Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 92

Episode 92

At that moment, the door of the conference room burst open and someone walked quickly and sat in an empty seat next to the podium.

“I'm so sorry I'm late. One of the children who took over the recruits had a seizure…..”

[Favorability  32%]

Vuinter recited an apology for his late appearance with a puzzled look.

'And then…He was a high-ranking aristocrat, too.'

I stared at him with a slightly puzzled look, not knowing if he was in his seat.

“The Marquis of Verdandi! What are you talking about!”

Before Vuinter was fully seated, Marquis Ellen asked breathlessly.

“Your Honor, may I state what I have witnessed?”

Instead of answering Marquis Ellen's question, Vuinter calmly raised his hand and asked for understanding of the judge general.

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“It's okay.”

When he was given permission, he rose again from his seat.

“Two days before she went missing, I saw her valiant hunting alone against the brown bear in the gold-marked area.”

“Thi, this is a setup! I've never seen the Marquis of Verdandi around…..”

“Oho, Viscount Gavoil”

Bang, bang! The judge general hit the doctor's stick.

“Take it easy! No one else is making a statement.”

Then he shouted irritably to Viscount Gavoil, who kept opening his mouth.

“Continue, Marquis Verdandi.”

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“But the princess stopped shooting the crossbow in the middle as if she had run out of bolts.”


“As soon as I was about to come forward to help the princess out of fear that it would lead to a dangerous situation, the Crown Prince appeared and cut the bear's throat.”

He made a statement too consistent with my situation to be a lie. That's when, really, somewhere, he was watching me.

I was horrified by Vuinter's statement.

'As expected, was what I was thinking right?

The fucking “surprise quest” wasn't the end of the brown bear. If the Crown Prince had not stepped up first, I would have inevitably met the Vuinter, or Derick and Leonard.

And until the MLs show up at the critical moment, I'd have to deal with the wild beast.

'It's a crazy game…'

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While his spine was chilling and he shuddered in secret, Vuinter calmly finished his statement.

“I moved because it seemed like they were having a serious conversation. That's all I've seen.”

The meeting room was in shock again.

“So you're saying the statement of Viscount Gavoil are false?”

“The princess' statement was true.”

“Oh, my God, Baron Tullett was an imperial assassin…..”

I glanced sideways at the Eckart as I looked around the rattling surroundings. The Duke's face was no different from the others.

What was unexpected was Derick's face. When my eyes met, his face slowly twisted. Rather than surprising and shocking, it seemed to be closer to anger.

Are you angry that your sister's words which you didn't believe were true? Or, that I a secret meeting with the Crown Prince, which I said earlier ? I didn't know you were angry because the words were true.

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The good news was that unlike the horribly wrinkled face, the slowly blinking favorability remained unchanged.


Without avoiding my eyes, I raised my head as if it were a sight.

'Without your help, I can handle it myself.'

Looking at him with cool eyes. Bang, bang-!

“I'll make a decision!”

The judge shouted majestically in the tumultuous crowd.

“There is a third witness who has nothing to do with this case, and the testimony is consistent with the statement of the princess, who was a suspect.”


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“And the evidence that the princess has is so obvious.”

Just before the verdict, the surrounding area became as calm as death. Instead of taking a breath for a while, the judge general said,

“Those who need to be investigated are not Princess Ekart, but Baron Tullet, seven aristocrats, including Viscount Garboil, and Marquis Ellen.”

“You, Your Honor! Objection…    “

“Your Highness the Crown Prince is still unconscious. This is a grave event that could lead to attempted murder of the Imperial Family, so I command to detain all the nobles involved!”

Bang, bang, bang-

The doctor's rod in the hands of the judge general confirmed the ruling with three noises. It was the moment.

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[Third : Discovering assassins] Quest success!

As a reward [All male lead's favor +7%] and [ fame +70] has been obtained. (Fame total : 200)

'OK, it's over!'

I clenched my fists and cheered.

“”I have to send a message about this immediately to His Majesty. Sir Walter! Please carry out the order immediately!”!”

The judge then called in the captain of the Guard, who was sitting right next to the podium. Then, the door of the meeting opened and rushed in.

“This, this is all a setup, a setup!”

When seeing the guards approaching to be entrenched, Marquis Ellen shook his head like a fit.

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“I'm not involved! Tu, Tullett, he did it on his own! I have nothing to do with this!”

“Well, I don't know anything! Why, why me?”

It was the same with blue hair. She looked around frantically, with her arms bent backwards and violently overpowered. She looking for someone who can help her.

But Count Kellin was not a powerful family enough to attend the nobility meeting. I'm guessing you somehow lined up the Marquis Ellen and aimed for a leap….

To do so, it is clear that she was trying to crush Princess Eckart, the center of power, and dominate the society.

'You thought I'd just be stupid like last year.'

I looked coolly at her dragging into her ugly frame. And…

I thought.

'I'm the worst villain in this game.'

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All those involved were taken away by the guards and the conference room was slowly being cleared up.

Some of the escaping aristocrats kept spilling me over whether they wanted to talk to me, but no one approached because I looked so fierce.

“Princess. May I have the proof?”

At that time, the solemn-looking middle-aged captain came to me in person and reached out his hand.

“Here you go.”

I handed over the knife that I was holding gently. Packing it in his arms, he soon asked for something else.

“I'll release the package. Give me your hand, please.”

When he reached out my hands tied to a thin rope, he said, 'Excuse me,' and put his hands on my wrists. And muttered something that I couldn't understand briefly.

Then the rope, which had been tied together with the two wrists, loosened and fell to the floor. The captain of the Guards bowed to me and took it with him and left.

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'What was it? Was it Magic tool?”'

Somehow I thought it was a sloppy tie it up. It could never be cut off or released without a starter. I was embarrassed when I thought I was “VIP” a while ago.

Perhaps because the tension was relaxed, a heavy fatigue struck the back of the neck. I needed a break. I just got kicked back to get out of the meeting in a hurry.

“Lady Penelope.”

Someone stood in front of me.

[Favorite 39%]

White letters glistened over the fine silver hair. I was pleased with the high level of favorability.

“…The Marquis.”

Come to think of it, I should have thanked Vuinter for coming out of nowhere. Anyway, because he came forward and killed them, the ruling proceeded faster. Unlike anyone who forced me to admit that I had shot a crossbow like a “thunderbird.”

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“Thank you for your help.”

I bowed my head gently and thanked him.

“Thanks to you, I can clear myself of the blame quickly.”

“…I just did what I could.”

Vuinter replied quoting what I had said before.

“I'm also happy to repay you for helping me on the eve.”

A smile suddenly broke out. Whenever I met him, I felt like I was told that I had to return his favor. He was really a thorough merchant to the bone.

“You really do count every time.”


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With a sudden burst of laughter, the blue pupil slightly enlarged. He looked at me silently. A little embarrassed, I erased the smile that was on me.

“I said I wouldn't accept it, but I'd appreciate it this time.”


“I'll see you then.”

It was when I bowed again and tried to pass him by.

“So will you come back when you need help?”

He opened his mouth abruptly. The stamp, the foot has stopped.

“I haven't completely restored my trust to you.”

Chapter end

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