Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 64

Why are all kinds of support forces deployed only after the emergency situation is over?

I watched the guards flocked through the only entrance.

There were three or four people in golden robes mixed among the silver-colored packers. It was the wizards belonging to the palace.

They quickly identified the half-melted object and confirmed its death.

“They're vulnerable to magic attacks, so they're rarely used for combat purposes….”

Listening to the end of the story, it seemed that they brought an infinite variety of beast-breeding objects that were specialized in arms force, aiming for the participation of wizards in the hunting competition.

Few aristocrats showed up with weapons like me in a banquet hall dressed elegantly.

More and more people with magical weapons have been inspected once.

This is because the pride of the nobles who participate in hunting competitions every year is to win the championship with the senses and skills of a natural hunter without the help of magic.

Therefore, my crossbow attack, which is possessed by a forewarning spell, was the only thing that worked.

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It was quite a convincing development whether the game had such a story or not

'But how the hell did Vuinter get involved?'

Again, I had such a question, but there was no room to find out.

The rebellion of the prophets and the remnants of the country with all their efforts to control the monster was not stronger than expected.

The rats trapped in the jar were soon overpowered.

“Let go of me! Let go of me! Aren't you afraid of God, you bastards!”

Because I wondered what kind of people they were, I looked a little far away.

The crown prince grudged off each of the cloths covering the faces of those who were struggling.

“Do you think it's over, Callisto Legoulus-!”

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The head was an old woman as expected.

It then revealed the faces of the other five.

Surprisingly, there were three skinny girls and two young boys about 10 years old.

“God is watching your cruelty! We must tear your limbs apart and reclaim the trampled new country…!”

the old woman cursed the crown prince to the end.

Despite the eerie words, Calisto remained grave.

Rather, he waved his hands with a rather bored look.

The old woman and the women, the head of the village, were dragged out by the knights.

All that was left was two children who had a sulk.

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The knights tried to drag them away, but the crown prince raised his hand and stopped them for a while.

He looked back at the guard and asked.

“Why is it so late?”

“Well, that's… A powerful restraining spell hung around the banquet hall. I rushed to summon the wizards to release the formula, but it was so powerful that…”

The captain of the guard was so sorry that he couldn't speak.

The crown prince raised his chin unconcernedly

“This is what they did.”

As if to notice the reason, the crown prince's ignored enemy plan, directed at the remaining children.

Now that all their identities have been revealed, normal children should have been frightened.

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However, the children were not agitated by the attention they focused on.

The empty pupil staring into the air was a little creepy.

“Search the body.”

At the order of Callisto, knights ragged off the clothes the children were wearing.

After a while, the knights searching for their bodies shouted.

“We found a mana amplification device!”

Under the children's ears were attached something like a small black square chip.

'if it's a mana amplification device? are they a wizard'

The palace wizards carefully ripped the chips out of the children's bodies.

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The two children, who did not rebel until then, fell down like a doll with a rope as soon as the device fell off.

I flinched in surprise at the sight.

However, the crown prince had no mercy to a child.

“Take them to the underground prison.”


The faithful knights clenched the children by the collar.

It was the moment when the shark was dragging its feet.

“Wait, wait a minute!”

Someone popped out among the knights.

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It was none other than Vuinter who had scattered silver hair.

“What's going on, Marquis Verdandi?”

“Your Highness, please leave these children to me.”

In a hurry, Vuinter, who stood in front of the children, bowed his head.

The crown prince tilted his head.

“How come ?”

“It's clear that these children have been brainwashed through hypnosis for a long time and are unable to think normally.”


“I can do brainwashing. It would be more helpful to recall the memory and identify the remnants than to just kill innocent victims, as in the previous kidnapping at Hail Abduction Case.”

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Vuinter explained why he should take over the children's recruits in a calm tone.

But I could easily notice how desperate he was now.

He is a man who has been intimidatingly threatening a young girl to protect the young children from an anti-magical group.

“It's just different from what happened in the Hail.”

But the Crown Prince cut off Vuinter's suggestion like a knife.

“The attack on the banquet hall in the palace. Those involved will carry out summary executions for any reason.”

“But Your Highness, even my intentions are not reflected, it's too harsh to be treated the same as the main culprits when. give a little generosity….”

“Stop. Go ahead and take them.”

As if he didn't want to hear more, the crown prince cut off his words and ordered.

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Vuinter looked at the children being dragged away with a stunned look.

'Why is he doing that?'

Suddenly such a question occurred to me.

However, when I remembered the children who were gathered on the face with an animal mask, I couldn't despise him because of the excessive setting..

By the time the knights began to drag the children through the crowd.

I moved my body lightly to stand in front of it.

“I agree with the Marquis Verdandi.”

The low voice drew people's attention to me.

Other than Vuinter and the crown prince, the rest of the MLs stares were included in it.

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The blue eyes that glared towards me felt particularly stingy as if it  touched my skin

Derek's got the cool, stiff pose, and Leonard's frowning as much as he has.

I felt the pressure of 'Don't step out and stay still'.

But I ignored it and opened my mouth.

“Leave the children to the Marquis, Your Highness.”


The crown prince wriggled his eyebrows as if he had heard something he couldn't hear.

He slowly opened his mouth, glancing upward over his blond hair, which began to blink little by little.

“There are clear signs of abuse, and it seems too much to be executed.”

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And I pointed to the children who were held by the collar in the hands of the knights.

The neck, which was clearly exposed by the stretched clothes, was full of bruises and scars.

The crowd then opened their eyes and chatted, wondering if they recognized it.

Sympathy toward the children began to boil.


The crown prince smiled coldly, flashing his red eyes, as if it was very unpleasant for me to step forward.

“Since when did the princess come to talk about the country's masses?”

“But I shot and killed them all. Can't I say this much?”

I looked around and asked.

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It was seen that the servants were cleaning up the remains of the melted demons throughout the banquet hall.

It was embarrassing to say this myself, but the evidence of my tremendous performance was clear.

The crown prince stared at me with his mouth shut at my question.

'You've got nothing to say.'

His head blinked dangerously.

I quickly bowed my head and repeatedly forced myself to pretend to ask a favor.

“They're kids. I ask for your generosity, Your Highness.”

I didn't mean to help Vuinter.

It's not even more like because I'm such a good person.

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It's just, you know, being used as much as you want, thrown away like garbage and put to death..

It was hard to sit idly by. So I did. This not like me.

I could feel the stinging gaze from the bedside. before long

“… ..seize and put them the wagons of the Marquis Verdandi.”

The crown prince finally gave his consent in a disapproving voice.

I looked up immediately and checked his favorability. Fortunately, nothing changed from 9 percent.

At the same time as relief, a white square window popped up in front of my eyes.

  reputation has increased to +10.

I didn't mean it, but my reputation rose. Looking at the system window with puzzled eyes,

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“I didn't know that the princess was so compassionate.”

The crown prince was sarcastic to the most

“I tried to give you a reward, but now I don't have to.”

Then he just walk past by me.

'Chuck, you little bastard. I don't need your reward.'

As I was gazing away at the prince, I soon felt strange.

[Favorability 10%]

The Prince's favorability rose by 1%.

'Anyway, did this episode end safely?'

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It was not a bad result as a result, although it almost got dark due to the sudden appearance of the beast.

The unexpected rise in the crown prince's favor and, in any case, the hunting competition was likely to cancelled of the next day.

'Please just go like this… And please don't let the main quests or anything else come out.'

Even if it come out, I won't do it twice.

Regardless of the discomfort that the body does not move on its own, this is really not something to do.

As the crown prince disappeared and the tension eased, the whole body ached.

'I need to lie down right now. Otherwise, I'll die.'

Looking around, things seemed to be getting sorted out.

There were some injured people carried on stretchers, but fortunately there were no fatalities.

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'I need to get to Emily as soon as possible.'

I don't know which side the cabana is on.

But that didn't mean to wander around looking for the two Brothers who had disappeared.

I had to go outside to meet Emily because access to the banquet hall was strictly restricted except for guards due to the attack.

Other aristocrats also gave brief testimony and confirmation to the guards and wizards and left the banquet hall one by one.

It was also a moment when I walked around the crossbow to follow the current.

“… …Lady Penelope.”

Chapter end

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