Chapter 7: Reckless Action?

Chapter 7: Reckless Action?

Sitting at the table, we dined. Conversation was still scarce.

We finished dinner quickly, after which Litta offered to play something.

That’s how I ended up playing cards with her on the dinner table. I was practically in a daze, when I noticed Litta ask a question..

“Amber, can we continue karaoke?!”

Seeing my uncomprehending look, she jumped up and ran to the big TV.

Soon as she turned it on and pressed a series of buttons, I heard the sound of music spreading throughout the room.

It was soft, romantic music. Returning to me, she took the remote control and fashioned it as a microphone.

She looked at me and then began to sing. It was a beautiful voice.

<<She seems to sing a lot.>>

Enjoying her performance, I also began to sing along without noticing it.

A cheerful song played until it ended, and as soon as another song started, she came up to me.

“Come on, Amber, now it's your turn.”

“No, no! I–I don’t know how to sing.”

I quickly waved my hands. It’s true that I couldn’t sing; I never bothered to learn in my past life, and it was the same with Amber.

“No, you should at least try, it's not difficult.”

She took my hand and dragged me towards the screen, and pointing at it, she continued,

“Look, just like at the karaoke place, there are words here on the screen. Just repeat them when the little marker is on the words.”

I glanced at the screen, where there were indeed words waiting to be sung, along with an arrow pointing down and gliding along. I still wanted to refuse, but…

“Come on, Amber…I promise I won't laugh, please?”

Lovely eyes stared at me, and she pretended like she was about to cry.

I couldn't resist it.

“Haaaaaah......okay, but only once!”

Seeing how she happily nodded her head, I took the remote from her hands and looked at the screen.

Having started the music, she sat down on the sofa and looked at me expectantly.

As I looked at the screen, some text and an arrow appeared. I silently read the words and followed the movement of the arrow.

Maybe it was because of my high Mind, but it seemed very easy.

Opening my mouth a little stiffly, the words floated out. I myself felt that it sounded horrible but continued anyway.

Word by word I sang, until finally when the song was over, I noticed the same flashing icon as before.

[You have obtained the skill {Sing}, Novice level

Description: You now know the basics of singing. Adjusting the pitch of your voice is now easier.]

A familiar window floated before my eyes, and I remembered the time when I trained with my sister.

Although none of my characteristics had increased except for Constitution, I had still acquired several skills, including {Unarmed Mastery}, {Sword Mastery}, and {Evasion}.

<<Well, that’s not important right now.>> As I stared at the TV, to be honest, I wanted to sing again.

Maybe it was because I felt like I had improved.

The next song started automatically, and after waiting for the first words to appear on the screen, I started to sing.

We’re no strangers to love…

You know the rules, and so do I.

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of.

You wouldn’t get this from any other guy~

This time it was smoother and easier, and my voice was not so stiff.

After one more song, my mind became much more at ease.

“Wow, that was so cool, Amber! Although the first time was bad, you improved very quickly!”

She looked at me for a few more seconds.

“Maybe you have the talent to become a singer…and then, I will be your fan! Oooh, you can even say that I was your teacher!”

Watching her exaggerated facial expressions, I subconsciously laughed.

“What are you laughing at? It’s true!” She jumped up and spoke loudly.

“But…hmmm…you’re missing something else…”

Her fingers stroked her chin, as if in thought.

I was wondering what it was about.

“Amber, can you dance?!”


Hearing my answer, she smiled enigmatically.

"Then, I'll teach you! If you want to become a singer now, you should definitely learn how to dance.”

“But I don’t want to be–”

“You still need to learn!”

She interrupted me, approaching the screen, and began looking for something else to play.

After turning on more rhythmic, blood-pumping music, she approached me and grabbed my hand, and pulled me to the center of the room where there was more free space.

“Now repeat after me as best you can, but be careful not to hit anything.”

As I moved aside to give her some space, she began to make some suggestive movements from which I felt some excitement.

Although I was also in a girl’s body, I did not want to repeat these movements, like running my hands down my sides, gracefully pushing my butt out, and sashaying my hips back and forth…no, I liked watching it, not doing it myself.

“Litta, are you sure that these are the dances you need to become a singer?”

Through the embarrassment and excitement that I wanted to hide as deep in myself as possible, I asked a question.

Hearing my question, she stopped her movements, then turned on her phone. She tapped something into it, and after a moment, showed me a few videos and images.

According to her, these were the most popular singers.

And there really were quite a few girls making sexual moves.

The excitement that I wanted to hide slowly leaked out in the form of a rapid pulse.

Hastily calming myself, I refused.

“Litta, I can't do it.”

My head turned to the side so she couldn't see my slightly red face.

“Come on, Amber, I beg you…just once. Pleeaaase?”

Same puppy-dog eyes and pitiful appearance, to re-use this trick…I wanted to give up.

“Alright, fine. Just…just once.”

The heat on my face did not decrease but continued to grow.

I watched with shame as she began her movements.

I also tried to imitate her at the same time, but unlike hers, mine were much slower and wooden movements.

I could not coordinate my movements due to shame and high heart rate.

The moment she shook her ass, my mouth went dry and I immediately stopped.

I didn't want to repeat this shame.

“...I’m sorry, Litta, I can’t…”

“Huuuu…okay, then…what about tango?!”

<<What? Did I hear that correctly?>> Subconsciously, my gaze fell on her, and seeing her nod, some other thoughts entered my head.

Although the previous movements were already shameful for me, the tango is usually for two people, which would be much more embarrassing.

“Litta, the tango is...not for singers, so why should we dance it?!”

My voice cracked half way but I was able to quickly recover and continue.

“Mmm–It's not for singers, but it will come in handy later in life…for example, when you get married!”

She answered it so naturally that I almost thought that it was normal. But, would I get married? No, of course not–I’d rather marry another girl than have to marry a guy.

Just the thought made me shudder.

“Hang on, let me go grab something.”

By the time I put my thoughts in order, she had said that and went into another room.

When she came back, what she had in her hands was clothing–a long black dress.

The dress was beautiful, but the words that came out of Litta's mouth made me take a few steps back.

“Here, put this on! For the tango, you must first of all be in a beautiful outfit.”

Why have I never heard of this trend?

At the moment, I was wearing the same clothes I had stalked my sister in this morning.But for several days now, I have been wearing a skirt in public. Although at first I was very embarrassed, I still got used to it, but apart from this skirt that reached my knees, I didn’t wear anything else.

The embarrassment reappeared so I resolutely refused.

“No, no! I won't wear this.”

As she looked at me, a sorrowful, pitiable look appeared on her face.

“Why not? I was also going to wear one, so we could dance beautifully together.”

<<She’d also wear it?>> Scrutinizing the dress, I imagined how it would look on Litta.

The biggest problem I had with it was that the hemline was much higher than that of the school skirt.

But if Litta was also going to wear it, then I would be able to see her beautiful figure, and everything above the knees, almost reaching the hips, would be visible.

“Well, if you want, then you wear that, and I’ll stay in this.”

I wanted to avoid this and get some benefit for my own eyes.

After I looked at her expectantly, she thought for a moment and shook her head decisively.

“No, if you won’t wear it, then neither will I.”

She turned to leave, but I stopped her–the feeling of excitement within me that has not yet dissipated made me speak.

“Okay, fine, just give me this dress and show me a place I can change in.”

At my words, she began to joyfully jump on the spot, pumping a clenched fist above her head, reveling in victory.

It seemed she was not as naive as I thought, but since I already agreed to her conditions, there was nothing I could do.

“Then wait here. I’ll change first, and then you.”

Going inside a room, she closed the door, and came out five minutes later.

She was wearing the same dress, which reached the neck, covered half of the upper arm, and then, emphasizing the chest, went down.

Finally, at the end of the bodice there was a short skirt, and just like I imagined, it showed off half of her thighs, and occasionally I swore I could spot her underwear.

Her allure at the moment was so high that I just wanted to jump on her.

Barely maintaining my composure, I took the dress she had left for me.

“Come into my bedroom and change.”

Following her words, I went into her bedroom.

There was no marked difference from other rooms, except for the girlish scent.

After taking a few seconds to encourage myself, I laid out the dress on the bed and then fell into a stupor.

I don't know how to put it on, and looking in my memories, Amber had no idea how to wear it either.

I had to open the door again and ask for help, and after she gave me instructions in between holding back giggles, I closed the door with a burning face. After 10 minutes I stood in front of her, slightly shrinking.

The problem was that the dress was way too small for me, and only when I put it on did I realize it.

For Litta, it was fine, but for me, who was taller than her, it revealed much more than necessary. Because of this I shrank and subconsciously pulled the dress down.

She twirled me around and corrected some places, from which I flinched several times, until at last we were ready.

Turning on the music that was for tango again, she came up to me.

“So, Amber, tell me which role you want to take…though…since you are a girl, I guess you’ll have to be the girl, so I’ll be the guy.”

She first asked me a question, but then seemed to think about something and changed her mind.

I wanted to refute and take the guy's position first.

But her left hand had already grabbed onto my right, and her own right hand was .

Her refreshing scent hit my nose.

Feeling the warmth on my back, I was nervous, because this was the first time a girl grabbed me like that.

“Put your hand on my shoulder.”

Following her instructions, I placed my hand there.

My thoughts were a bit in chaos, but sanity was still there.

“Look at our feet and do as I say.”

She began to explain to me how to do everything. As I repeated after her, gradually our steps became smooth, although sometimes I still stepped on her feet.

It was a different excitement, a different feeling than just watching someone dance with someone.

It gave me pleasure in a way.

We spun back and forth to the beat of the music, the hem of the dress sometimes rising and falling.

A flashing sign fell into my eyes, but I did not pay attention.

<<My movements have gotten much better.>>

An exciting feeling swept over me and my legs grew bolder.

Finally the music ended, she looked at me.


The question was short, as was the answer.


Starting the same music, she was going to wrap her hand around me, but then I offered.

“Can I be the guy, this time?”

I had a desire, a desire to experience the feeling of dancing from the male’s perspective.

In response, she only nodded. For a moment, I didn’t know what to do, so she took the initiative and took my hand and placed it on her back.

As I felt the smooth skin on her back and her paced heartbeat, I fretted over the situation.

I had never experienced such feelings as today. Although I had somewhat enjoyed dancing in the role of the girl, I still felt a little bit off.

But now standing in the position of a guy, I was even more delighted.

Raising her hand that was on my arm, my only thought at the moment was to dance more.

The music started, the movements started, we started spinning around a lot.

Our rhythm, which was slow at first, became faster this time.

Our bodies became synchronous, and at that moment I finally felt something that I had missed out on in the past.

The feeling of dancing with a girl.

Our movements intensified even more, and a second flashing sign fell into my eyes, but I completely ignored it.

The only thing on my mind at the moment was to dance.

Finally the song ended, and we were both short of breath. I wanted to do it again but both of us couldn’t muster the stamina to do it.

As I sat on the couch, the sound of the next song was heard, but Litta took the remote and lowered the volume.

I was filled with a warm fuzzy feeling, kind of like what I’d feel when I get tipsy on alcohol.

At that moment, she, who sat down next to me, approached me and reached her hand forward, her index finger touching my neck.

“You learn very fast, Amber.”

She was very close to me, her hand lay on my shoulder, and she rested her body on me.

My eyes moved to her lips. Those were the lips I used in my fantasies.

I don't know if it was the result of these fantasies or if this feeling of happiness began to set in my mind.

I had an impulse in my brain to kiss her.

What she said, I did not hear. My breathing, which had barely got the time to recover, became much more erratic.

My body moved forward.

Maybe it would be bad if I did.

Maybe the other side would avoid me altogether.

Maybe she’d even hate me.

If I had a sober mind, maybe I wouldn’t have done it.

She did not have time to react as I leaned forward, to touch my lips against hers.

I felt an inexplicable taste. My eyes met hers, which trembled slightly.

I could not keep myself in balance, and directly pressed her against the sofa, keeping our lips together.

I thought that she wouldn’t reject me, but I felt resistance, and with both hands she pushed me off back onto the other side of the couch.

Because of this action, I subconsciously moved away and turned my head to the side, as if hiding, feeling that I had done something bad.

I couldn't face her anymore.

A sense of shame mingled with guilt swept over my chest.

I felt her rise and straighten her position.

Realizing what I had done, a single thought came into my head.

“I’m sorry…”

Words escaped my lips.

I didn't know what to do and whether she would hate me because of what I just did to her.

Chapter end

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