Fan said nothing, he personally cook boiled fish with bean sprouts in hot chilli oil, it was really delicious, and it was master chef standard.

I was sweating profusely, incessantly happy, “Brother-in-law, if you open a restaurant it’ll definitely be successful. Why don’t we partnership, rent a courtyard, set up a table, you personally cooking. I even thought of a good name for you, called ‘Fei Fan’s Kitchen’. Every day just to reserve a table, as for the menu you can decided, those who wanted to choose their own dishes, we can arrange what they want to eat. But every night the restaurant will open at six thirty, we’ll close on time. If there’s no reservations they won’t able to eat. Rather than the awesome family Li’s imperial cuisine, isn’t their family known as the authentic cuisine of theimperial household? We can be known as the red private home cuisine. What the emperor eats ah, the commoners can also keep pace with the times, they certainly must want to know what they want to eat. We also have gimmicks, we can be known as China’s first no. male chefs. Ah those CEO, chief representative, get to eat a meal, especially the females. Directed by your beauty and your craft, you’ll certainly gain fame. But we’re only selling our skills, not our bodies, of course, if someone is willing to spend big price, you can also consider……”

Chi Fei Fan almost used his chopsticks to knock me, “How come your dog mouth did not spit out any ivory?”

“If a dog’s mouth spits out ivory would it still be called a dog? If you put it this way wouldn’t the dog be a God?” Being together with Chi Fei Fan and talking nonsense is the most happiest, what I say he’ll laugh, while he was happy I asked him, “Last time you said that my elder sister kept asking about your family matters, upon discovering your background she immediately eliminated you, is true or false?”

When I mentioned about his sorrow, he would sigh and tell me, “Of course it’s true, your elder sister heard who my father was, she immediately bend angles and told me that we can not possibly together.”

“Why?” To be honest, I also could not understand, my elder sister studied all the way to Ph.D, she and I was in a different league, her and my ideological level were not the same. Since we were young us two sister interest in hobbies were completely different. She was interested in reading, I like to fight, she was a good student with good academic performance, I made the teacher have a headache with unruly molecules. If it wasn’t for my average performance results, even if you beat me to death I wouldn’t believe elder sister results were high, the results after my high school teacher actually knew I was the younger sister of Ye Jing Zhi she was startled, in her words, we were both from the same father and mother, how did they give birth to two completely different daughters?

“Your elder sister thinks my family situation is too complicated, she had long thought of going abroad to continue to do theoretical research, because she always wanted to go farther in her academic, so she wasn’t willing to date me, saying that it would delay me, I have repeatedly explained to her that my parents are very open-minded, they do not ask me to marry early, but she still has doubts and hesitations, and later she met Lu Yu Jiang ……”

It’s a sad past, but my elder sister is gone, except for the two of us bringing her up we will feel nostalgic, who else will remember her? Especially Lu Yu Jiang that bastard, that time he appeared so infatuated ah, now he has long forgotten about elder sister and pushed her to the back of his mind, he also found himself a “Goguryeo.” I still thought of the affairs of the world are inconstant, while Chi Fei Fan was still immersed in the wonderful memories, “The first time I saw your elder sister, it was in the lab, I thought she was the administrator of her lab, during that time she was blowing welding chips, I said to her, this is a high-precision laboratory, when you’re cleaning up could you do it without moving our things, okay? “

“The result, she said, ‘You’re Fei senior right, you weren’t at the last meeting, I’m Ye Jing Zhi, the old man tactics new recruited student.’ Our supervisor was called the old man. Before I have also heard the old man recruited a female, I initially thought he was having a joke with everyone, because we didn’t have many professional females that can be admitted to the old man’s PhD, it is out of the question. I’ll never forget the way she spoke that day, so playful and cute. Wearing sterile clothes and a mask, seeing a pair of big eyes, twinkled and glittered.”+

“This twinkled and glittered made your heart flutter away?”

He sighed, “Sure, it still have not come back yet.” This big tail wolf, finally revealing a furry tail, “Since your heart still have my elder sister, then why you sought after me ah?” My question took him by surprised, he immediately gave a look of innocence, “I’ll grow a new heart out, this I can give to you ah”


Chapter end

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