Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 5

Chapter 5

My blood boil with indignation, just the thought of Lu Yu Jiang I’ll fulminate with anger, I felt that life is full of significance, the sky is so blue and the clouds are so white even the taxi on the high street all look so lovely.

After Lu Yu Jiang was released from the hospital, I had not seen him, but I decided the place I should start should be his mother, so I hailed a cab and went to see the old madam.

The old madam lives alone in a small yard in the west end, there was a housekeeper aunt that lived in the house and accompany the old madam. Not that Lu Yu Jiang was not filial to his mother, it was the old madam who wasn’t used to her son, so when there’s a chance Lu Yu Jiang also occasionally go back to see her.

Because of a guilty conscience, so I spend my original capital bought a lot of food, drink and also nourishment. When Aunt opened the door for me she was stunned for a moment upon seeing me carrying packages, the old madam who was in the yard asked, “Who is it?”

Aunt just came back to her senses, hurriedly rushed and smiled at me, turning back to reply, “It’s Xiao Jing.”

When the old madam was polite, she would call me Xiao Jing, so Aunt has also followed and called me Xiao Jing. I didn’t think the old madam upon seeing me also felt quite astonished.

Drinking a cup of tea in the living room, I knew why the old madam felt surprised, because after Lu Yu Jiang was discharged from the hospital, he gone to the elderly and laid his cards on the table, the old madam finally knew that I had already divorced with Lu Yu Jiang.

I haven’t come back to my senses, I did not think Lu Yu Jiang would conceal the truth for so long, erupted in happiness. The old madam’s expression appeared very calm, “Alas, young people with strong personality, had less together, won’t do the hard bound. No matter what us elders say, it’s only wishful thinking.”

The old madam was polite and asked me to stay for dinner, I felt uninterested, found an excuse and said my goodbyes.

I do not know why, my mood was very bad, I do not know why Lu Yu Jiang suddenly becomes delighted, but I abruptly couldn’t grasp it, even if I’d gone to lay down my cards with Lu Yu Jiang, regarding this matter what reactions will he have, it’s hard to say.

Although the old madam hopes for a grandson, he did not want children, at least, I didn’t want to, this I certainly know.

Just the thought he had urged that me to take my medicine every month, I felt almost hopeless.

I lowered my head walking to the alley’s entrance, precisely a car drove over, press the horn. I looked up, was still at a loss, why does it feel like the black Benz look so familiar?

Until Lu Yu Jiang lowered his window, I obviously felt choked up.

He probably guessed, I just came out from his house, and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Seeing him with that cold expression, I felt angry, so I said, “To come clean with the old madam.”

“No need, I have already told her.”

“I know, just come out of your house.”

Our conversation was so short, he leaned back, revealing a woman sitting, then introduced to me, “This is Gao Xi Li, my girlfriend.”


I only felt flames leap over my head, looking at this beautiful little face, I was tempted to curse. But this moment I have to bear down even vomiting blood, so I smile more brilliantly than Koguryo [1], “Oh, Hello, it’s nice to meet you.”

[1] 高句麗 Goguryeo or Koguryo was one of the ancient Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Then I praised her, she looked pretty, temperament and is blessed, also said that the old madam will definitely like her, Gao Xi Li is probably the first Lu Yu Jiang has brought back, so I was discursive praising and boasting, but like a quail she sat there, smiling without a word. I praised Koguryo again, and held Lu Yu Jiang a few words, praised his good taste, and finally said, “Don’t keep the old madam waiting, I shall leave.”

The car started, the windows weren’t closed, I vaguely heard Koguryo asked Lu Yu Jiang, “Who was that?”

I clearly heard Lu Yu Jiang say, “Relatives.”

Relatives your f*cking head!

At the subway station I cried, bastard! Bring a girlfriend back for the old madam to see, no wonder when the old madam saw me today it was as if she have seen a ghost, it’s only been a few days, he already found a girlfriend for the old madam to look over. When we were about to get married, it was me who forced him to take me home.

He didn’t like me, the old madam also didn’t like me, so she eagerly look forward to our divorce.

I don’t know where so many grievances came from, I cried all the way to the terminal, from the terminal cried until the station’s starting point, finally returning to the transfer place. From the subway reflective glass, I could see my eyes were swollen like a peach.

When Chi Fei Fan called me, I drown my sorrows in wine.

In fact, my alcohol tolerance was particularly poor, in other words I’m a person without capacity for liquor, a cup of beer can bring me down, I will blush rude from a cup of Irish Coffee. After ordering a cup of Long Island Iced Tea, I also took a sip, tasting the flavor. As expected it was really easy to ingest, like a cold sour fruit juice. I did not expect the strong delayed effect, just drank a sip, I haven’t even chatted with the bartender a few words, I was dizzy, cannot sense my directions.

At this time Chi Fei Fan called asking if I have eaten.

I asked him, ‘brother-in-law, is the moon abroad round?’

He immediately asked, “Have you been drinking?”

How can I tell him the truth ah, so I merely ramble all sorts of irrelevant matters with him. Finally, he had enough and roared towards me on the phone, “Are you going to tell me where are you now?”

I didn’t think the always gentle Chi Fei Fan can suddenly turn to Martha roar, I was so frightened that I trembled, so I told him Ma Liu Er Jiang’s bar name and address.

He approximately felt my mind was clear, so he breathed a sigh of relief, then asked me what happened.

Even if you beat me to death, I cannot say ah, so I was faltering, talk a lot of insincere and nonsense to him. Fortunately, the international long-distance was very expensive, my estimation Chi Fei Fan was very busy, he also didn’t inquire further letting me off.

I hung up the phone, very sadly in one breath, drank the Long Island Iced Tea.

This wine in the novel, there’s a very high frequency, when every actress drink it, an accident will occur. Generally they will be drunk and disorderly then lose their virginity to a millionaire[2], and lived a happy blissful life……

[2] 金龟婿 Jin Gui Xu: In ancient China’s Tang Dynasty, only certain high-ranking officials could carry the “golden turtle pouch” as a rank symbol, hence a “golden turtle husband” as the Chinese term literally translates, was used to refer to a husband with a very high social status. But today, it only means a rich husband.

Why all the stories since then they live a happy blissful life?

That time Lu Yu Jiang was drunk, he suddenly held and vigorously kiss me.

I knew that he was drunk and disorderly he thought that I was my elder sister, so I deceived to sleep with me.

The results?

Bullsh*t! Entirely bullsh*t! Those novels are deceptive!

When, I was still dizzy lying on the bar I still thought, if I want to really be driven into a corner[3], I will write a romance novel, deceive my author’s remuneration, deceive people’s tears, deceive people’s trust and f*cking love in this world!


[3] 走投无路 Zǒu Tóu Wú Lù: At the end of one’s rope; be driven desperate.

My alcohol tolerance really wasn’t great, the last remaining consciousness, I remember, was someone to pull me into the car, I vaguely felt Chen Mo. I couldn’t figure out how Chen Mo got here, anyway, he put me in the car, I pulled his hand and praised him, “Chen Mo, I’ll marry you, it’s always you that comes to rescue me every time…… In this world you treat me the best, only you will love me……”

Chen Mo also said something, I didn’t hear clearly, tilting my head and fell asleep.

I also don’t know how long I slept, when I woke up I felt a headache…… Intense pain……

I got up to go to the bathroom, why is Chen Mo’s house renovated, even his wallpaper change, the structure changed, causing me to unable to find the bathroom, finally found it by pushing open a door down the hall.

Inside the bathroom someone came out, entire body soaking wet just wrapped in a towel, early in the morning, also was not afraid of my long needle’s eye! I rubbed my eyes and said, “Chen Mo, I want you use the bathroom, go out.”

The man didn’t move, instead folded his arms and lean against the door, “Ye Jing Zhi, you are really confused drunk?”

I was frightened completely sober.

There are several seconds when my mind was completely blank, really completely blank, completely shut down. I forgot to breathe, almost suffocated, I stammer, “Brother…… Brother-in-law……”

“I told you not to call me brother-in-law.”

I was completely stunned, “Why are you here?”

He remains calm and composed, “This is my home, if I’m not here, then where would I be?”

I looked down at the baggy male pyjamas on my body, suddenly there was an observable chilliness.

Feeling distressed I asked, “I didn’t do anything to you, right?”

“Oh,” Chi Fei Fan laughed to expose his small dimple, “You didn’t do anything to me……” And not waiting for me to let out a sigh of relief, he has stretched out a finger and lifted my chin, “However, yesterday you noisily cried and pestered me like an octopus, I was at the end of my forbearance so……”

My entire body hair stood up, readily grasp things and threw it at him, screaming, “Nonsense! Don’t deceive people here! Liar!”

He dodged his head from the gargle cup, suddenly very seriously said to me, “Let’s get married.”

I am confused, really ignorant.

It was probably the first time someone has proposed to me, who wouldn’t be muddled ah?

I said, “This joke is not funny.”

The results he very earnestly said, “I’m not joking, Jing Zhi, after what happened last night, I think I should marry you.”

It can’t be true? He really didn’t deceive me?

Why is that I can’t recall what happened last night?

My heart was like a mess.

Originally I felt Chi Fei Fan is courting me was not reliable, perhaps because my elder sister reasons, but I don’t look like my elder sister ah, why did Lu Yu Jiang take me as a substitute, he also wants to take me as a substitute?

I finally find an irrelevant words to ask him, “Aren’t you supposed to be aboard?”

He said, “How far can South Korea be, when I call you, I was already at the airport.” Then he criticized me, “your alcohol tolerance is low, also try to be like others and club, you’re lucky you have not been sold!”

I was a bit dizzy, felt that there was something wrong, but I just can’t think of what was wrong.

I also didn’t expect Chi Fei Fan’s attitude was so serious, originally I just thought he must be deceiving me. But on Sunday, my father called me, “Jing Zhi ah, dinner is ready, please come back.”

He hasn’t called me home for dinner for many years, I was little overwhelmed by an unexpected favor, my father all along didn’t like me, he treated my elder sister little better, because she’s beautiful and talented, since childhood was a “three good” student, outstanding class cadres, and then studied all the way to PhD. Doctor of Science, this only several women can achieve, especially beautiful women. When my father mentioned my elder sister’s his face glow, once he mentioned me, he would frown. Typically in his heart, I was a failure, truancy, fought, had no desire to make any progress, it was not easy to marry Lu Yu Jiang, he was nice to me for the sake of Lu Yi Jiang. The results subsequently when I divorced with Lu Yu Jiang, he was so angry that he served the relationship between father and daughter with me.

In any case, served ties or no, it’s the same either way. I remembered the Mid Autumn Festival was almost here, maybe it was my stepmother who wanted the family harmony appearance, so call me home for dinner.

I was still very filial to buy some groceries home.

Upon opening the door, I heard my father’s laughter, laughing very happily, since my elder sister died, I haven’t heard him laugh. Just when I was thinking to myself, my stepmother has come out, took the red wine and cakes in my hands, smiled and said to me, “The Mid Autumn Festival[4] is still a long way off, why waste your money buying these ah……”

[4] 中秋節 Zhōng Qiū Jié: Falling on the 15th day of the 8th month, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second grandest festival after the Spring Festival in China. It takes its name from the fact that it is always celebrated in the middle of the autumn season. The day is also known as the Moon Festival, as at that time of the year the moon is at its roundest and brightest.

Although it was kind words, but it’s rare she’ll smile so brightly, I was a little moved, called her “aunt”, my father had heard, “Is it Jing Zhi who came back?”

I entered the living room, I was confused, these two days there was too much bolt from the blue, causing me to be dumbstruck.

Chi Fei Fan!

He sat in my living room with my father drinking tea.

My father said, “You really came back, also made Chi Fei Fai buy a cake. Even if it’s my birthday, it’s not a big birthday……”

I was confused and disoriented, not sure what was the situation, however Chi Fei Fan laugh so gentle and refined, “I wanted to come earlier to pay my respects to you and aunt, but Jing Zhi has been thin-skinned, always felt it was awkward. You know Jing Zhi, her temper……”

My father obviously like Chi Fei Fan, in his view, a divorced woman, have a man whose willing to want her, thank god, and Chi Fei Fan still so young and talent. Although Chi Fei Fan sought my elder sister, but apparently he was very glad to see this person around, still becoming his son-in-law.

During the family dinner, as usual, I ate without relish.

But Chi Fei Fan really knew how to coax people, he was not like Lu Yu Jiang, who was indifferent. It’s not that he doesn’t respect his elders, however, he was accustomed to keeping his distance with people, he treated his mother with virtue, my father and my aunt wanted to please this son-in-law didn’t know where to start. But Chi Fei Fan is not the same, he talked about chess with my father, talk about speculation in the stock market with my aunt, making the two of them beaming with delight, he really was capable.

After we finished eating Aunt cut honeydew melon for us to eat, I affectionately offered to help her wash the dishes, she pushed me out, “There’s your father, you accompany Chi Fei Fan and sit down for a while, he’s our guest.”


When did he see himself as a guest?

When my father and my stepmother was busy cleaning in the kitchen, while eating the honeydew melon I asked Chi Fei Fan, “How did you know today was my father’s birthday?”

I even can’t remember which day my father’s birthday was, obviously I have been unfilial.

He said, “As long as there’s heart, anything can be found out, right?”

Which is true.

I thought something was amiss, and asked him, “What’s the meaning of today?”

He adumbrate answer, “I will marry you, of course I have to come back and meet your parents.”

His fierce expression was even like Lu Yu Jiang, as expected all crows under the sun are black[5], all men generally bad!


[5] 天下乌鸦一般黑 Tiān Xià Wū Yā Yì Bān Hēi; The world is much the same everywhere.

I’m indignant and threw the honeydew melon away, “Who wants to marry you?”

“We have already……” His expression was more fierce, “What if you get pregnant, what are we going to do?”


I’m already pregnant, how can I get pregnant again?

I’m suddenly suspicious, “That night when I got drunk, I didn’t say anything to you, right?”

“You did.” He was in good-temper while smiling at me, “You said that you loved me for many years, unfortunately I have always liked your elder sister. You also said something about you will not let me go, life or death you will accompany me…… You held my hands, unwilling to let go, your pettish appearance, it was really sweet and lovely……” Unexpectedly Chi Fei Fan also blushed, “Otherwise, I also wouldn’t have unable to control myself……”

Once again, my entire body hair stood up, I’m finished……

I must have been unconsciously drunk that I will regard him as Lu Yu Jiang.

Drunk leads to serious trouble…… Drunk leads to serious trouble……

Those words I never dreamt of expressing, how is that once I’m drunk it all comes out?

The back of my heart braved a swishing chill, like someone had placed a piece of ice on the my back of my neck.

This is what you called “When a person brings disasters upon themselves, there is no hope of escape” this is me.

My mood is heavy loaded like a lead, Chi Fei Fan the entire time sending me home used every trick in the book trying to make me smile, I still couldn’t laugh.

When a thing like this is mixed up, who can laugh ah?

My stomach there is a little soy bean, then I slept with Chi Fei Fan, am I still a human?

I am so shameless, felt so embarrassed.

Getting drunk leads to serious trouble, this year not everyone is lucky to become the heroine, I always thought that a prince can rescue me, almost so naive and f*cking shameful.

Chapter end

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