Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 65

Someone called me.

For some reason, I wasn't surprised because I thought it would be like this in the storyline.

I slowly turned around. The eve festival, which began at sunset, was already painted with a dim darkness.

Of all the broken lights by the beast, some light glimmered on the face of the man who called me.

[Favorability 20%]

But I was able to distinguish the MLs even in the dark.


It was my first time calling Vuinter like this, so I felt very strange.

'I was talking down to you like that a while ago.'

Now that the masquerade was over, it was a big deal.

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While I was practicing my unspeakable “The Marquis,” Vuinter walked quickly and arrived in front of me

the color of his eyes, is not unfamiliar to him, unlike his title

“You helped me today… Thank you very much.”

He paid me a silent tribute.

'Well, I was expecting this.'

Now that I have quite a hard mode hit bar, I replied without a big deal.

“I didn't come out to help the marquis. So you don't have to thank me.”

Smooth honorifics flowed out compared to the awkwardness I felt.

“That's right, but….. “

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“You've saved people by force. Including me.”

He looked up and glanced at my hand, which had been lying gently. Following the gaze, my eyes slowly widened, as I inadvertently lowered my head. 

It was only then that I noticed that my hands were shaking intermittently.

'I know. I overstepped myself with this low body.' I didn't have enough arm strength to shoot the crossbow.

But it wasn't just because I was overdoing it was too much. I tried to pretend to be calm, but in fact I was more scared of the situation than anyone else.

The shadows of the huge chicken feet that were held high to crush me and the countless monsters that ran toward me only. The body and hands that were moving frantically out of my control.

As the spine-chilling scenes rose again, my eyes closed without realizing it. I didn't show up as much as I could, but I held my trembling hands back and hid them.

“I'm sure anyone else would have do that. I don't care…”

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Vuinter denied his desperate pretense of nothing.

“No one would have been as courageous as Lady. Despite being such an easy-to-deal beast…. ”

He suddenly stopped talking and frowned at the burrow. Like someone who's suffering from something.

'…do you feel guilty for hiding your magic and not doing anything?'

I didn't quite understand the plight of Vuinter. What's wrong with being selfish for own safety? In addition, he did what he could.

Just as I saved my life by leaving myself to the system and saving the lives of extras that the game had arranged.

“If each of us did the best we could do on the spot, that's it.” I shrugged back casually.

“I could have done nothing without the crossbow and been chased by the beast.”

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“Marquis also tried to save the children's lives as much as you could. I can't stand in front of the prince because I'm scared.”

It was a bit funny because it was perfectly true even though I said it out loud.

I would have never happened to interrupt the prince's orders as before if Vuinter had not gone first, and I had never had a ball to shoot and kill.

At that moment, the dark blue pupil, which was staring silently at me giggling with a smile on my face, shook violently.


[Favorability 24%]

His head twinkled.

4%. I was belatedly awakened by a fairly large increase.

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'…you'll turn around when you see the FL soon, so it's no good to keep bumping into him.'

The laughter that had been in my mouth died

“…Thank you for the compliment. Then, I'll go first.”

I hastened to finish the conversation.

In fact, I was too tired to stand any longer.

'So the only one who thanked me for saving their lives is Vuinter only.'

Since he is a normal ML, I knows he is not, but he still has lingering feelings. I was about to turn around with a short bow.


The hot palm grasped at the arm in a hurry.

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I turned my head angrily and Vuinter stared at me with an unknown look.

“The reply you sent….was well received.”

The lips that had been hesitating for a moment opened, and he whispered in a small voice so that only I could hear them.

“…may I, too, reciprocate your help today?”

It was then.


Someone from the side called me in a stiff, stiff voice.

[Favorability 27%]

His darkness around him more likable than he looked. However, I could immediately tell who he was by hearing his uncomfortable voice.

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“Excuse me. What are you doing to my sister?”


Indeed, this time, Leonard appeared as if it was the day of the gathering of the male owners.

'I thought you were going first..'

He was a man who showed up at an amazing moment, when he left cold-heartedly even when I grabbed his sleeve.

I was embarrassed by the way pink hair came out with frowned eyes and stared at the empty space.

“Come on, Penelope.”

Leonard called me on the edge of his guard against Vuinter holding my arm.

But Vuinter wouldn't let go of my arm. Leonard's spirit turned sour at the sight.

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'Why do I feel a sense of deja vu?'

A such incident occurred to me at the field a while ago.

I was caught between them and looked around, and soon shook Vuinter's arm gently.


Unlike the other MLs, Vuinter was a guy with power was not too strong for me. It's not too strong just like I did with Derek and Eclis, as I can just use full strength. But I didn't want to go that far with the only ML who was courteous to me.


Nevertheless, Vuinter remained stay still.

I looked up at him with wide eyes. Leonard's voice grew crooked.

“She told you to let go”

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“Ha! Don't let go?”

After all, when Leonard, a hot-tempered man, gritted his teeth and strode to catch me. Finally, the arms that were caught were loosened. He seemed to give up, as his touch had no strength. As soon as Vuinter's bondage was lifted, this time Leonard snatched me away as if he had been waiting. And he pushed me hard behind the lantern, as if he were hiding me.

Now he had nothing more to distance himself from, and with a twisted smile, he was sarcastic at Bonnter.

“Excuse me, Marquis. You're trying to do something about a naive kid who doesn't know anything, but think about your age, huh?”

I opened my mouth in consternation at his rude remarks. I unwittingly raised my fist and slapped him on the shoulder.

“Are you crazy? It's not like that!”

“You keep quiet! You really not afraid of anything…!”

Leonard shouted at my response.

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My annoyance soared to the top of my head.

“If you're gonna say that, let go of this. I'm going alone.”

After reciting it coldly, he twisted his caught hand wildly, and shouted hurriedly, wondering if he was embarrassed.

“Anyway, you don't have a choice, don't get near him anymore!”

“You're really…”

“Oh, let's go, let's go! Oh, no, I don't like your temper…”

As if he were going to go, he went ahead of me and complained.

'Who's the one to say that?!' I was suddenly filled with swear words because I weren't there because of his temper, but it fell down.

This is because I still felt a keen eye on the back of my head. Tuddle, half taken away by Leonard, I glanced back.

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Vuinter, who was still standing there and looking at me, flapped his lips when his eyes met with me

“…I look forward to your reply, Lady.” I was surprised by his persistence.

When I looked at him with big eyes.

Suddenly, my steps stopped sharply and I heard a mountain-breaking sound coming from the front.

“Oh, come on! There will be no answer, so don't waste your time…!”

“No, I'm fine.”

He hurriedly cut off Leonard's words and gave me the answer with his own mouth. Fortunately, the mouth of fear was closed, perhaps because of the word of denial.

“I told the information guild that I would not receive an answer to return.”

I laughed again and again, laughing at what I had said to him before. When I put on a mask, I couldn't even smile. And I thought again looking at the blue pupils shaking once again.

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[Favorability 26%]

As I have done before, I'm surprised that I'm getting a boost from the firm refusal.

It was when I was dragged out of the outdoor concert hall by Leonard.



Emily and the Duke, who were nervously standing near the entrance, saw me and ran with joy.

“Are you all right, lady?”

“Are you hurt anywhere? Huh?” They took turns looking into my body.

I replied with a puzzled look at the unexpected hospitality.

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“I'm fine. I'm not hurt anywhere.”

“You don't have to worry. Maybe it's because you didn't see this girl wiped out…”

Leonard, who was trying to be sarcastic as a habit, immediately shut his mouth at the sight of the Duke glaring his eyes.

The expression of the disgruntled frown was a little worth seeing.

I turned my head and looked at the Duke again.

“Is father okay? What about Emily?”

“I had to stop by the cabana in the middle of the party, so I fortunately avoided the mess.”

“I'm fine, too, thanks to your errand!”

“Thank God. What about my first brother?”

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“He went to interrogate the criminals with the Crown Prince's Highness.”

I didn't really care where he went, but I asked him out of courtesy.

“I'm glad you're not hurt. Do you know how surprised this father was when I heard the news?”

The Duke gave me a steady answer and looked at me with a worried look.

Chapter end

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