Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4.1

It seems like if I don’t torture him, I won’t get a confession.

In a leisurely manner I rolled up my sleeves, clenched my fist, shaking it before him, “Speak! Where did you place the permanent residence booklet? Or else I’ll hit you! Hum! Usually I cannot beat you, now I can definitely beat you.”

Bullying the patient is a source of happiness, oh yeah!

He finally opened his eyes, and looked at me, probably because he has a fever for a long period of time, his cheeks have an abnormal scarlet, appear lovely pink. I didn’t think Lu Yu Jiang could also relate to the word lovely, his voice was hoarse as he muttered, “So noisy……”

“Where’s the permanent residence booklet……” Not waiting for me to finish speaking, he suddenly tugged me over, this is just great, I was firmly in his arms, his backside was like a big furnace, through his clothes I also felt it was steaming hot. Just as I wanted to struggle, he held me tighter, his warm breath whiffed on my ear, “You’re not working today so accompany me to sleep for a while……”

Indeed the fever has caused him to be muddled, he also knew he didn’t have work today…… I suddenly felt a little sad, it was about when we just got married, those were only our good days, especially when it was the weekend, there were mornings when we were half awaken needing to go to the restroom, even with my tiredness he always draw me in not letting me get up, “You’re not working today so accompany me to sleep for a while.”

Even such an intolerable marriage, there were happy moments.

Perhaps towards life I didn’t have high hopes, as long as there were a little sweetness, I felt that it can have long-lasting memories.

It really makes one sad ah, my heart was filled with memories of tenderness, when I slowly looked back at him, he has rested his chin on my shoulder, and fallen asleep.

After ten minutes I cannot stand it, because he was badly burning up a fever, he stuck to me like a piece of red brick, I also felt intolerable, how could he take it?

I climbed up to find the medicine chest,  upon discovering he has not taken a pill at all I was very angry, he has not even taken the medicine at home.

There was no boiling water, Lu Yu Jiang was ancestors that lived in comfort, he never drinks hideous mess water, all his drinking water was all specialized and boiled.

Every day at noon the home workers would come, because he does not eat at home, so the workers are just responsible to clear and clean up. It appears from the last night he began to have a fever, does he intend to die in bed? I took his temperature, darling, just 40 degrees, no wonder he turned into a firing paper tiger.

“Hey!” I want to shake him awake, “Get up! Lu Yu Jiang! Get up, let’s go to the hospital!”

He groaned, and finally I understand he hummed, “I’m not going.”

I was furious.

Whether you are a sick cat or a paper tiger, but now I can fix you.

I lift up the quilt, and then pulled his pyjamas, he still knew to ask me, “Why are you taking off my clothes?”

“What am I doing?” I smiled at him, with a small specific adjectives, that laugh is——evil! Wonton! Charm! Delude!

Then I shouted at him, “I have seen it many times, what should I do?”

Although I had so many opportunities to see this, I still want to say, the paper tiger’s body is really very good, his body was the best strip naked man’s body I’ve seen.

However, this one was the only naked man I have seen, so it might not be too accurate.

One side my mind was full of peach blossom evilness, while changing his clothes. Then I put socks and shoes on him, I also went to wring a hot towel to wipe his face.

Fortunately, he can still walk on his own, however, he needed me to help point.

Helping him into the car, it caused me to sweat all over, after buckling our seatbelts I drove to the hospital.

When I drove his Black vulgar Diaozha Mercedes, speeding on the North Fourth Ring road, I thought, why should I be nosy, to send him to the hospital?

It’s certainly not because of feelings, but because I’ve done too many bad things, I’m scared after my death, I’ll go to hell, so I’m doing one good deed a day.

If I don’t send him to the hospital, if he really burned out and some unexpected misfortune occurred, the residential surveillance video would have captured the scene of me climbing the balcony.

Would the court sentenced me with murdering my husband?

Pei Pei!

Clearly my ex husband!

One side I had random thoughts, while arriving at the hospital, to the emergency room, the doctor completing the examination, immediately busied open with words, “The patient is complicated with pneumonia, how come you bring him now ah? You as his wife, how can you act like it doesn’t concern you, your husband has burned up like this, you also don’t know to bring him to the hospital?”

I was lectured like a grandchild, could only be submissive, unable to justify myself.

He finally turned from the emergency ward, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then began to make a phone call.

I’m such an intelligent person ah, I didn’t forget to take his wallet, or else how would I have the money to pay the deposit. He is still in bed and on the drips, I could easily place his wallet back in his pocket, however the hospital was cluttered with people, and he also in a muddle from the fever, his wallet being snatched, even if I jump into the Yellow River [1] it would not be washed clear. Besides, such a great weekend, why should I stay in the hospital with a patient, he wasn’t my anyone.

[1] 黄河 Huang He: The Yellow River or Huang He is the third-longest river in Asia. The Yellow River is called “the cradle of Chinese civilization”, because its basin was the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilization, and it was the most prosperous region in early Chinese history. However, frequent devastating floods and course changes produced by the continual elevation of the river bed, sometimes above the level of its surrounding farm fields, has also earned it the unenviable names China’s Sorrow and Scourge of the Sons of Han

So I decided to call his personal secretary, let her come to the hospital to accompany and arrange care for such a messy situation.

When she arrived, I can leave.

Unexpectedly, when the beautiful secretary came, the old madam had also come.

Turns out when the beautiful secretary heard this, after getting off the phone with me she immediately called the old madam to inform her of the situation, the old madam upon hearing her son having pneumonia rushed to the hospital.

The old madam all along didn’t like me, when I pester to marry her son, she certainly didn’t like me. However, after Lu Yu Jiang and I married, the old madam also didn’t say half a malicious remark about me, just with this point I also have respect towards her.

So I respectfully stood up, called out, “Aunty.”

I did not expect this word would cause the old madam to tremble with rage, that look, like a swishing knife, almost cut out a transparent hole in my body, “What did you call me?”


A bad thing!

I forgot Lu Yu Jiang specially asked before, regarding our divorce, we have to deceive his mother, because the old madam thoughts are traditional, and she has hypertensive heart disease, he has feared that out of anger an unexpected misfortune may occur. And this year when it was the Spring Festival [2], Lu Yu Jiang wanted me to accompany him home for dinner, to continue to play a loving couple in front of the old madam, Lu Yu Jiang said, “I have to slowly tell my mother.”

[2] 春节 Spring Festival: Also known as Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year (农历新年) is an important traditional Chinese holiday celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar. In China, it is also known as the Spring Festival, the literal translation of the modern Chinese name.

How did I know he’s slow is more than half a year, he still haven’t told the old madam?

I also stood there slightly at a loss, on the bed Lu Yu Jiang was awake, his voice was weak, called out, “Mother.”

The old madam immediately left me, rush over to pull up her son’s hand, “Look at you, I told you to pay attention to your body, how did you manage to end up this way.”

Lu Yu Jiang raised his eyes, glanced at me, “Why did you disturb/startle mother?”

When talking to his mother it’s still feeble, once I lose my temper it’s full of air, I’ll offend anyone, or did I owe him my past life?

I open my mouth wanting to tell him, the result I saw him desperately winked at me, his eyes unexpectedly——piteously begging? I have never seen Lu Yu Jiang beg anyone, suddenly my heart was overjoyed, his face had a very aggrieved expression, muttering, “This, I was thrown into a panic……”

“You young people, there’s no backbone at all.” The old madam glared at me, “With a fever why didn’t you take him to the hospital earlier?”

I plausibly told the old madam, “I would have taken him earlier, however he would not go. If I had not dragged him out of the bed, I also do not know how it’ll be like.”

Lu Yu Jiang on the bed certainly wanted to strangle me, because I saw him just glared at me, I looked up pretending I didn’t see this, besides I didn’t lie.

“This child, with his father virtue, always feel his physically healthy, with good resistance.” Mentioning that year father-in-law passed away of cancer, the old madam was really sad, “You don’t even think for both of us, you do not cherish yourself, is earning money endless?”

Very good, although standing until the base of my feet were in pain, however listening to the old madam chatter with Lu Yu Jiang, and he didn’t even dare to reply a word, it is worth the price!

Finally, I send the old madam out, she also praised me, “Good child, although on the outside Yu Jiang usually in a presentable shape, he is actually improper, you have to watch him, don’t let him act recklessly and mess things up.”

I just nodded and said to the old madam, well, let me look at Lu Yu Jiang, his imperial sword is useless.

I return to Lu Yu Jiang’s room, his spirit has been much better, he asked me, “What did my mother say?”

I made a face at him, “I’m not telling you.”

Besides he’s lying on the bed, he’s unable to get up and do anything to me, so I am a small man intoxicated by success [3], my bravery has increased, my heart is greatly relieved, I even felt like I was breathing fresh air.


[3] 小 人 得 志 Xiăo Rén Dé Zhì ; Describes a situation where a mean-spirited person, a bigot or hypocrite is in a position of power and control.

He was silent for a moment, ask me, “Then, why do you want the permanent residence booklet?”


This ordeal, I almost forgotten my purpose, luckily when he was burning with a fever, remember I find his permanent residence booklet. But I don’t want to tell him the truth, “Why are you butting into my business?”

He seems to have thought of something, his lips curved into a smile, sneer silently. I saw his crafty smile and I felt disgusted, and every time he be opinionated, or he obtained some evidence against me, he will mystifying sneer. I really shouldn’t have to send him to the hospital, even if he burned silly at home, its none of my business. I am the farmer, giving the frozen snake some warmth, then it would immediately come back to bite me.

“You want to get married?” His inadvertence expression made me feel more hatred, “Your action are very quick ah, is it Chi Fei Fan?”

I was muddled by his words, it took me a few seconds to react to what he meant, I never thought this permanent residence booklet also has another use, and that was marriage registration. But I was utterly discomfited, straining out a sweet smile, “Yes, whom I married does not need your permission, in any case giving me the permanent residence booklet will do.

He looked at me coldly, as if I was a snake, or whatever other animal, the type that’s ugly and disgusting, a face full of disgust.

I have not abandon him!

When he burned like a hot iron, I have to change his clothes.

“You just rush into this?” He very gloating said, “The permanent residence booklet is lost, you must hurry, go to the Public Security Bureau to reapply yourself.”

Even if you beat me to death I won’t believe the permanent residence booklet is lost, and if I really require to reapply, it wasn’t ten days and a half months matter, I won’t be able to rent the house. I was anxiously angry, “What’s wrong with you? You deliberately do not want you to see me better, is that it??”

I was angry, but he is happy, “I intentionally do not want to see you have an easy time.”



Chapter end

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