Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 56

I was very embarrassed.

'Why is he here?'

Except for Leonard and Derek's combination, meeting with two male players at the same time was a rare occurrence in the game.

In the midst of a flurry of unexpected developments, he recited in a lower voice.

“Penelope Eckart”

A cold chill swept over the back of the neck.

'It's not very good.'

Whatever it was, I had to break the situation down quickly. I hurried out of Eckliss's arms. However, the hot palms that lay on the back of the hand did not budge at all the time.


I twisted my wrists again, calling him. But the more I struggled, the stronger the power of clamping down.

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“Eckliss, let go of your hand. Because it hurts.”

I finally tilted my head to the top and looked up at him. The gray eyes rolled toward me.

After meeting my eyes for a moment, he finally loosened his grip on me. The hands that fell off were cooler than before. I hurried out of his arms and paid a silent tribute to Derek.

“What are you doing?”

But the only thing that came back was the cold gaze.

'Why is he so angry?'

Not long ago, he finished his work with the knights well with the Duke. A few days later, Derek didn't say much, and then I didn't do anything to be blamed.

I answered obediently, tilting my head against Derek's bad spirits.

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“I was practicing the crossbow with my escort..”

“The archers of the family are obviously left behind.”

The cold gaze went beyond me to Eckliss, behind me.

“You can't bully soldiers in training.”

I added, shuffling in front of Eckliss as if I were protecting him from Derek.

“And my escort knew about the crossbow well enough to be teach me.”

“To teach you?”

I saw a blue spark splashing in his eyes as to what had hurt his sarcasm. His head began to blink dangerously. But I felt more scared of his face, which was turning violent than his favorability gauge.

Derek looked alternately at me and Eckliss with a contemptuous tone.

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“You don't have the basic common sense to point you bow to your peers, what can you learn?”

“I don't have any common sense, so I'm just trying to learn a little bit before I go to the competition, Little Duke.”

I don't feel much of a blow because I didn't do what I did, but I couldn't help but sighing at the sharp response.

“If you don't like me using the field, I'll go somewhere”

“Let's go, Eckliss.”

I took Eckliss and tried to hurry out of my seat. I was about to pass Derek. Tak-.


I could not move further by the grasping grip of my arm.

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Looking back with astonished eyes, he was covered with a blue face.

“I'll teach you myself if you need such instruction.”



He suddenly turned away from me and looked at Eckliss.

“If you don't have any further training, then go back to your quarters.”

I couldn't say anything about Derek's haughtily giving orders. No matter how much I said I'd bring him and make him my escort, but thanks to the tacit permission of Derek, the leader, Eckliss was able to participate in the training anyway.

As with any army, the Knights of Eckart were very thorough in their top and bottom. So I thought he'd go back to his quarters.

But instead of leaving, Eckliss gently wrapped around my wrist holding a crossbow, opposite of hand Derek's caught.

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“…my master wants me to teach her.”

And he answered with a crooked tilt of his head.

'What's wrong with them?'

In a situation where my hands were held together, I just looked at them with shaky eyes. Derek's face turned violent when he saw the rebellious Eckliss.

“Who dares teach whom on the subject of slavery?”

“The Imperial Army also suffered a devastating defeat in the Battle of Livius by Delman's court martial.”

I opened my mouth at Eckliss's direct reply. This was a clear check.

From some point on, I felt a sting in my skin. I didn't know who it was coming from.

I'd like you to let it go…

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I tried twisting both wrists, but neither of them budged.


Derek, who was staring at Eckliss without saying a word, suddenly laughed at one corner of his mouth.


“A country of shallow savages that was betrayed by the small countries that had been deviant and erased from the map without a break?”

Soon Eckliss's grip at my wrist was tightened.

'You're going to get into a fight!'

I looked at the two men in a whirlwind of eyes, unable to groan.

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Frankly speaking, I had a big wish that Eckliss would stop saying anything. In any case, there is a huge difference in status with Derek in the Empire.

But contrary to my earnest wish, Eckliss opened his mouth, glaring at Derek.

“Then let's take a look at it today.”

“How that shallow savage teaches the only princess of the empire how to hold a bow.”

“You cocky little……….”

Derek's face was horribly distorted in a sarcastic tone. Their heads began to blink dangerously. Anxiety crept up over my body.

If it's one of the episodes that they're fighting at this rate, I'm sure I'm the only one who gets swept away.

I was holding my breath to see if my back would burst if I stepped out for no reason, but I couldn't.

“Stop! Stop!”

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I shouted loudly, shaking off the wrists held by the two as hard as I could. I was able to retrieve my wrist safely thanks to the carelessness of those who were staring at each other with a ready-to-fight spirit.

I put my hands together in front of my chest just in case I get caught again.

“I'm off. I suddenly don't want to practice.”

Then I turned to Derek first, and then hurriedly notified him.

'I have to get out of here right now'

I left them alone and tried to get out of the targets. Perhaps embarrassed by my behavior, the two immediately tried to catch me.



Even Eckliss, who seemed unlikely, came close as if he were racing. I narrowed the gap between my eyes and beat him coldly.

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“Don't follow me. I'm going back to my room alone.”I think I told Eckliss, but it was actually meant for Derek. He may follow me to the mansion.

'If you're going to fight, get out of here and just two!'

“Goodbye, then.”

I hurried out of the field in case two people chased me.

I could feel the stinging eyes on the back of my head. The faster the walk got away from them, the more I ran.

“Oh, my gosh…”

Just entering the forest road, I breathed softly and glanced behind me. Fortunately, no one was following me. Only then did I slow down my speed.

“Phew… I almost died in it for nothing.”

Anxiety is always right. The chill I felt earlier came back to me and my body trembled.

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In the midst of that chaos, I muttered helplessly, laughing at the way I had brought the crossbow.

“But I'm glad I ran away well….”

It was not known whether the two lost and started to fight. Even so, it didn't matter now. I think I'm not going to lose my favor because I'm not even in the right place.

'I'm just going to ask the Duke to have a separate archery teacher, so I'm going to practice alone in the backyard.'

I started walking again, vowing many times not to approach the Secretary of State for the time being.

Chapter end

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