Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess 54

After confirming that there was no evening training from the butler, I looked at the book and waited for the sunset.

“Phew… …I'm possessed in a game, and I'm practicing shooting a crossbow that doesn't exist anywhere else.”'

It was annoying and unfair, but there was nothing I could do. Having received a threatening letter from the crown prince, I need to know how to defend myself for my own life.

'The good news is that I've got a very good product.'

I won't shoot women who get my nerves like what the Duke's worry about, but I'll shoot men who trying to kill me and knock them out.

Especially the most dangerous and most demanding prince! If I shot him wrong, I'll be a dead ending because I'll be a royal prisoner.

But, fortunately, the iron ball bursts and the impact rises, so there is no evidence left, and even the right memory is lost.


I stood up and clapped, imagining the skeleton of a prince who fainted with a bubble.

'This is a defensive measure.'

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It's never a mixture of personal feelings. I tried so hard to justify myself.

After a while, the sun sank out of the window. I changed into my hunting costume and got ready to go out.

The aristocratic women of the Inca Empire had no separate clothing because they rarely hunt. So I wore a pair of tight tights and suspenders.

After wearing a leather vest and tie, I stood in front of the mirror. I thought it would be ridiculous to wear men's clothes, but when I saw the reflection in the mirror, it completely disappeared.

“…wow, it looks great on you.”

Indeed, crazy looks were not entirely dependent on costumes. I looked like a female warrior who was used to hunting like goddess Artemis when I even put head together and turned it up.

I smiled and even took out the crossbow. I thought it was heavy on the outside, but I was surprised by the light magic.

At this time a year ago, Penelope used it often. But the sense of grip was not low as if I were really familiar with it.

After finishing the final inspection, I left the room with a bundle of arrows.

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Every employee I meet today took a breath and looked down. Every time I walked in the hallway, I was nilcarly caught in the eyes.

My figure with the crossbow and arrow seemed quite hideous.

'I'm going to have to carry it and walk around often when I going stride.'

Thanks to it, I was able to get out of the mansion safely without a distraction.

The road to the field was calm and silent. It's no wonder that they deliberately set the time for all the articles disappeared.

But the idea was soon shattered by a figure walking from the other side. The sunset-colored pink hair was unusually red. To the point where it looks almost like my hair color.

However, I tried to turn around in a hurry because I recognized the “17% favorability” written above his hair color first.

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But at that moment, our eyes met. I stopped with a thud.

'I'm doomed…'

I was deeply sighed that I had somehow come to face each other in a vague way.

I can't believe I bumped into you, the number one target to avoid. How could I be so unlucky?

'What should I do?'

It was ridiculous that I fought with his teeth exposed just a while ago and now I'm greeting the guy, Leonard. But isn't it also funny to turn around in an eye-contact situation?

So I just brazenly decided to go head-to-head.

'What are you going to do? If I had any shame, I'll ignore you'

But Leonard was much more shameless than I thought.

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“For the first hunt, You look like a country bumpkin.”

Just as I was about to pass by, he was sarcastic.

“Are you going to embarrassed yourself going to the field with that shit?”

I looked around quickly first. Fortunately, there was no stone in sight to fall and hit my head.

So I just tried to ignore it. But…

“Now you've decided to ignore what I'm saying?”

I couldn't go further by a quick front blocker. I raised my head with a low sigh.

“Do you have something to say?”

In my question, Leonard looked at me with a look that seemed to have a lot to say.

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'Okay. Let's hear what else is going on this time.'

I looked at him and waited for him to speak. But he just stared at me and said nothing.

“If you have nothing to say, then don't talk to me.”

I tried to pass him again. Only then did Leonard hurriedly open his mouth.

“… ..the training isn't over yet. I've been training late for a few days, so if you go now, you'll run into the knights.”

I didn't want to talk to him any more, but I'm in trouble, as I was told.

Come to think of it, the news that I had an argument with the knights has already reached his ears.

'But what's the matter? If there's should be avoid to, They'll the one should avoid me.'

I gave a lukewarm reply.

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“I don't care. I've got at least a target to use.”

“If you done talking, then I'm going.”

And just as I was about to pass him by.

“If you want to go up to the attic, go up.”

An unexpected remark caught my ankle.

“I don't care if you go or not now.”

I was just listening to what he was saying, and suddenly I burst out laughing

'You sound like you're doing a charity.'

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Penelope might be attached to the attic, but I wasn't.

How do we know if I'll get interrogated about making a wish while climbing up and seeing if it's a fire or not?

I answered right away without thinking twice.



“Because I don't want to bump into you.”

The blue pupils became bigger. The white letters on his head blinked. He looked at the series of processes with an expressionless look.

[Favorability  17%]

It wouldn't make much difference even if it dropped by one or two percent at this rate. I focused more on the less finished training story he told me than on his flirtation.

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'So is Eckliss still here?'

My plans to raise Eckliss's favorability a lot during the hunt have failed, so I'll put it up before I go.

It was then. Leonard's lips, which had been hesitating for a long time, barely opened.

“At that time… …I did.”


I was distracted by other thoughts and missed what he said. When I looked back at him and asked him again, he snapped his lips.

“I've been… …talking… …a little bit.”

Nevertheless, I couldn't understand what Leonard said. Because he mumbled in a rumbling voice. But I had a hunch what he was going to say to me.

'If you're going to apologize, you have to do it like a real man.'

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Kicking my tongue inside, I bit back.


“I'm… …did it”

“I can't hear anything you said.”

When I looked at it, I noticed a shy tone. I knew this was my bad idea, but I couldn't stop thinking about what I had been getting from him.

It was that moment.

“Oh, I'm sorry I was a little harsh at that time.”

Leonard suddenly raised his head and shouted. Dadadakk- I heard a startled bird flying from across the bushes.

“Did you eat a boil train pot?”

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I frowned, touching my prickly ears. Then he grumbled with a red face.

“Other times, I came here first and talked to you, but why are you getting so long this time? Anyway, girls are… “

I gazed at such Leonard. It was just a grumble, but the relationship between him and Penelope seemed to be evident.

If it had been a normal game route, how would it have progressed here?

'I'll have to accept Ronald's apology and thank you for apologizing first.'

But well. Why do I have to say something I don't even like to say thank you every time?


At my call, he gave me a rude answer, glaring at me.


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“Your apology, I accept. I didn't do anything good either.”

“I'm glad to know.”

Perhaps it hurt his pride to apologize first, and Leonard's crumpled face straightened out. As if it was only natural for me to accept an apology.

“But you know what?”

“It's the first apologize I've ever received from you.”

I'm not going to thank you for the red-handed apology.

“You've slashed me with your tongue countless times, and I've forgiven you countless times without your apology. I mean…”

“I'll forgive you again this time.”

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Instead, he smiled brightly. I laughed so hard that you didn't apologize, but you thought I was just accepting you.

Due to the inverted position, the glow of the sunset over the ridge poured over my face this time.

Small hairs were scattered in the swirling wind. It was when he raised his eyes again with one hand, with his side hair in his ear.


Leonard's face looking at me was a little strange. His eyes were confused as if he were out of his mind, and when his eyes met, the redness was spreading from the bottom of his eyes.


He stammered with an instant red-hot face.

“I don't need any forgiveness from you.”

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“I've said everything I need to say, so I'm going.”

And he turned around and disappeared like a shot without a moment to answer.

“What the… what's wrong”

Left on the forest path, I frowned at the back of the man who was going away. At that moment, the top of his head was shining big.

[Favorability 22%]

I had to check several times to see if it was right, until the white writing that was getting smaller and smaller was completely gone.

Chapter end

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