Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 96

The crown prince's bedroom was three times as large as my room. And it was very desolate, reflecting his personality. Because there was nothing in it but a bed and a table. The empty room reeked of bitter medicine.

I hesitated, frowning at the nasty smell, and soon walked across the large room. There was a chair next to the bed. The Prince Aide who had just left must have been sitting there.

But I didn't sit down even though I saw an empty chair. It's because I will go right away anyway. Closing right next to the bed, I looked down at the crown prince, with my eyes down unceremoniously.

The brilliant blonde hair was disheveled on the white pillow.

[Favorability 42%]

The figure of Callisto lying tight with his eyes closed was just like a living masterpiece. It's like a real game scene because he's not moving. When he opens his mouth, he only chooses terrible words, but he only lies there with his mouth closed.

I felt so strange.

'I guess it's true that there's improvement.'

Until yesterday, it was so cloudy that it couldn't be distinguish from wax or human blood. But his face has gotten much better in a day. Breathing was also distinctly even.

There was no antidote to the poison the Crown Prince suffered.

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I have no choice but to pray to God, relying solely on his natural healing power and tolerance to poison. I didn't think it was that deep because of the armor he was wearing..

A drop of poison from silence was so terrifying.

“……Excuse me.”

Today also, I called The Crown Prince in a small voice. Then slowly reached out and put my finger under his nose.

Sseukk Sseukk— The faint wind tickled my fingers.

“…'re really alright, aren't you?”

Even though I knew ML wouldn't die of course, I often became impatiently anxious in a corner of my heart. When I think about the cruel background behind the game, I sometimes get chills.

That must be why I runs here every time to check his breathing. Anyway, because of the guilt that this has been done for me.

Although the assassination was inevitable, he was stabbed to save me. In addition, he was willing to give me a cape even though he knew he was in bad shape.

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'If only He hadn't given me his cape that night whether I caught a cold or not.'

Maybe the poison spread a little later. Maybe he would have been better….


'……no, it's all done according to the story.'

I shook my head and shook off my anguish.

“Don't die, Your Highness.”

It's because of me, more and more.

I'm telling you to die trying to save a normal mode hostess, not me.

Another small whisper of the third day, I soon put my hand under his nose.

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It's already been ten minutes. It was time to go now.

It was the moment when I was about to turn away from bed.


Something suddenly caught me by the wrist.


I was just amazed and turned my head, and his eyes glowed red like a lie.

“……I'm so full that I can't hold it any longer.”

There was a small crack of laughter.

“Is it all you say coming here all three days, 'don't die'?”

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“It's like your praying make no difference.”

The really sick person was a locked voice with hissing seemingly right..

I just stared blankly at the conscious Callisto. Even with his pale complexion, he laughed bitterly and sarcastically.

“And to the Crown Prince of the Empire, you dare to said 'Excuse me? I can't say what you doing.”

Maybe it's because I've only seen him lying helplessly with his eyes closed all day long. It was hard to believe Callisto, who was conscious and spoke out.

“Your Highness, now…..are you awake?”

“Then do you think I died and became a ghost?”

“I'm sure they said they didn't have a separate antidote, so we have to wait and see for a few more days…..”

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So I thought he wouldn't wake up until I went back to my duchess.

“Unfortunately, the ritual has been throughout. It's because I don't have the power to open my eyes to decipher it. “

His answer opened his mouth slightly.

ML doesn't die, but isn't it really terrible resilience?

It felt really strange to face the red pupil staring at me with clear open eyes. At the same time as I felt relieved, my heart was pounding for no reason.

“Are you feeling well?””

“No. It's not okay.”

Just as he managed to keep his mouth shut, the crown prince answered immediately.

“It hurts like hell. Blood vessels burn, and I feel like I'm cutting a joint of bones with a knife.”

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His words, which narrowed the middle of his forehead, made my heart flutter.

“Uh, I'll get a lawmaker!”

I turned quickly. However, the crown prince did not let go of my wrist and I returned to my original state.

It was an incredible force from the patient who just woke up from his sickbed.

“No, it's okay.”


“It won't do any good anyway. I'll smoke some detox at best.”

He shook his head firmly.

“I think I've got poison that I've never heard of before, it's a pity. If I had buried a little more, I would have gone to heaven.”

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I frowned at the sight of the Crown Prince, who made a lavish mockery of his own life.

He burst out laughing at my expression.

“Take a seat there.”

Then he turned his head toward the chair next to the bed.

“I've confirmed you're up, so I think I'll get going.”

The patient needed rest, so I tried to disappear in a hurry.

Then the crown prince wriggled his eyebrows and sounded dismay.

“You can't even do that to a man who survived from death? You are such a wicked woman!”

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“You just woke up, so you need to rest……!”

“It's all right. Sit down.”

After answering the heavy sell-off, I was forced to sit in the chair by a sudden pulling my wrist.

'Nothing's going to happen.'

Now the Crown Prince was not to the point of worrying that I would die right away if he were with him.


[Favorability 42%]

The gage bar on the golden hair, was quite full.

I belatedly realized that his favorability was over 40%.

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“… …how many days have passed since we left the cave?”

The crown prince asked, as he continued to dart over his head.

“It's been four days.”

“Tomorrow's the end of the hunt.”

The prince, who had just finished figuring out the situation, suddenly twisted one corner of his mouth toward me.

“Unexpected, princess. I thought you'd left me and be heartless. I'm still alive because you of course.”

I was dumbfounded. Who the hell held me and threatened me until just before I collapsed?

“Cause you said, 'you'll regret it when I wake up'?”

“That's because I thought the princess would go to live with me whether I'm died or not.”

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“I'm a pacifist. I don't think about killing and saving people in one mood like anyone else.”

“Now you're blaspheming the royal family at all. I think I'll show you around the dungeon sometime.”

It didn't feel much like a threat to speak with such a sickly face lying on the flooring down. Besides, the man who laughed at my answer seemed to feel very good spirits.

I stared at him for a moment and asked with difficulty.

“…why didn't you tell me?”


“That you've been poisoned.”

“What's the difference if I told you?”


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I shut my mouth to the Prince's question again.

In fact, he was right. There wouldn't have been anything I could do if I knew. My solemn expression asked the crown prince with a mischievous face.

“You must be a little sorry for the late slap, huh?”

“What do you mean slap.”

I jumped up and denied strongly.

“It was an inevitable situation. Because…”

“The poison didn't show up right away, so I was also puzzled.”

To me, who was making excuses in a mumbling voice, the crown prince replied.

“And I wouldn't have told you if I knew beforehand.”

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“…how come?”

“The one who will be emperor must be flawless.”

I was a little stunned. It was the second time I've heard it.

In hard mode, the crown prince acted as if he would be in trouble if he did not become a strong emperor. As long as he going through countless assassinations like this, he will survive this year.

But in normal mode, every time I found a side that I had never seen before, I felt strange.

“Don't sit there with such a sullen look on your face, say something.”

I didn't know what to say, so I just stayed still, and the crown prince was disgusted. The unknown feeling that had bloomed for a while went away.

I asked back coldly.

“What should I say?”

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“Just this and that. 'How did things go while I was stuck here, and all the men who were assassins were searched?'”

I was wondering what to answer for a moment.

What happened after he collapsed really went by like a storm. Suddenly, I was arrested and put in jail, and a trial was held without a single support. And I'm going to pick up the board with [the Assassin's Badge] that I got as a reward for the quest..

To put it all into words, I thought somehow it was a snitch on the Crown Prince. Besides, I shouldn't have kept the patient who just woke up for too long, so I've made a moderate summary.

“The trial has been held and the assassination has been declared, but the Emperor has not yet returned, so the investigation has not been carried out properly.”

“Well, I suppose so.”

Callisto nodded as if he had expected.

“Is that it? Did the princess testify in the trial herself?”

“Yes. Somehow……”

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At a moment when he inadvertently said that I had made a statement in person as a noble assaulter. I paused at the thought of a sudden rise.

'But… He doesn't know I've been talking nonsense in court yet.'

The thought of telling the Crown Prince that they had been lovers gave me the shivers suddenly.

“How come?”

Chapter end

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