Chapter 21: Banquet Part 2

Chapter 21: Banquet Part 2

Maria Fritsch, although I expected her to be arrogant, what she said had a different tone.

Looking at the radar, I confirmed that she was not a demon.

What puzzled me was that she thought I was a burden to Vanessa.

[12% => 13%↑]

<<Is that the third heroine's opinion of me? Am I a burden to my sister...>>

It seemed as I mentally calmed down, she noticed my silence and with an arrogant snicker began to say,

"Ha, waste of time, you don't even know what she–"

"Stop it Maria, stop talking and leave. You’re making everyone look over here and it's annoying me."

When she wanted to say something, my sister interrupted her.

Following her words, I too turned my attention to the people around me.

All eyes were turned toward us, but apparently for Maria this was all normal.

But just as she wanted to continue, a waitress came up to us and spoke.

"Please come into the meeting room, it's time for the meeting."

Having said that, she walked over to the rest of the guests and repeated the same thing.

While I was puzzled, my sister grabbed me by the arm and dragged me in the direction of another room.

Inside, there were many round tables and chairs, neatly decorated.

Food was also placed on them.

My sister dragged me to the side of the room and made me sit down.

There was no way to get out of her grip, but finally with a sigh I calmed down.

Although, now I was very intrigued by what that conceited lady wanted to say.

Well, at least something else just as interesting might be happening here too.

Following us, a large number of other groups of people came through the same door and sat down in their seats.

At this moment, observing the surroundings, I saw that at the end of the room there was a stage with four large oval tables, one on each side, and a raised podium in the center.

All the seats were gradually occupied, and I noticed how certain groups even came out onto the stage and were seated at those tables.

<<It seems they are the most important guests of this meeting, or even the organizers.>>

I looked at my sister and asked,

"Who are those people sitting on the stage?"

Although I didn't think she would give an answer, to my surprise she did.

"Those tables by the walls are for the three most powerful families, and the last table is for the leaders of the hunters. One of them is the Mari family, another is the Whitbend family, and the last is the Silverblood family..

The Whitbend family mainly trades magic implements, and Silverblood has 40% of the potion market."

As expected, all of those families were very strong, but in the meantime while thinking about it, I looked at the radar.

Once again I wanted to laugh like crazy, as it turned out these two families had demons that clearly ranked high. The Mari family also had demons infiltrating their ranks, but none that were of any significant strength.

This could be seen from the fact that the demons of the other family sat at the table, but in the Mari family they stood at the back clearly dressed as servants.

Although in a sense the servants could also get close to them.

<<Could it be that this world cannot be saved, or will the protagonist be able to save everyone?>>

Looking at my sister again I asked doubtfully,

"Ah, how exactly did you meet Maria? Judging by her character, it was very difficult."

She looked at me.

I saw some hesitation in her eyes before she sighed and said,

"No, it isn't. I knew her when we were little. You met her too, but you don't seem to remember…"

There was a pause for a few seconds before she continued.

"At that time, our family still had the prestige left by our great-grandfather, so much so that we were the fourth most powerful family.

But as you can see now, that's gone and we can only be classified as an ordinary family."

These were amazing details for me.

<<In situations like this, when such a family loses everything abruptly, it is highly likely due to the shenanigans of someone else.>>

Realizing that she didn't continue, I asked again.

"What happened to put our family in such a position?"

When I asked, I noticed that she went into a stupor and her fist clenched. Which raised my doubts.

<<Is my hunch correct? Other than that reaction, it’s obvious she knows the details.>>

After a few seconds she came to her senses.

"No need to think about it, the family has fallen into disrepair and that's all."

Though there were doubts, it was clear she didn't want me to find out.

As I was thinking about it, a man came up to the podium.

He stood for a while until he got everyone's attention.

Finally he spoke.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to our annual meeting, which precedes the Swordstone Ceremony. And now I would like to introduce some people, they have something to say."

He finished speaking, but I was still puzzled when he talked about ceremonies.

Looking at my sister, I wanted to ask, but she seemed to get it and began to explain.

<<She's very talkative today.>>

"The Swordstone Ceremony is a ceremony where all hunters can try to pull the sword from the stone. Of course only those who haven't tried can try."

<<What? Pull the sword from the stone? Is this the legend of King Arthur or a cliché of the main character? Is this the moment when the protagonist shows up and starts killing demons?>>

As I was thinking about this, a loud voice came from the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have received information from the Peacegleam clan that they have found the location of one of the head demons. We're telling you to get ready if anything happens."

<<...what the hell, what other clan?>>

My gaze fell on my sister again, and she began to speak again.

"The Peacegleam and Sunfury clans as I know are clans that have been fighting against demons for 1600 years. Although I don't know if it's true or not, but because of their powers you can say that most of the rumors about them will be true."

<<So there's also a second clan?>>

I sighed and quickly shook my head to come to my senses.

<<It turns out the main character gets a sword and then becomes a savior or something like that, along the way collecting a harem.

Because I haven't played this game long, I don't know anything. And judging by the synopsis there should be 7 heroines, so one with a soft personality, who is the first heroine, the second is my sister with an unemotional one…the third one is the arrogant Maria, which leaves four more.

From what I've heard, I can assume that one or two will definitely be from these two clans. The likelihood that one will be a demon is very high, and one of the hunters. And the last one...there always seems to be some kind of priestesses in these games, i.e. the church. I don't know if there are any here, but it's quite possible.

And given all that, usually the protagonist will pull out the holy sword and be on their way to becoming a hero. Bitch! I'm jealous. Why the hell did I turn into a girl, adding to that the sister of a heroine.

Is there some kind of protagonist halo? So that means that gradually things will happen that will make the protagonist become stronger. This may also affect me, or vice versa, or my actions may affect his path to becoming a hero. Would the world come to an end because of that?>>

The assumptions came to me just from the "sword in the stone" suggestion, that's the most standard pattern of stories for a protagonist.

That's why I wondered if I should intervene.

<<No, I don't care about him or his harem. Right now what I need is to increase my powers as quickly as possible. Because someone is clearly after me, not just that silhouette in the dream. But to fend off those who wanted to kidnap me, though I don't know what Vanessa wants to do now, the main thing to gain is Strength and a solid amount of Mind. Because I don't want to keep suffering in a desperate position.>>

My chaotic thoughts eventually aligned themselves into sets of goals. I decided since there was so much to do, I should focus on speeding up my leveling progress.

Because of this, I directly set aside my hesitation to ask my sister for help, and looked determinedly into her eyes.

"Can you tell me where I can buy magic items and potions?"

She looked doubtful at my question, but still answered me to tell me the locations of some places and the secret code to enter.

I patiently noted all of this down in my head.

After waiting some more time and listening to speeches about things I didn’t understand, I realized there was nothing to do here anymore.

When my sister asked me, “Where are you going?” I lied again about going to the restroom, but this time headed straight for the exit of the mansion, calling a cab as I went.

Walking through the corridors, I finally reached the exit of the mansion, when a voice stopped me.

"As I expected, the waste of time again decided to do something irrational. "

The voice was very familiar to me.

When I stopped I looked to the side, and there stood an arrogant Maria holding her arms across her chest.

"And what does this have to do with you?"

I shot back and wanted to move on because I didn't have time to talk to such an arrogant character.

But as I took a step, I felt someone grab my shoulder.

It was very strong, which made me feel some pain.

"Hmpf, what does this have to do with me? Because I'm her friend!"

I heard her voice again, but almost directly into my ear; I could feel her huff down the back of my neck.

She didn't let me reply and continued.

"You've ruined what she's been preparing for for two years. But now you've recklessly ruined it all by doing rash things!"

Hearing her words, I asked,

"Prepared for two years? Rash things?"

"Yes, and now, instead of getting stronger, she has to protect you."

The more I listened, the more puzzled I became, but at the same time I was irritated by her tone and arrogance.

Although I understood beforehand that she was haughty, if that arrogance was directed at me it was extremely annoying.

Because of this, the opinion formed by my first impression of her beauty was completely ruined.

"And what do you mean by preparation?"

I had absolutely no clue what she was talking about, so I asked such a question.

Listening to my question, I could clearly see her expressing more pity.

"Ha, you don't even know that? She was doing her best to make sure you lived a normal life and didn't touch anything connected to demons. And now because of your actions, all her efforts have been in vain. So I advise you to get out of her life."

<<A normal life? So she wanted Amber to live an ordinary life and not think about demons…but then why was I attacked specifically because I look like Vanessa?>>

I wanted to ask that question, but seeing the look on her face, I changed my mind.

"So you're saying that protecting me is a burden to her?"

"Yes! You are a burden for her to get rid of, so stop dragging her down."

The answer was in a very loud and haughty voice, just like before.

[13% => 14%↑]


I nodded understandingly, but mentally tried to calm down.

She was already getting on my nerves.

"Then why do you think I'm pulling her down?"

"Ha, it's obvious–instead of getting stronger she now has to protect you."

Listening to her I wanted to laugh. Holding back a giggle, I asked another question.

"Do you have a father and mother?"

My question clearly puzzled her, but she didn't change her tone.

"Of course I do."

"Are they stronger than you?"

Asking the second question I glared at her with interest.

"Yes they are stronger than me, but that's not what we're talking about now."

"Then are they protecting you?

Listening to my third question, her face trembled for a moment.

"Yes! But now..."

As she was about to change the subject I interrupted her.

"Then you're a burden on your family; you need protection as well. I understand you wanted to point out to me that I am weak and pulling my sister down. But by your own pathetic logic, are you not dragging your own family down too?"

The more I spoke the more her face grew darker.


"Don't tell me it's different."

She tried to justify herself, but I didn't give her the opportunity.

"So what's your problem? Unlike you, she's my sister, not yours. She has an obligation to protect me, and I have an obligation to protect her. But none of this has anything to do with you."

"Or do you…you want Vanessa to spend more time with you–?"

I didn't finish my words as I felt myself being grabbed squarely by the neck and lifted into the air. I gasped, and without realizing it, I grabbed the arm that was holding me.

A hoarse and threatening voice was heard.

"A weakling like you is not worthy of Vanessa to take care of you. So promise me now, from now on you stay away from her."

[Skill {Rage} has activated.]

[Mind 16↓ => Strength 14↑]

[14% => 15%↑]

Looking at her, I could already feel myself starting to choke, but I still said in a hoarse voice.

"A–if I…say no…then what?"

[15% => 16%↑]

[Mind 15↓ => Strength 15↑]

The annoyance of being grabbed whenever they want and doing whatever they want made me feel rage.

I felt her lift me closer to her and whispered in my ear.

"I'm going to kill you and make you lose yourself."

[17% => 18%↑]

[Mind 13↓ => Strength 17↑]

My vision began to turn red, and I had a feeling of deja vu.

But gradually my strength increased.

Grasping her hand tightly, I smiled at her as she looked up at my face.

"Death... Ha ha..."

I could see the look of doubt on her face.

"Do you think... I'm afraid of death?"

My smile grew wider, and I looked at her with a manic grin.

<<I want to get stronger because I don't want to fall into the hands of that red-eyed silhouette, since out of all the creatures here it is the only one that has sensed my soul. If even becoming stronger I can't win, I can kill myself, but I also want to fight, since I don't know what will happen after I die here. But then again, I'd rather die than fall into the hands of that entity.>>

It seemed the way I acted made her go into a stupor.

Because of that, I was finally able to get myself out of her grasp.

Falling to the ground, I breathed heavily.

After I calmed down, I slowly stood up and looked at her.

"What you did to me just now…I’ll remember to pay you back, with interest. It’s the selfish and arrogant kind of people that I hate the most in the world."

After leaving such words, I turned and walked out. Though it was still hard to breathe, it was bearable.

Opening the cab door awaiting me, I sat in the back of the car and leaned back.

[Skill {Rage} has deactivated.]

Telling the driver where I wanted to go, I began to rest without worrying about anything, until the sound of the vibration caused me to turn my attention to my phone.

Glancing at the notification, my sister was calling me. Deflecting the call, I held down the power button and turned my phone off.

Checking my inventory, I began the preparation to destroy all the demons.

Looking at the {Collapsing Consciousness} meter again I wanted to swear, but I restrained myself and tried to control my emotions.

Chapter end

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