Love Can Do Miracles Chapter 7

Chapter 7

His tongue stuck in my mouth, trying to push me toward the wall. His two hands cutting into me, my internal organs almost jumped out, suffocating until my eyes almost rolled back. Does this assh*le want to murder me? I only provoke him and that Gao Xi Li and now he want to kill me?

He finally pulled his mouth away, before I could breathe a breath of fresh air, his hand was around my neck and pushed me into the house, he pushed me until I almost passed out, I struggled to get up to run out, he had locked the door.

Without turning on the lights I could still see his eyes, faintly like a wolf, there were almost a burst of meteors. I was really scared, my legs weaken, but I have to try using the delay tactic, “I did not tell your girlfriend anything, I just advised her to reconsider……” Looking at his hand clench into a fist, I was so frightened that I closed my eyes, although he previously did not have problems with domestic violence, every time it was always me that attacked first then he’ll deal with me. However he was so angry today, what else couldn’t he do?

The results once “Chi La”, I didn’t know where my clothes were torn, his hot lips on my chest, even his breathing seems filled with fiery hatred, “You dare to say one more word, I’ll strangle you to death!”

He painfully bit me, I knew what he wanted to do. This assh*le has really turned into a wolf, a lecherous wolf. I was also irritated, f*ck, he already has a girlfriend but ran to me here to do such immoral behavior. His amazing strength, his action was also very rough, simply venting his frustrations. I began to feel panic, suddenly remembered my little soy bean in my stomach, seeing him in this beast appearance, I’m afraid he’ll hurt little soy bean. I was knocked out last time, if I let him win this time, I’ll be unable to face the party and the people. I grit my teeth, lifted my face and kissed him. At first he ignored me, only seek to bite me, I patiently kiss him from his lips to his ear. I knew his neck was his most sensitive area, so I deliberately remain there, gently biting and sucking his neck, his tyrannical and tension gradually relaxed, he even slightly inaudible grunt, it seem to have worked, his hold on my arm also imperceptibly loosen up, stretching out his hand to fondle my hair. At this time, I unexpectedly bend my knee and desperately served him a kick.

He gave a grunt and fell, for a long time he didn’t utter a word, I turned on the light, only to see him sweating profusely in pain, he could barely stand.

I couldn’t have really kick that hard, right? He’s reactions has always been quick, I thought he would have dodge it.

I tugged his clothes while kept a wary eye on him.

He lifted up his head to look at me, he gritted his teeth and asked, “Ye Jing Zhi, do you hate me so?”

I said, “I don’t have the energy to hate you. Let me tell you, if you do this again, I will call the police!”

Lu Yu Jiang gave a cold laugh, “I will leave immediately. Don’t worry, when you and Chi Fei Fan get married, I will definitely send a red packet [1].”

[1] 红包 Hóng Bāo: For Chinese Weddings, guests will give a red packet of money as a form of blessing.

I am not so stupid to believe that he was jealous. The enmity between him and Chi Fei Fan is too deep, plus the fact that I made Gao Xi Li angry, I guessed that Gao Xi Li must have broken up with him, hence he was so angry.

He finally left. I sat here, my clothes in a mess, my feelings numb.

I could not forget his expression when he spoke, it was filled with disgust and disdain, and also a trace of an inexpressible painful hatred. His words kept echoing in my ear, as he asked, “Ye Jing Zhi, do you hate me so?”

I did not hate him at all, not even a little bit.

No matter even if he had never loved me before, no matter how badly he treated me, no matter how cold and heartless he was during the divorce, no matter even if he went to find Gao Xi Li today, I have never hated him.

I used all my strength to love him, so I did not have any excess strength to hate him.

I was this useless.

At the start, he did not know elder sister for very long and she fell sick. He was extremely righteous, he paid for all of elder sister’s hospital bills. You must realise that for a normal family, the hospital bills were an astronomical sum. Luckily there was him, if not elder sister would not have lasted so long. But finally, elder sister had withered until she could no longer go on, in her sickest moments, her temper was very bad, but he would always gently and carefully cajole her to be happy. He would go to her hospital ward everyday to help her comb her hair. Elder sister used to have a head of beautiful hair, but because of the medicine, they had almost all fallen off. When he combed her hair, he was always very careful to hide the strands that fell off, so elder sister would not know and become sad.

When elder sister passed away, she held his hand without letting go. She could no longer speak, but she still always held his hand. He tightly grasped elder sister’s hand, as if he wanted to give her some strength, as if he wanted to hold onto a bit of her life.

At that moment, I thought, this man is someone you could give your life to. Elder sister must have been very very regretful that she could not marry him.

I used all sorts of methods to marry him. I was afraid he did not love me, but, I still loved him.

In Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils [2], Ah Ci [3] said, “On that night, in the huge thunderstorm, at the little bridge, I saw you kill my elder sister. You cried so heartbroken that my heart started to really really like you. My heart said, ‘You don’t have to be so sad. Even though you no longer have Ah Zhu [3], I will be like Ah Zhu, I will treat you well and love you with all my heart.'”

But so what?

In the end, Qiao Feng [3] still did not like her. Dislike is dislike, one cannot force it.

[2] 天龙八部 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). The plot is made up of several separate yet intertwining story lines, revolving around three protagonists, who are sworn brothers: Qiao Feng the Warrior, Duan Yu the Prince and Xuzhu the Monk. The complex narrative shifts from the initial perspective of Duan Yu to the other characters’ and sometimes back.

[3] Ah Ci, Ah Zhu and Qiao Feng are all characters from Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.

Even at the end, in front of death, Ah Ci hugged Qiao Feng, and jumped down the lofty and bottomless cliff.

I felt that Ah Ci was much luckier than me, I did not even have a chance to hug Lu Yu Jiang and die together.

Disclaimer: Start of ** to the end ** passage has been translated by decembi. No point in double translating, since translating does take a lot of time. ^^

For several days I was depressed, since the incident that occurred that day Lin Xin Fei did not gossip with me about handsome guys. The company was very calm, there were no indications that any of my colleagues knew that I am Lu Yu Jiang’s ex-wife. On this point I was very grateful towards Lin Xin Fei, she has quite arena of moral, even if I messed things up for her cousin’s millionaire, she also wouldn’t speak ill of me.

I think I must be in a very bad mood, I was listless while handling work matters. It was almost the end of the day when I received a phone call, it was Chi Fei Fan who called me.

“Did you know? Just then in the meeting the big boss has decided to increase your bonus.”

I was surprised and asked, “Why?”

I was below the big boss so many levels (floors) ah, this old man also know in the company there was a person like me, who so quickly in front of the big boss set me up? Besides increasing my bonuses does not require the big boss to nod ah, human resource approval was enough. Could it be Lu Yu Jiang was so determinedly angry that he even resorted to using his influences in the business industry to retaliate against me? This is too despicable!

Chi Fei Fan’s mood was heavy, “Because for a few days your face was like dark clouds, the big boss think you’re seriously affecting the morale in the company.”

For a moment I was surprised, I realised Chi Fei Fan was especially making fun of me, so I very flattering hollow laughed twice.

Chi Fei Fan hearing that I was still dejected, so he said, “You’re still not happy? Well I still have some very happy things to tell you.”


“Lu Yu Jiang just planted a somersault, I estimate right now he even has the intentions of jumping off the building.”

I simply did not believe it, “Who can cause Lu Yu Jiang to jump off the building ah, it’s not too late to wait until he actually jumps then inform me to speculate.”

“You don’t believe me?” He lowered his voice as he told me, “Doesn’t Lu Yu Jiang have a Real Estate Company under his leadership? It has been accused of illegal loans, the bank credit director committed suicide, the situation has been blown out of proportion. Now it is still unknown to outsiders, the moment the press finds out it’ll be hilarious. China Vanke prices falling, Lu Yu Jiang will encounter creditors knocking on his door, gee, recently major developers days are really difficult.

I paused, then said, “He will not do illegal things, he is not a stupid person.”

“He didn’t do it, maybe his employees didn’t either. Now something has happen, there are people dead, he can cleanly clear himself from this?” Chi Fei Fan tone was very relaxed, “Besides, his business outside how much can you know? Can you be certain he has nothing to do with this?”

I was suffocated by him, when we weren’t divorce, Lu Yu Jiang never mention his business in front of me, he rarely took me out to dinner parties, unless it was such occasion that required his family. He probably thought I can’t be presentable in public, and I never had that ambition, also honestly I just stayed at home and never questioned.

I asked Chi Fei Fan, “How did you find out about this?”

Chi Fei Fan said, “That you don’t bother. Yes, why don’t we invite Lu Yu Jiang to have dinner with us tonight.”

He emphasis the word “we” exceptionally clear, I was distracted for a moment, “Why do you want to invite him to dinner?”

“A few days ago didn’t he bring his girlfriend to swagger before you? Didn’t that make you so mad that you even finished the pot of braised pork in brown sauce, such a big pot of meat ah, I didn’t even finish eating. Honey, this round we have to win. While he is being scorched by the flames, we’ll invite him to dinner, and be all affectionate and drive him crazy!”

The way he said honey was really creepy, I felt at lost whether to laugh or cry, “Brother-in-law, how come I have not discovered you were originally so black bellied?”

“What is black bellied? This is call not suffering looses” He asked, “What, your heart is aching?”

“Why would my heart ache for him?”

Although I do not believe Chi Fei Fan’s word, but to hear him vividly describe every detail, I still felt a bit confused. To read the news online two days later, I suddenly saw that particular bank credit director’s suicide involved a huge violation loans and so on, my heart-felt golden.

Just a few hundred word news, I anxiously read over a dozen of times, did not see any clues.

That night I dreamt about Lu Yu Jiang being arrested, although he was framed, but he was such a proud and arrogant person can he really bear this? Taking on all the crime, he was finally sentenced to jail, when the police took him away I cried overwhelmed by grieved, just the thought of my little soy bean born without a father, I was heartbroken, cried until I woke up crying.

I was born despicable, really despicable!

I ran to Lu Yi Jiang’s office, because I didn’t have the key card so I couldn’t get in the villa, with no other choice but to look for him in his office. The beautiful Secretary upon seeing me immediately turn pale, I pretend to push her, she was so frightened that she retreated three steps, begging me, “Miss Ye, Lu Zong have guests, let me give him a call, okay?”

Last time when I broke into the office, Lu Yu Jiang must have criticized her, why would employees makes things difficult for another employee, besides I’m already here, Lu Yu Jiang wouldn’t dare not to see me, with such determination who can stop me?

So I tenderly said, “All right, you call then.”

Exceeding one’s expectations I gently soothe the beautiful Secretary, her expression was obviously much better, also gratefully smiled at me, she spoke a few words on the phone, after hanging up she was trembling with fear like a small white rabbit, “Miss Ye, Lu Zong asked you to please wait a minute, he is currently busy.”

He’s really was a big tail wolf disguised.

But thinking of my purpose for coming here, I’ll endure this, endure until I vomit blood I still have to endure.

So I said gently, “Okay, I’ll wait here.”

The beautiful Secretary was so shock that her jaws just dropped. To be honest this timid look of mine even I couldn’t believe it myself, how could she?

I waited for about ten minutes, when I finally heard the door “Kacha” sound, it was Lu Yu Jiang personally sending out his guest.

Surprisingly this guest turned out to be Gao Xi Li.


I was on fire!

I was worried that he was scorched by the flames, who knew he was being affectionate with that women in his office, at a time like this he still had the mood for romance, and the most unforgivable sin is he actually deliberately left me hanging outside!

Chapter end

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