Dr. Lee

"So, it went well... I guess?"

Mr. Kavin was dumbfounded. This girl.... She called it just 'well'? When it was supposed to be 'mind-blowing' if anyone asked his personal opinion. Or did she expect something more?

Kavin always had an idea that Annabelle was quite an anxious type of girl. But today, seeing this many fans making a huge uproar for her didn't make her happy or sad at all. Though she was kind of showing a face of little anxiety, it was as if she was more concerned about making her fans' time worthwhile than accepting their support.

"My child, I think this is going quite amazingly and smoothly. Looks like you took a lot of stress for today. Rest for a while. We are gonna handle everything here. Anyways, you don't have to attend to your fans, so just sit here, okay?"

Stress? She shouldn't be having any actually. All those works were done by Kiera and the whole publishing team. All she did was write the novel.

The hall was bustling with screams and whistles of her fans since the uncovering time of the book cover. It made a huge uproar; she could tell just by hearing the outburst of her fans from the backstage.

She thought this moment would be nerve-wracking for her. Surprisingly, she was calmer than she thought she would be. Did taking out all those anxieties from her heart last night made her a little bit stronger than before? Or she was regaining her old confident self?

Is this even possible?

Is this possible to go back to the time when she could do anything confidently even when she was not happy doing that? People could call her pretentious for being able to do that. They can always say that she was not true before, when she was doing all those things. But truly speaking, if it was all her actions, she could never do it so perfectly as if she was made for this. She knew in her heart that when she was on the stage performing for her fans, she wasn't pretending. Only at that time, she felt something real, something solid enough to courageously perform in front of a huge audience. She came to know and believe this after yesterday. It made her understand that all of those back then were not some kind of play.

Her daze broke when someone familiar passed by her. Did she see it correctly? Was it Megan? But why would she be here out of nowhere? Some fragments of past memory flashed through her eyes as she thought about that woman. It's been a long since she saw her. She couldn't see her face clearly but she was Megan for sure. After all, she was the person Anna could recognize even if she was one mile away from her.

**** **** **** ****

Annabelle walked out of the building through the staff exit door as all her fans were blocking the front door in case they got to see her. She doesn't wanna disclose her identity yet. At least she wants to wait till the world totally forgets about the 'Annie' and properly accepts this 'Ai'.

Anna was getting into her car when her phone rang. It was Kiera. Did she leave Seoul?

"Hey, what's up?"

"How did it go?"


"Glad to hear that, Anna." Kiera's voice sounded softer than usual.

Yes, she was glad, really glad to hear that it went well.

"Wanna hear something interesting?" Anna asked out of the blue.

"What is it?" Kiera quivered her eyes.

Did something bad happen? She is extra alert as she is not there with Anna right now.

On the other hand, Anna was thinking about whether she should tell Kiera about it or not. She is not gonna panic or something for no reason, right?

"I met Megan today," Anna said, holding her breath.

"Megan? What do you mean? That MEGAN? What happened? Are you okay? What did that filthy bitch do this time?"

Gosh... she knew it. Kiera is all triggered now. She shouldn't have told her now.

"Hey... why would she do anything when she didn't even see me. Don't curse her for no reason. When are you coming?" Anna tried to divert the whole topic.

Though she knew Kiera wasn't acting like this for no reason. Megan was one of a kind who would pull out something bad anytime even if she is meeting a person for the first time.

"I am at the airport. I will soon take off." Kiera's voice sounded a bit empty which wasn't kept unnoticed by Anna.

"That's great, then. come back home soon. Imma tell you all the story then." *Including your brother* Anna thought.

Kiera cut the call saying she has to switch off the phone after entering the plane.

Why did her mood become so dampened all of a sudden? Did something happen in Seoul? But as far as she knows, there aren't any relatives of Kiera living there. What could make her sad if it is not related to her family? She didn't even get to ask about how her work went there. Come to think of it, how was her relationship going?

As Kiera was always self-conscious about her relationship with that 'Owen' guy, she never asked about him directly. Anna sighed. One day, she wished she could get to know Kiera more when it comes to her relationships. If that Owen guy does some bad things to her, Anna's gonna ruin his face with her high heels for sure.

**** **** **** ****

After coming back home, Annabelle took a quick shower and sat to watch her favorite actor's drama. It was released recently although it already got a 4.5 rating out of 5. Just looking at its cover, Anna, the drama holic girl, could tell it was a hella good drama. She was watching the broadcast so she was scrolling through the news portal lazily on her phone during break time.

Suddenly a specific headline piqued her interest.


She clicked on the news portal to know further. There was an article written about Dr. Lee's life and achievements. She also heard about this doctor long ago.

There was a time, Anna wanted to donate some of her money to poor people. So, Kiera suggested she donate it to the refugees of some country situated in coastal areas like Myanmar as it would be good for her public image too. Anna didn't care about the public image and so she told Kiera to make the whole donation thing secret to Kiera.

On that survey team, Dr. Lee was also there. She never got to meet him face-to-face but she always thought his works were quite admirable. Despite leading a lavish life and working in a well-known hospital, he chose to come to treat the refugee people here, worked for more than 2 years for them, and researched about the new virus spreading here among the refugees with other doctors.

The article says he is recently researching human psychology deeply and coming here is also one of the reasons for his research. He has already made some research reports and articles on his official page which were also attached with the news. Looks like this reporter dug deeply to write this article.

Getting curious, Anna scrolled through the comments of the news portal. She doesn't know why, but because of Theodore, she is finding this whole psychology thing very interesting. She is gonna screenshot this news for him.

As she was going through those comments, she found some funny comments.

HollowLand: Kyaa~ is this our Lee in Los Angeles? OMG! I can't believe my eyes.

Madley: Do you guys know that Dr. Lee is super handsome in real life? He is such a fine gentleman.

AmmieGolfer: I once saw him! He is just my type! I wish I had a chance to get treated by him!

Mynameisdeath: Oh No! I saw him that day with my own eyes. He was at the airport! Why didn't they attach a photo with the article??

These girls... are they insane? They don't even leave a doctor. So, what if he is a little handsome? They didn't even attach a photo of him, so Anna can't come to the conclusion of considering him handsome according to her scale. But still, she wants to meet the person for once just to thank him properly as she admired both his skill and character but not for checking out his handsomeness though.

Poor 'AmmieGolfer'! If she wants to be treated by him so much, she has to tear one of her nerves or break her head seriously. But still, there's a big doubt that her treatment will be done by the mighty Mr. Lee. Annabelle felt extremely sad for those fangirls. But she doesn't have the right to feel sorry for them when she is the one here gawking at the Chinese actor of the drama she is watching right now?

*Nothing comes out from fangirling girls; I know that myself*

Anna thought as she eyed that Chinese actor with great longing.

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Chapter end

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