Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 86

Episode 86.

I opened my eyes wide at the subsequent words of the Crown Prince.

“…the beginning of oppression?”

“Yes, in those days when magic wasn't commercialized this much, some wizards tried to build a country called Valta and take over the world.”

“The ancient people, who won the victory after a fierce war, erased Valtha from the map, and rejected the wizard.”

“I thought it was just one of the ancient myths… Now then, that's all true.”

The crown prince laughed in vain and shook two scrolls.

“It looks like he was trying to carve a portal from Valtha to the Imperial Palace. Because of the distance, there are limits to scrolling.”

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I looked back at the skeleton with a little dim eyes. The Crown Prince was right. If that ancient sorcerer had not died in the middle of his magic.

'The current Inca Empire may have been occupied by the Imperial Palace and become a tribute to the wizards ….'

The faces of the animal masks he was hiding came to mind.

The traces of history were truly wonderful and marvelous at any time. So I liked archaeology. Because it used to show plainly that the human situation could change by one place.

“……if I knew the first language, I could use this scroll to get out of the woods right away.”

It was when I was lost in thought.

“In conclusion, this is just an old map piece.”

The crown prince added, kicking his tongue as he was sorry.

“But we can still look and find a way. We don't need this,”

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He threw away the ancient Valtha map he was holding on to his jacket.

Until then, the system window was still floating. I looked alternately at the square window and the scrolls given as rewards.

'Is this really useful?'

But it's worth losing ground. In this crazy game, everything was better than nothing.

I pressed [Yes.] in agony. At the same time, the letters in the system window changed.

  two [Old Magic Map Scroll] received. Magic scrolls are available three times each.

  If you want to use , point out where you want to move on the map and shout the spell. (Spell:  Yetta Du Ddasi Ppasi)

'What's wrong with this spell pronunciation?'

I was fed up with the odd starter. But I couldn't do much. Because I wanted to get out of this fucking forest.

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“……the scroll, I think we can use it.”

I said, pointing to the northern forest map he was holding.

“……the princess?”

“Yes. “

“You… know how to play ancient spell?”

The Crown Prince looked back at me as if he had heard something bizarre. I was a little offended by the obvious connotation of 'how can you do that.'

“Why do you think so?”

“No……don't you think Princess doesn't have any mana?”

“I've learned some ancient spell just in case for unexpected situation. Fortunately, mobile magic is universal.”

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I made up a lie with a calm face. Something to know if it's actually universal or not. All you have to do is go out.

“This is the spirit of nobility ba.sic.”

However, I couldn't stand the look of a man who looked down on me. When I spoke with a sharp force on the “basic,” the prince's face became strange.

“… …maybe the basic skills of the nobles have changed while I was at war.”

He urged with a wry voice.

“You should give it a try.”

“Where should we go?”

“It's better not to let the others know about these things as much as possible, so I'd prefer a place a little further from the entrance where there are people.”

He opened the map and carefully checked it before pointing it out.

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“Let's go here.”

As soon as he touched it, the paper was drawn and enlarged. Soon after, a black-and-white line of forest scenery appeared. Suddenly a rabbit hopped over it. It was an amazing scene even when I saw it again.

“It's a small animal hunting zone.”

Where the Crown Prince pointed out was amazing. It was the beginning of all this.

I rolled up the Valtha map scroll and quickly wore the jacket I had laid on the floor. I didn't forget the crossbow.

“I'll try it then, so keep your finger on it.”

Callisto's head was raised with a suspicious look.

'Just know, You're out of this forest because of me.'

I slowly opened my mouth, bulging inward at the man I wanted to leave behind.

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“………..Yetta Du Ddasi Ppasi.”

It was when I reluctantly shouted the ridiculous spell.

Would you like to use  [Scroll through ancient magic maps] once to move to your area?

[Yes. / No.]

A white square window appeared before my eyes. I pressed [Yes.] without hesitation. And at the same time, my eyes were blinking…….

“…..that' was true.”

When I awoke again to the sudden voice, we had already escaped the goddamn cave and sat in the middle of a quiet forest.

  Scroll through the Ancient Magic Map: North Forest. (1/3)

“I never thought a princess would have such a useful ability. That's quite different from the rumours in the air.”

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The Crown Prince looked at me with a look of real surprise.

[Favorability 35%]

At the same time, favorability rose slightly.

'Is it a compliment or a criticize…?'

I wasn't happy at all. I looked with salty eyes over the blondes glistening in the early morning sun.

“I'll take these because I have to make a formal investigation.”

The prince himself rolled up the map of the northern forest.


I also passed the Valtha map that I was spinning. Even if I had it anyway, I didn't have anything to write about.

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Looking around, I could see a road across the cattle-hunting area where I had been lost.

“Then let's go back, Your Highness.”

It was fortunate that I could come back quickly without wandering. I immediately shook my seat and got up. So did the Crown Prince, who packed the scrolls in his arms. But, at that moment.

The crown prince, who had just risen, suddenly grabbed his head and stumbled.

“Your Highness!”

I was startled and grabbed him by the arm and helped him.

The cave was so dark that I could not notice it. The prince's face was blank as he saw it again under the bright sunshine.

“Your Highness, are you all right?”

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Since when has he been like this? A cold sweat dripped down along the facial line of Callisto, who was tired of white crabs. Unconsciously, I reached out and wiped his face dry.

His skin on the palm of his hand was appallingly cold. It overlapped with him, who was unable to come to his senses when he woke up at dawn.

“You're getting hurt is wrong, right?”

“……you said not to die in front of you, but you don't want to clean up the body, do you?”

“Are you kidding me?!”

I shouted in a loud voice. The crown prince smiled faintly with a pale look.

“It's all right, I won't die.”

“No, this can't do. Lean on me. Let's go back!”


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The crown prince stopped me, who was dragging him and hurried him.

“Don't let her be cold-hearted like a villainess, just tell someone to go and take me with him.”

“What the hell is that?”.”

“or I'll regret when I wake up………”

It was then. The Crown Prince, who had threatened to the end in a feeble voice, fell down like a doll with a broken string.

“Your, Your Highness!”

I sat down on the floor with a scream.

“Your Highness! Your Highness!”

Callisto's body was shaken hard, but there was no reappearance of the tightly lowered enemy line.

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I leaned my head against his chest in a panic.Unlike in the morning, the sound of the pulsating was slow and small. I was scared even though I knew ML wouldn't die.

“This way can't do.”

I jumped up from my seat.

“Your Highness, I'll be right back with the people, so please wait a moment! Okay?”

Leaving the Crown Prince unanswered behind, I clenched my teeth and began to run down the road.

'Hurry up and bring someone in!'

Fortunately, the small animal hunting zone was located not far from the entrance of the forest. It was a divine move to scroll.

Before long, I reached the area I saw when we first entered the hunting ground. It was only a few moments before the guards reached the huge open space.

“Hey! Whoa, whoa…..In the woods, in the woods, the Crown Prince!……!”

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I screamed at the two nearest knights, breathing heavily. At that moment, the two knights, who were surprised to see me appearing out of nowhere, suddenly grabbed my arms.

“The princess is back!”

The knights shouted loudly toward the tent that organized the hunting competition. Then the other knights came rushing round and surrounded me in a flash.

'What is it? seems like a sinner is being arrested.'

An ominous premonition climbed up the end of the bridge.

“Hey look, in the forest,  in the forest, the Crown Prince.., “

I frowned and shouted once again to the guards, my arms clasped tightly together. It was then. Someone walked fast through the knights surrounding me.

It was the captain of the Guards, who had a face-to-face meeting the day before yesterday.

“Princess Penelope Eckart. You're under arrest for attempted murder of a nobleman.”

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I opened my mouth wide.

'……a sudden arrest?'

An uneasy foreboding always hit the mark.

Chapter end

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