Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 79

The Crown Prince's eyes grew slightly.


“……when I saw Your Highness at the banquet for Your Highness return.”

I managed to change the first meeting so as not to create a sense of incompatibility. Actually, the first time I saw the Crown Prince was during the Second Prince's birthday banquet.

Therefore, the prince of the day was naturally pictured in my head. A tall man who proudly crossed the red carpet with a red cape flying.

“Your hair is shiny because it's reflected in the chandelier's light… was like a golden powder floating around.”

Until I found the assassin he was dragging, I thought he was a real royal figure.

The reality of the prince, who was only seen as an illustration, was shockingly noble and overwhelming. I let out the impression I had then.

“And Your Highness eyes looked like they had a ruby in them, so they looked like they were glamour.”

“Gla.. …mour?”

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The Crown Prince asked back with the amazing tone.

“Is that the reason you fell in love with me at first sight?”

“People like they looked had some money.”

I didn't really fall in love at all, so instead of being positive, I answered moderately.

“I like jewelry. Gold too, of course.”


Whether the much-awaited reason was absurd, the crown prince continued to blow in vain.

“You're so…”

The crown prince muttered to himself, looking at me with an unknown face.

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“Weird woman.”

“You're so weird.”

At the same time, his head glistened.

[Favorability 29%]

He said I'm weird, but why the favorability rise?

'But you're more weird.'

I asked sourly because I felt ungrateful.

“That's enough, right? I'm done talking, so don't ask me any more.”

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The Crown Prince stared at me for a long time and laughed in vain. And said with a chin.

“……We have to get out of the woods as soon as dawns, so I'll go to bed.”

It seemed to me that He had a rough understanding of the reason I had made up.

“Good night. Your Highness.”

As if I had been waiting for the speak, I turned my back and lay down right away. I heard him kicking his tongue in the back, but I pretended not to hear it.

'Finally, free!”

I closed my eyes with a light heart at the thought that I had finally escaped his obsession.

As I was covering the crown prince's cloak, it occurred to me that he had to sleep in nothing but his trousers, but I did not care.

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'It's none of my business.'

Even though I had fainted and woken up, I was very tired and exhausted. Today was really, really spectacular. How many things have happened since early in the morning.

If I played the game this way every day, I thought I would die even before I got a good ending.

'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!'

I went to sleep with a torrent of ominous ideas. However, I couldn't sleep even after time passed.

I closed my eyes and counted the number, imagining the amount spread out on the meadow.

'9, 10, 11, 12….'

The more sheep I counted, the more I falling into the unconscious world.

'11 10… 9…..'

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The sheep that had sprung up on the meadow suddenly began to shrink.

Wooddudduddud- Because something huge ate each and every sheep that was farthest away. The sheep that roamed the lawn shrank at a rapid pace.

Finally, eating all the sheep and something huge came before me, dripping with blood. It immediately raised its hand above me.

Whoo-woong- The front paws are coming every minute. It's the one who cries with his mouth wide open to eat me….

It was the head of a monster bear.



I flapped my body and opened my eyes wide. The monster bear was nowhere to be found, even though it rolled the eye reflexively around.

The sound of a burning bonfire. It was still in a dark cave.

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'That's a relief.'

I rose from my seat with a shallow gasp. Then, I made eye contact with a man who was searching for a campfire with a fire.

“…oh, aren't you sleeping, Your Highness?”

The Crown Prince, sitting in his seat earlier, looked at me with surprise for a moment. Then he answered curtly.

“It would be nice if we slept together and became a good beast's food, yes.”

It was also a great ability to say that he was going to be on a night watch.

I was dazed by the reliable appearance of an unexpected man. Then, the prince suddenly opened his mouth.

“You can't sleep, huh?”

“What? Oh, yeah…..”

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I couldn't bear to say that I had a nightmare and woke up, so I roughly equivocate. Judging from his unchanging posture or dark vision, he seemed to have fallen asleep for a short time.

Even though I was completely awake, my head was still numb.

'It's cold….'

A chill suddenly struck me. The weak body and the fact that having body weight and fell into the river seemed to have had a very bad effect.

I crouched down in front of the campfire with cape tightly folded. It was to enjoy the fire.

The prince looked at me and raised one eyebrow and said nothing. But even sitting in front of the fire, the cold didn't go away.

What's wrong with this?

Far from getting better, my body trembled even when I felt it. I couldn't control myself. It was belatedly recognized that this was not only because of the cold.

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'…..when I go back, do I have to take a sedative or something?'

I was originally dull of feeling. And the aftereffects were so late.

Just as if I could not control my trembling hands in front of Vuinter after defeating the beasts the day before, the trauma of the situation that I was surprised to the extent that I didn't know, came like a aftermath now.

In fact, it was a strange day that none of them were surprising. A bear wielding its front legs, a crown prince falling down by an arrow, and assassins who were closely chasing after him.

“……Is it cold?”

I thought he wouldn't notice because I was covered in a cloak, but the crown prince immediately noticed my ideal.

“……what? No.”

I denied. I didn't want to be informed of my conditioned like this.

But the Crown Prince, with a suspicious face, has some firewood lying next to him in the bonfire.

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He put in more branches.

Hua Aak-. The fire is even stronger. But still the tremors did not stop.

“Ck, that's a hassle, too.”

At that moment, the Crown Prince sprang up from his seat. The strong upper body, which had been hard to see due to the shadow of the fire, was revealed.

“Kyaaa! What, what are you doing!”

I shrieked small and covered my eyes with both hands. Of course, I had wide-open his index finger to see what he was doing.

The Crown Prince strode round the bonfire toward me.

“Don't do anything ridiculous and step aside.”

I was very embarrassed by his sudden behavior.

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“Why, what's wrong with you?”

“Wouldn't you get out of the way?”

He flung up his eyebrows and pressed fiercely. But when I didn't intend to move, he flung myself on the floor and pushed my body violently.

“Your Highness!”

I jumped up in a panic. It was to run away to the other side, which was originally his seat.

But even I couldn't do it. Because he pulled the end of the cape I was wearing.


With the terminal, I fell helplessly. My eyes were shut at the thought of falling on the hard floor. But where I fell, not on the cold cave floor,


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It was in the arms of the Crown Prince. I could feel the hot heat coming out of other people's bodies. The body was tight with only one layer of cape in between.

'Huck. Wha, what the hell is going on here?'

I hardened like a tree with my mouth wide open.

“Wha, wha, what are you doing? Please, let go!”

I came to my senses a step later and struggled to get out of his arms. But his forearm, which was strangling my back, did not budge.

“How rude. How dare you to the Crown Prince of the Empire, huh?”

He talked without changing a single face.

“Don't struggle and stay still. I'm not doing this because I like princesses.”

“The, Then let go! What kind of molestation…..”

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“I don't know what hard thoughts you had in your head, but get it off.”

My voice said him as a molester hardened the face as if the prince was displeased.

“When you are isolated from the battlefield, it is most important to maintain the temperature of your friends among the battlefields. We often feel the cold, but we usually run a few hours apart.”

I paused at the remark. The reason why he suddenly came and hugged me was quite reasonable.

Looking at the face again, the way he looked at me as if he was really unwilling to do it, seemed so uncomfortable.

'He almost kill me not long ago, so no matter how much it's a game, it can't be the happening like that…·

If it were a normal-mode FL, I wouldn't know. There was not the slightest chance that such a strange air would bloom between me and the Crown Prince.

'No, but I'm the one who suddenly got humiliated, but why does he make a face that he hates more?!'

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He looked strangely offended, saying, I understand his behavior but reluctantly. I grumbled in a sulky voice.

“This isn't a battlefield.”

“Then you can hold out and die of hypothermia an hour later.”

I shut my mouth hard at the curse. Otherwise, he seemed to say something that would be worth cutting off the 29 percent he had barely put up.

The silence fell again in the cave where the Crown Prince and I had once passed. It was when he was staring at the wall advisor over the campfire, awkwardly holding myself in his arms.

“… …why do you keep shaking like a dog?”

He asked, “I don't understand,” narrowing the gap between my eyes. At the same time, the arms around the waist were also hard pressed.

Chapter end

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