Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 94

Episode 94.

After I left the trial room, I gave up my hand and apologized to Vuinter only when I reached a quiet place where there were no people.

“I'm sorry, Marquis. Excuse me.”

I apologized to him for being caught between me and Derick.

Vuinter looks at me without saying a word. He took something out of his arms. Then he reach out to me and said something unexpectedly.

“Don't cry.”


I tilted my head at an unknown sound, and raised my hand to feel my face. Far from getting wet, I only touched my skin that had been strained from sleep for a few days.

Of course. I'm not crying at all.

“What are you talking about….”

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“I told you that the sadness from the sweet eyes is in return for me.”

“Your eyes are always filled with sadness rather than laughter.”

Vuinter's words reminded me of my first meeting with him, which I had forgotten. The moment I heard it, I couldn't stand my face being distorted.

It was actually a lie. I expected Derick, who came to prison, to listen to me and help me. Even though I know it's in fucking hard mode, it's a game that's different from reality. There may be dramatic changes regardless of probability.


I laughed weakly and made a pretty late reply.

“Will there ever be a day when I can smile at ease?”

Maybe, not until I get out of this game after watching the ending. It was the moment when I just lifted my head, muttering self-help words.

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A cool wind blew from somewhere. The folded handkerchief, which was placed on the palm of the Vuinter's hand, floated up along the wind and opened out with a “whoa!”

On the palm of Vuinter's palm, a thousand bars folded about, as if someone were playing a prank in the air. Flipping, crumpled, tied up, inflamed, it finally turned into a little rabbit shape.


I stared at it blankly with my eyes wide open. A rabbit made of a thin handkerchief fell slowly under the palm of Vuinter's.

The little ears pricked as if greeting. It was a scene that didn't feel real even when I saw it with my eyes.

“Can you spread your hands?”

Suddenly, Vuinter said in a request. I slowly raised my hands with a puzzled look. Then the rabbit, which had been placed on the palm of Vuinter, jumped and landed gently on my palm.

It was strange to see his face rubbing against the palm of his sheep's mouth, which is even look like a living creature. Then, I suddenly became aware that Vuinter had used magic in the palace, and in the form of a posthumous writer.

“……but can you just do this?”

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I glanced around with anxious eyes. It was a rare place, but it was just a matter of no one knows.

“I don't see anyone. What do you think?”

Vuinter answered my response with an unusual response.

'Anyway it's all been revealed, are you just go all out?'

It hasn't been long since you told me your secret. Isn't it too extreme a change in attitude? I looked at him with doubtful eyes.

“This is the basic level, so I rarely use mana, so I won't get caught. Don't worry.”

Then added Vuinter, with an awkward smile, as an excuse.

“More than that… …do you hate animal?”

With his question, the rabbit jumped up and down on my palm. Then, he pulled up his belly and acted cute.

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It was nothing but a fabric-made inanimate object, but the movement was like a baby rabbit that never lived. A smile was built because of the figure.

“…I like it.”

“You're smiling now.”

As I answered gently, Vuinter said. Only then did I know why he showed me this. It was to comfort me.

My heart was pounding. I looked away from the handkerchief rabbit rolling on my palm and made eye contact with him. And for the first time, I gave him a selfless, bright smile.

“Thank you, Marquis.”

At that moment, there was a wave in his pupils. And,

[Favorability 44%]

Five percent. His favorability has gone up quite a bit. I slowly erased the smile on my face as I looked at the gauge bar, above his dark silver hair.

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[In Normal mode, the sorcerer appears like a ghost whenever the FL is sad or in a bad mood, showing off some extraordinary magic.]

In the midst of this, I'm not entirely enjoying this moment, but I'm thinking of taking him back as an insurance policy.

I felt a little despondent.

An enormous attempt to assassinate the Crown Prince took place, but the hunt continued.

Only a few high-ranking aristocrats who participated in the trial know the exact inside story. Furthermore, many other countries participated in the event.

It's a hunting competition that went ahead with the attack on the eve of the festival, and if the problem breaks out and stops completely, the prestige of the Inca Empire would be ridiculous.

Therefore, the hostless hunting contest continued. Until the winner is selected, it will be all the way forward.

“…For safety, I tell you not to let anyone out of the hunting ground until I come back…..”

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Early in the morning after the trial, the servant traveled to the campgrounds of each family and delivered the emperor's order. It was an order to keep all the nobles in the imperial palace until The Emperor returned.

'…why me?'

I looked at the servant with a look of injustice and a scroll bearing the sentences of the imperial family. Because I thought I could go home right away because I cleared myself of the false charge.

However, I was relieved at the words that followed immediately.

“But Princess Eckart has made a great contribution to supporting the Crown Prince.”

“He also added that, with due respect and consideration for being a lady, you may move to the palace, not to the hunting grounds, if you wish.”

“I'll move.”

I raised my hand and shouted as soon as the servant finished his words.

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The Duke called me in a gloomy voice. Looking back on his face of knowing nothing, he only hardened his dark face and did not dissuade him from doing anything more.

No one has easily spoken to me since the trial. It was a pretty good job.

“Then I'll have a carriage ready.”

The servant bowed politely to a member of the Duke and returned.

“I've got to get ready to move. I'll go out first.”

I also jumped out of my seat as if I had waited. Because I didn't want to remain in the breathtaking Duke's cabana.

“Hey. You're really…..!”

Leonard opened to say a word because of the cold atmosphere.

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“Sst, Leonard.”

The duke stopped him. He nodded with a deep sigh.

“Yes. Try to do so. The palace is easier to rest than here.”

“Yes. See you later.”

I left the cabana without hesitation after a brief bow. Three pairs of blue eyes stuck in the back of my head at the end felt really good.

Unlike the spirit of escaping the Duke's cabana, when I came out, I lost my strength.


I'm sure the first day of the hunt wasn't this bad. I sighed and trudged toward my cabana.

Maybe I'm venting my anger for nothing now. All the members of the Duke, who suffered from the evils and accidents that Penelope had done without thinking, understood.

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Moreover, this time, he must have been very upset because I was involved in the assassination of the royal family. For the Duke and Derick, it might have been best to close the case by reducing it to “the practical pranks of iron paper.”

'…..but why should I even understand their situation?'

Understanding was understanding, and it was another problem that my mood was dirty.

If they had asked the whole story first and put our heads together to come up with a solution. No. If Penelope had told them once that it couldn't have happened, the episode wouldn't have ended so badly.


It was then. Someone called me out of nowhere. But I couldn't understand immediately after deep thought.

“Hey, hey! Penelope!”

It was not until I heard the sound of shouting my name that I stopped walking.

'Ha… I don't want to look back.'

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There was only one person here who called me without a single case like that. I checked with only a glance at my head, standing still.

[Favorability 37%]

As expected. The fluttering pink hair was coming fast to me.

Chapter end

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