Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 63

The crown prince gave a chilling gush.

'I guess war heroes aren't just words.”

He was ready to shoot out and wipe out a swarm of black clothes like he did when he was cleaning up the beast.

I knew he was a madman, but he seemed more dangerous and great than I thought.

With a little bit of glances, he looked at the sheep was doing.

“You're the one who's going to be slaughtered!”

At that time, because of some courage he had, a black-clad man talked meanly.

“Look, look at the back!”


As soon as he lifted his finger and pointed, a clear noise rang out.

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“What, what's that…”

Someone shouted in dismay.

The sound drew everyone in the hall to the point of the black clothing.

The head that barely attached and the eyes that was splitting because of what the Crown Prince has done before was increasing .

Jjik, Jjigui-yak.

The beast, which had been increasing for a long time, was finally completely separated.


“Quu, Quuu!”

Two beast have sprung up.

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“How is it, that beautiful life-force God has given you!”

The black clothes giggled at the shocked people.

“No matter how much you cut and cut, it's no use! It's just going to stretch!”


“I, I've never seen such a beast in my life.”

When the crown prince killed the beast, the relieved people screamed again and became confused.

The only entrance was crowded with people.

But no one could escape outside.

This is because people who bounce off the entrance continue to bounce as if they are blocked by an invisible membrane.

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In addition, the thick walls of the bushes, tightly wrapped around the garden, were high and slippery, making it extremely difficult for anyone to climb.

In the meantime, the two beast began to walk after the fleeing people.

“Queu, Q!”



Giant chicken feet trampled on the soft lawn and ran again.

The crown prince and Derek exchanged glances silently, each took one and ran away.

Other aristocrats armed with weapons also attacked the beast. Leonard was also included in the pack.

But it didn't work. The more the beast was cut, the more it was constantly.

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There were a number of injuries.



The banquet hall, where the dormant rest came, was in chaos again.

'What the hell is going on here?

I looked around with bewildered eyes.

I don't know where The Duke went, and everyone was running away as if they were trying to avoid the beast they were chasing.

in the middle of the mess

I couldn't feel the reality as if I was the only one floating in the ocean.

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Between all the screams and groans, I found someone standing alone like me.


The question of how he was here, the wizard, was unheard of.

“Argh! Sa, save me!”

It was because there was a demon running over a man near him.

'….Why don't you avoid it?'

At the same time as I thought, I recognized his one hand in his arms.

He was pondering now.

I don't know whether to take out the cane in his arms or not.

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At the risk of being found to be a wizard, whether to use high-altitude magic to save people or not.

“How is that possible?”

There was nothing good for him if he revealed himself.

Moreover, even the cause of this turmoil is the work of the crowd of wizards …

'How good is it, but do you need to take such risks for others?'

His hesitation made me feel a little strange.

From the top of the white rabbit, I remembered the children wearing masks.

I thought it would be better not to reveal that he was just a wizard until the end.

But contrary to my opinion, Vuinter seemed to have made a decision.

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As soon as his hand in his arms was about to slip out.


I heard a violent cry for me.

Maybe I heard my name, but suddenly, I made eye contact with Vuinter. The blue pupil that found me grew slowly.

I, eager to see him, only then did I realize something was wrong.

“Quu, Quuu-!”

I turned my head, and I saw a balloon monster rushing toward me.

Kugugugung, the ground vibrates.

“Penelope! Run!”

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I saw Leonard running along the beast and shouting at me with blood close to his neck.

After that, Derek and Callisto, who were dealing with the beast, turned this way with pale faces.

It all passed slowly, like slow motion.

It was that moment. My eyes suddenly brightened.

~ Main Quest: Let's be the queen of hunting offers!

Will you proceed with the quest?

(Reward: All male protagonists have a favorability + 5%, fame + 50)

[ Accept / Decline ]

The quest window, which I once refused, came up again.

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I was dumbfounded and burst out laughing.

'In the end, it had to be this way. '

As soon as I had a cynical idea, a new letter came up.

This is the main quest and will be accepted automatically in 5 seconds.



Even when playing the game, the main quest was a bit forced to proceed through the episode.

But you have to go through this in reality, you've become indescribably dirty.

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If this was just a real game, and I was playing beyond the screen, it would have been a simple end with a 'defeat all the evil!' notice after acceptance.

In the simulation games played by illustration scenes and dialogue choices, there was a limit to implementing such violent movements.

But again, this was not a game screen but a reality. Reality


I had no other option.

The monster was just around the corner, and all the rewards and prizes were watching me.

[ Accept ]

I managed to accept the quest, just before the monster trampled on me.

And at the same time, the body moved on its own.

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The crossbow, which was carried behind the back by the right hand at a tremendous speed, was pulled forward.

After supporting the tiller with my left hand, I immediately pulled the trigger.

Boom! Tang!


I heard something banging on the bottom of my hard feet with bumps.

The horse that was about to step on me fell back in an instant and convulsed.

“Queu …. “

It was not long before the beast drooped.

Even its rubber-like, transparent body melts down like melted ice cream.

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“What, what! What is that!”

A group of black-clad men were agitated at the sight of a fallen beast.

Not only that, I could feel everyone, including the men, looking at me with a puzzled look, forgetting that it was an emergency.

'Hey, what's this? '

Of course, I was the most embarrassed among them.

Because I was so distracted, I completely forgot that I was carrying a crossbow.

“Pri .. … Princess Eckart has made a beast…….”

when the shock slowly begins to creep in everyone's eyes.

Whew. – My body moved again. It was by no means arbitrary.

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In a hurry, I turned down on one knee and aimed at the crossbow again. Subsequently

Cheek, Taang-.


Near the glade, a beast trying to hit a man collapsed and convulsed.

It could not be confirmed if it melted again this time. This is because my body quickly rose, turned to the other side, and shot the crossbow again.



Every shot was surprisingly right on the inside.

The monsters chasing people began to fall one by one.

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In the meantime, I was constantly swayed by the game system.

“Well, kill that bitch first! Come on!”

A group of black clothes pointed at me and shouted.

The multiplied beast scattered here and there began to come near me, only aiming at me.

This piece is better than I think. I didn't have to turn around in a lot.

Cheek, tang! Tang, tang! Taang-!

How crazy did someone shoot the crossbow like that?

At the end of the last two that were running at the same time, I annihilated all the monsters.

I guess it wasn't as much multiplication as I thought.

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In addition, each object was so large that it was easy to hit.

“Oh, my gosh…”

Breathing heavily, I lowered the crossbow I was holding.

Both arms trembled uncontrollably.

“I didn't hold it properly even when I was practicing at home…”

I felt like dying to hold it by force for so long.

'Is this a quest? It's torture.”

I looked around, swallowing up a peep of tears.

Before I knew it, there was a silence on the banquet hall.

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Everyone was staring at me blankly. Even the remnants of a new country that has committed all this evil.

'Haha, you've become a superstar chimpanzee again this year.'

I laughed with resignation. In a fitful wind, people shuddered. And then.

I heard a clap of hands somewhere.

Clap, clap, clap… It was led by thunderous applause.

“My God, Princess Eckart saved us!””

“Oh, my God! What would have really happened without the princess… !”

“Thank you very much, Princess! You're saviour!”

The pouring cheers just stunned me. It was then.

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~~Main Quest: Let's be the queen of hunting offers!~

[First: Save the Neighbors from Danger] Quest successful!

reward earned [all male favorability +5%] [Fame +50].

(Fame total : 80)

My reputation, which I don't need, has risen vertically

'Oh, I wish you could give me a lot.'

However, it was not bad to pay for all the hardships.

The Prince's favorability, which was more dangerous than anyone else, has gone a long way from death.

Although I was exhausted from being swayed by the system, I was quite generous.

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I could see the white letters floating on their heads even among the crowd around me.

[Favorability 27%]

Starting with Leonard, who ran all the way to the nearest place.

[Favorability 30%], [Favorability 9%]

Derek and Callisto.

[Favorability 20%]

To the Vuinter.

Unlike other extras, who thanked me and praised me until their mouth was watering, the men just stared blankly at me and didn't readily approach me.

'…if the FL was like this in normal mode, their eyes would have become hearts and run straight.'

Come to think of it, not only the Brothers, but none of the MLs would protect me.

But I didn't feel particularly sad or tired.

'I don't need it.'

[Favorability 60%]

I've already had a man who's confirmed my end.

Chapter end

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