Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2

I want to curse now, “In front of the old madam didn’t I smooth things over for you? And seeing that I worked hard to get you to the hospital, why do you have no conscience at all?”

“Conscience?” He was aggressive, “Do you have a conscience?”

I suddenly collapse.

No I didn’t, my elder sister treated me so good, yet once she died, I rack my brains to seduce Lu Yu Jiang.

And Lu Yu Jiang clearly doesn’t like me, I also forced him to marry me.

I pushed open the ward’s door with my head hang down and silently left.

In front of the hospital I hailed a cab, after getting in the cab I gave the landlord a call, “Master, I’m not renting the house any more, sorry ah.”

I’d rather live in rented rooms in the basement than go back to be confronted with Lu Yu Jiang’s face.

When moving Chen Mo came to help me, there weren’t many items so things were packed up quickly, Chen Mo cautious, quietly asked me, “You’ll have to use the public toilet, will you get used to it?”

“This is only temporary and for a short while. Wait until I find it a good house and then I’ll move.” I pointed to the gourd outside the window frame and showed him, “You see, it’s within the Second Ring Road, pushing the window open and you’ll see green, where can you find such a house?”

Chen Mo who was speculating, amused pop out a laugh.

After having dinner outside, I strolled back to the alley alone, in the distance I could see a nice car parked in the alley, a silver Q7, what a really nice car.

A person was leaning against the side of the car, a man of striking appearance.

It reminds me a long time ago there was a “stepmother” who wrote a novel, the male lead leaning against the Maybach, who was called Yu Shu Lin Feng [1].

[1] 玉树临风 Yù Shù Lín Fēng ; Describe someone who’s dashing and beautiful. 玉树 literally means a jade tree; 临风 means to encounter the wind, or in the wind. The tall and slim figure is compared to a jade tree. Imagine a tall slender man standing with his sleeves and robe blowing in the wind.

Maybach should have the opportunity to engage Chi Fei Fan so late on, but that car is too expensive, I estimated Chi Fei Fan was reluctant to buy this, unless, he’s like Lu Yu Jiang that was almost exploiting capitalists class.

Chi Fei Fan’s smile is still so refined and cultured, “How come you move and didn’t mention it? I could have come to help you.”

I know Chen Mo have betrayed me, Chen Mo has always been obscene to wealth, poverty cannot change him, not subdued by force, and like me, he didn’t have much immunity against handsome guy.

Chi Fei Fan walked with me in the alley, it was the end of summer, the most beautiful season is about to approach the city, the cool breeze blew gently, the air already had a breath of autumn.

I vaguely heard the sounds of cicadas on the locust tree.

The cicada must be very lonely, its companion had already died, it climbed out from the mud, hide from its bird predators, climbing into the tree singing for three days.

There were many people taking a stroll, many old married couple, also many young lovers.

The alleyway seems like old neighbor, upon seeing someone they would greet affectionately, there were small talks from the uncles, aunties to the grandsons who just started school.

I felt very interjected about the so-called “hold your hand, and grow old with you” [2], after dinner two people strolling away in the alley.

[2] 执子之手,与子偕老 ; Zhí Zǐ Zhī Shǒu, Yǔ Zǐ Xié Lǎo ; For life or for death, holding your hand, and aging with you.

Chi Fei Fan asked me, “Why do you always heave great sigh?”

I pulled a long face and said, “Because recently there’s too many people who sought after me, I’m sloe-eyed.”

Chi Fei Fan laugh with his small dimple, I used to hate men who have dimples, I felt like it was too womanly, but Chi Fei Fan’s long eyebrow stars eyes, with dimples wasn’t womanly, instead it was very good.

My flirt factor stirred in my veins, I said, “Brother-in-law, if I still not married by next year, we get together, okay?”

Chi Fei Fan looked me up and down for a moment and said, “Okay!”

I asked him, “Why are you feel so confident ah? You feel that I’m unable to get married by next year?”

He said, “If you marry, it would only be to marry me.”

I almost forgot, this man everything was better than Lu Yu Jiang, however he was just as cocky as Lu Yu Jiang.

It should be said, as long as there’s no Lu Yu Jiang in my life, my little life would still be very moist.

For example, Chen Mo just received an industry award, I can happily extort him to invited me to dinner.

We sisters are very close, our tastes were surprisingly consistent, Chen Mo like Q7, I like Q7, Chen Mo like frozen cola drink, I also like to drink iced coke, Chen Mo likes to eat fish, I also like to eat baked fish.

I often said this sentence to Chen Mo, “Why do I love you?”

Chen Mo will blankly glance at me, “Yes, if you didn’t love me so much, how could you regardless of the danger rob Lu Yu Jiang? You did all those for me!”

I was sitting in the shop with him, the waiter served the sizzling grilled fish, fragrant to moisten, a cumin and pepper aroma assail our nostrils, I’m afraid Chen Mo and I will frighten the waiter, we hurriedly raised our chopsticks, “Let’s eat fish!”

Recently Chi Fei Fan to me has taken a sentimental offensive, all day long he would take me to all those pretentious restaurant, every day in the faint candlelight holding a knife and fork, if it wasn’t French foie gras then its Italian truffles, I ate so much that I could divergent write a luxury restaurant Guide. With great difficulty, Director Chi was aboard on a business trip, so I could tug Chen Mo and let him treat me grilled fish.

We ordinary people enjoyment was easy.

Using the chopsticks l placed a piece of fish towards my lips I suddenly felt uncomfortable, my throat to kept emitting acid water. I hastened to put down the chopsticks, end up drinking a big mouthful of cola, it didn’t come around. Finally, I covered my mouth and ran towards the Restroom, retching for a long time, also I didn’t spit out anything, the Restroom towel aunt was frighten, repeatedly asked me, “Miss, are you okay? Otherwise I’m afraid you’ll have to go to the hospital, having a fish bone stuck, it’s no laughing matter.”

I haven’t eaten yet, how could there be a fish bone stuck?

It must be Chi Fei Fan’s special farewell dinner last night, I ate too much shellfish, this just spit, there’s a chance I’ll have diarrhoea.

This fish, I really should have not come to eat, just the slightest smell I felt nausea, it best to have a kimchi rice flavor dishes instead, Chen Mo didn’t eat much when I hurriedly pull him to pay and leave.

While reserving the car Chen Mo asked me, “Are you okay, why does it look the same as being pregnant?”

I snap, “You just got pregnant! I’m not a cockroach that can parthenogenesis. I don’t even have a particular life, but if you can get pregnant, please show me!”

Just finished saying this sentence, I was petrified.

I don’t think I was too harsh and hurt Chen Mo self-esteem, I always spoke to him with blood in every word, he wasn’t so petty.

I know that my temple was jumping, I knew it was a serious problem.

This month my period didn’t come, I thought it was the tiredness from moving, or because I was eating every day with Chi Fei Fan, eating into an endocrine disorders. Besides there no telling to my days, but it’s no later than ten days to a half month. However today I panic, the more I panic the more unclear I was of my days, was it exactly fifteen days late? Or was it twenty days?

Being late wasn’t a problem, the real problem was there’s a life, the night before I moved out, I estimated that Lu Yu Jiang has gone mad that he would encroach on his ex-wife. And because Lu Yu Jiang didn’t use love TT [3], so the original prevention before anything happen was all my doing. I was also afraid to play out a life, so every month I took the medicine on time, but after our divorce of course I stopped.


[3] TT: Is a Chinese slang for condoms.

On the way back I saw a pharmacy, I told Chen Mo to stop the car, “I’m going to buy some stomach medicine.”

When I saw two strip of clear lines, there was no exaggeration to say that, my entire body weaken, I almost passed out.

I looked through the test specification, the above said reliable rate of 99%, that is to say that I have 1%.

For that 1% of hope, I took a half day off and line up at the hospital.

The doctor listened to my intention, asked me, “Do you want to have a blood test, or want to do a B ultrasound?”

I asked her, “Which is more reliable?”

The doctor wrote a list, “Then we’ll use both to check.”

The blood test results have not come out, but because it is working hours, there were many people in the hospital, the female doctor who did the B ultrasound had a benignant appearance, seeing that I was too nervous, she pointed at the screen and comforted me, “It’s all right, the development is quite normal, have a look.”

I roll up, the female doctor was pointing to a big soy bean spot while smiling at me, “You see!”

A large black bean!

I walked out of the hospital feeling frustrated with the blood test results and B ultrasound report, my mind was filled the large soy bean dot.

Okay, let me think of what I have to do.

Nip the bud?

Forget it, Lu Yu Jiang is the family’s only son of five generations, the moment we just got married the old madam urged us to immigrate, she said we can have many children. Every time the old madam returned home the first sentence she would say was, “How there’s no forthcoming?” Ask me causing me to feel guilty. The old madam anticipated for grandson until her eyes and nose bleed, although Lu Yu Jiang and I are now divorce, but I didn’t dare to murder the Lu family’s sixth generations, the old madam will hacked me to death. I also didn’t dare to provoke Lu Yu Jiang, so why would I go and offend his mother? I’m not brave enough.

If it was a novel, of course I should flee the horizon, bring up the child alone, and then wait for the male hero to come and find us mother and child. First we’ll bluntly yell at each other and then he’ll dragged me into the church and we’ll begin to live a blissful life, but if the hero is Lu Yu Jiang then forget it.

If it was TVB, of course I should also flee the horizon, bring up the child alone, and wait for him to become business elites, then go destroy Lu Yu Jiang’s company, forcing him to quickly jump off the building, finally show our cards, “My mother I have come to seek revenge for you!” Then the ultimate big boss Lu Yu Jiang’s followers will rise in revolt and his closest friends forsake him. Even his son does not recognize him, the thought of this was a great satisfaction.

If this is the plight of Taiwan drama, of course I should also flee the horizon, and then marry someone else, find the child a cheap father. Finally, the child grows up, fall in love with Lu Yu Jiang’s daughter, after knowing their half-sibling, that bitterness…… even more bitter than rhizoma coptidis…… the heroine will tearfully cry for forty episodes……

I put all the possibilities are very cool YY again, finally came to my sense: What ah?

Should I run with the ball, and then all alone brings up the child, miserably became a tragic female heroine? Pei!

I should go to Lu Yu Jiang negotiations showdown, twist his face in anger. Ask him to give me living expenses, alimony and payments! When the child is born, to give the child support payments, I ask him to give him this much then he would have to give that much, I’ll have feudal order with the emperor [4]! What the villain women do in dramas, I shall do the same!


[4] 挟天子以令诸侯 Xié Tiān Zǐ Yǐ Lìng Zhū Hóu ; have a firm hold over the emperor to oppress the princes ;have the emperor in one’s power and order the dukes about in his name.

Chapter end

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