Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 53

I opened my mouth wide. What the hell are you talking about? The duke's words sounded like he was allowed to shoot people.

“Oh, Father. What does that mean?…”

I stuttered, and carefully asked if I understood. Then the peacock kicked his tongue loudly.

“Ck, don't try to blot out like a foal in front of everyone else's eyes as before!”

“They'll lose my memory after they faint anyway, so don't just leave a witness who said you shot them. Do you understand?”

He seemed to be trying to appease his immature daughter, who was about to get into an accident.

'I heard I were banned for a year because you said I'd shoot and kill with a crossbow?!'

But instead of telling me not to do it, He even change the arrow into a faint bead and cast a spell that makes people lose my memory.

'Oh, my God, the Duke is so powerful.'

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Or should I say he thought that Penelope, who has reached a point where he can't control her that much, is great.

“Why aren't you answering me”

The Duke looked at me, who was silent, vaguely, and the Duke was full.

“Oh, yes…”

I mumbled back in a dazed mood.

I couldn't bear to say that I wouldn't hunt people and stay calm. The participation in the hunting competition I wanted to avoid has been confirmed.

“…okay, Father. I'll use it well.”

“Hmm. I'm alright if you get it.”

When he answered again in a sullen manner, the Duke coughed his words.

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“I was trying to give it to you after hearing the whole story from your side, not to scold you.”

It was an unexpected consolation. I opened my eyes wide and looked at the Duke.

“Ehm, if you understand, let's stop here, go up to your room. We've had a long conversation.”

He smiled a little awkwardly and hurriedly arranged his seat, as he himself didn't know how to say such a thing. He ordered the maid to bring the crossbow to my room without a break.

I hesitated for a moment, looking at the table that had become neat in an instant.

“Oh, I, uh…”

The Duke looked at me with a puzzled look, still sitting.


Ah, I don't know. I'll give you what I brought.

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“I have something for you too, Father.”

I plucked out what I had roughly covered next to my skirt. It was a box wrapped in luxurious velvet, contrary to what was given to Emily. I opened it and carefully stuck it out before the Duke.

A brilliant silver lining embroidered the Duke's big eyes. He was very surprised at the sudden gift.

“Isn't this… amulet?””

“It's engraved with an order that activates emergency teleport magic.”

“This…Why are you…..”

As expected, the Duke's reaction was like that he had never received a flower in the garden from his youngest daughter.

I shook my head to the foolish Penelope and explained in a gentle voice.

“These days, It's the most exchanged gift among the nobles who attend hunting competitions, Father.”

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“Yes, I heard that this hunt will involve guests from other countries and release the rare animals they brought.”

“Yes, that's right.”

“Just in case, I want you to keep it with you throughout the competition.”

“… …who dares to attack me in this empire?”

“There no one dare to attack, but we don't know what kind of forces will approach Eckart's political position.”

In my reply, the Duke looked at me as if he were looking a strange creature he had never seen before.

The silver-colored, colorful amulet I gave him was engraved with an emergency teleport order, so the price was quite high. In fact,Actually, I was thinking about the one with the defense order engraved on it, but this one was better.

It was Eckart who did not participate in the war, claiming to be a neutral faction. But if you kill or attack a Duke, even Eckart will be turned into an enemy and war will recur, so no one will do such a stupid thing.

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'But you can kidnap him and threaten him.'

“If something unfortunate happens to my father's, I'm sure there will be forces trying to get him into factional strife.”

“Yes, you have such a brilliant idea….!”

The Duke muttered as if he had been shocked, and then he looked at me and said, “No, no.”

“Well, yes. I'll keep it with me.”

He replied with a puzzled look like me, who just received a crossbow 'with a magic that makes the person who was hit lose his memory.' It seemed totally unexpected that he would receive such a meaningful gift from her reckless foster daughter.

“Then I'll go up.”

Originally, it was a gift that was brought to avoid his anger. It was given regardless of the purpose, but the gift delivery ceremony was over anyway.

My heart was itchy for no reason, so I shook off my seat and quickly got up to the door. It was then.

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Suddenly, I heard a low call from behind me

“Yes, Father.”

“……you've become quite mature these days.”

The Duke stared at me with an unknown look and said a word. It was a nice compliment.

But somehow, the words choked me. I didn't know why. Just, at that moment, my mouth moved.

“….. Duke.”

After a long time, the Duke's blue eyes were slowly growing.

“I can't say I've never resented.”

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Is this for poor Penelope? Or

“I've never felt ungrateful for bringing me here.”

Am I saying this because I'm miserable because I'm not even treated like a immature fool like Penelope?

It was that moment.

Improved relations with Duke Eckart have increased its reputation by +15.

Either way, I felt like crying a little bit.

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The hunting competition is just a few days away.

I called in a butler in the morning to get a blunt wooden bolt for practice. This is because expensive marbles with double magic could not be consumed for practice.

“Lady, and this…”

The butler didn't go out immediately after handing me a bunch of bolts. He hesitated and gave me a paper bag.

“…what is it?”

I wondered. This is because after the successful meeting with the Vuinter, I have ordered the butler to burn all the invitations that sent to me.

“It was a letter from the palace, so I couldn't take care of it.”


The butler's words wriggled my facial muscles.

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What reason is there to send me a letter from the palace? The golden wax engraved with the yellow dragon looked ominous.

'I don't want to read it.'

But I had to read it to prepare myself. With a deep sigh, I opened the envelope with a paper knife. And I took out the contents and started to read them.

[Dear Princess Penelope Eckart

Several months have already passed since the meeting in the maze garden.

In the meantime, every time there was a big or small banquet in the palace, I told them to send an invitation to the princess, but Princess never participated.

Are you still stuck with the iron poison?

Fortunately, the hunting competition is coming up soon, so I will be able to meet you again soon.

Princess must have heard that the woman entry ban has been lifted, right? I raised my voice and agreed for my sick Princess.

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So I hope you get well soon and meet me during the day.

P.S. You didn't forget the promise you made with me, did you? You'd better remember, Princess.

I've been looking forward to your answer to me, and I've been patient for a long time to get better with that damn iron poison.

-Callisto Legulus.]


After reading the scrawled signature in strong cursive handwriting, I crumpled the paper I was holding, shaking my teeth.

'Why haven't you forgotten yet?'

I shuddered at the stubbornness of the Crown Prince. I couldn't understand why I was possessed by a love simulation game and should be receiving threatening letters, let alone dating.

“Oh, miss?”

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The butler looked surprised at me.

“What kind of letter is that?”!

Yes. A threatening letter from a madman who has nothing to do.


I chewed the voice up and bit it.

“When is the training time for today's knights?”

“I know it's until 6 p.m., but…Why do you ask that?”

Originally, I was going to shoot it once or twice when I had time. It was to gauge the level of vitality of the body to what extent it made the fuss last year.

But I changed my mind.

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“I'm going to use the field today.”

There is a reason why I desperately need to deal with the crossbow.

Chapter end

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