Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 75


The three percent-increasing favorability was incredible, so I stared blankly at him and his head alternately.

Red eyes bent as I stare at him with the bear's head wide open. Calisto's face was like a demon fresh from hell.

“Well, is that funny?”

“Yes. I saw Eckart's crazy dog running away in a fright. That's pretty funny.”

“Ha. Do you really have to play with the dead animal carcass?”

“I don't think that's what the man who shot the crossbow to death would say.”

'You're doomed.'

It was when I was staring at him with my trembling fists clenched. Suddenly, a cold drop of water fell on my forehead.


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Kururung— The surroundings suddenly became dark. The sky had changed unusually between the Prince and the Jade Emperor. Dark clouds swarmed in an instant to cover the sun.

“It's a shower.”

The Crown Prince muttered. It wasn't long before the ominous words came true.

Ttuk, ttuk. The number of water drops that had fallen by drop began to increase exponentially.

“Your Grace, thank you again for saving me. Goodbye.”

I hurried to greet the crown prince. I had to hurry out of the woods before it rained. I didn't want to stay in this fucking hunting ground for another hour.

The leg was moving in a hurry. Over and over, he still grabbed the bear's head and followed me closely like that way.

“Where are you going?”

“Out of the hunting ground.”

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“It's going to rain soon.”

“So I have to get out before it's raining.”

I answered unkindly. He tilted his head sideways and twisted the corners of his mouth.

“The princess must have already forgotten that this is in the middle of a deep forest full of predators.”

I ignored him and just tried to go my way.

'If a game maker had a conscience, he would have placed this crazy quest only once.'

It was because of such an idea. But at that moment, something flashed up.

—[compensation: Giant bear skin and gallbladder, reputation +50, favorability +5%]] +5% [?]

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And the favorability of [???]..?'

I stopped walking. Come to think of it, I met the crown prince, but his name was not written on the reward. So I never expected him to save me.

'… ..then there might be another quest like this until we get out of the woods.'

This means that unless there is a specific target for compensation, there is a possibility of meeting with another male besides the crown prince.


The idea of meeting them one by one was more terrible than the sudden quest to catch the beast.

I I literally stopped at the top, in my towering seat. I then hurriedly took a cloth containing extra beads out of my pocket, turned the crossbow around and put the beads into the groove.

Drrt, click. Clicking, clicking…..

“What are you doing?”

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The crown prince came close to me and asked me. “Turn off your nerves and go your way,” I opened I mouth, pressing down on the words that were about to pop out.

“As your highness can see, I'm installing bolts.”


“You never know. Like you said, there might be another beast on the way.”


The crown prince burst into a laugh as if he were dumbfounded.

“You can't deal with big animals with such crude weapons, Princess. Haven't you just experienced it?”

“Thank you for your concern, but I'll take care of it, Your Highness.”

I had no intention of going with him, so I answered with a dull reply.

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Just follow the quest anyway. Moreover, even the wild beasts of the forest would avoid the rain, so this was only to be prepared.

“You seem to be so proud that you were lucky to catch some evil yesterday.”

However, the Crown Prince, who was unaware of the situation, seemed to be quite reckless in my actions.

“The crossbow is a weapon that can only be eaten by small animals or humans. Not even for killing.”

“This time, I can really see the scenery of someone becoming a bear food while still alive. Do I have to follow the princess to do that?”

He was smiling and arrogantly frowned by the cruel words he added. Suddenly, I was a little surprised that he had seen through the crossbow.

“…how did you know?”


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“My crossbow is not for killing.”

“That's all I can feel. So they could have been allowed to bring in the palace.”

I was looking at him anew.


Like a lie, the rain began to pour.


I looked up at the sky in amazement.

'Why am I so unlucky…….'

The plan to get out of the forest before it rains heavily has been completely stolen. The heavy rain poured down without a doubt.

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Looking up into the dark sky, I felt like crying again. I hated being rained on. It was a moment when I was standing in the rain, neither here nor there.

Pullseok— something heavy was covered over the head.

“Wear it then come over here.”

Suddenly, I felt warmth in my wrist. This is because the crown prince, who caught up with the rest of the steps, gently grabbed my wrist.


The crown prince led me to where his horse was. The horse was cleverly avoiding the rain under a tree full of branches.

He put the bear head, which was cut in front of the horse's saddle. And he, too, jumped on it and reached out to me

“Get on.”

Water dripped from wet golden hair. He had already been soaked in rain because he took off his red cape.

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“If you walk, you'll become prey for the beast.”

“It's a cape with waterproof and cold spells, so let's wear it and go back together.”

I gazed blankly at the man's big hand that was extended to me. Then I lowered my eyes with his red cape, which was roughly placed on top of me.

It felt strange. Because there was no option in my head to ride a horse around like the crown prince.

“Can you give me… this, What about you, your highness?”

“Is the rat thinking of a cat? Or if you don't like it, walk with a crossbow.”

He turned his head and said rudely.

'Do you have a bone in your mouth if you recommend it twice?'

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I made a sarcastic remark in my heart, but hurriedly turned the crossbow back and fastened the cape that the crown prince had put on me.

I thought there was quite a height difference, but his cape was as big as any blanket. Therefore, if you were to ride a horse and run fast, it might get caught flapping.

“…thank you.”

Finally, with his cape tied well under my neck, I raised my head, muttering a small thank-you note. The crown prince's hand, which was handed out to me, was still unearned.

It was the moment when I slowly reached out and tried to hold his big hand together.

Shwiiikkk— Somewhere in the forest, something flew at a tremendous speed.


And it was stuck in the crown prince's heart without error.


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Surprised by the sudden attack, the horse rolled its front feet and cried faintly. The hand that stretched toward me disappeared.

“…Your Highness?”

The crown prince who falls off a horse and falls to the floor. Looking at him, I slowly opened my eyes wide.

“Your …… Your Highness!”

At last when he was crushed to the ground, I ran to him frantically. I couldn't even notice what was going on.

The face of the prince with his eyes closed was as pale as death.

He's die. My heart sank. Even when I encountered a bear, I felt a fear that I had never felt before my eyes.

“Your Highness! Your Highness, open your eyes!”

I shook the crown prince's body like crazy. But the crown prince had no movement. A large arrow stuck in his left chest.

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I'm scared. I'm scared. This is a game. It's just a game. Why the hell?

I burst into tears. The first cruel scene I ever saw made the accident stop.

“Your Highness! Please, please, please……!”

“…….You're noisy.”

Fortunately, the eyelids flinched and red pupils were revealed.

“Don't make a fuss. I'm not dead yet.”

“Your, Your Highness!”

I was truly relieved. It occurred to me late that ML could not die.

But the image of Calisto being hit by an arrow was so vividly painted that at that moment I thought he was really going to die. I didn't want to see anyone die in front of me, no matter how many times I hit X.

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The crown prince smiled faintly at me.

“But I don't think what you've given me is ineffective at all.”

He then pulled out an arrow stuck in his left chest and handed it over.

“This is…”

A small, round token-shaped ornament. It was none other than the golden amulet that he robbed me of.

Chapter end

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