Chapter 5: New Girlfriend?

Chapter 5: New Girlfriend?

Leaving the hotel, I went and pulled Litta back to the same cafe. We entered, and dragging her to her previous seat, I sat down first.

The whole time Litta didn't say a word.

“Sit down, what are you doing?” I told her, seeing that she was standing petrified and not moving an inch.

After my words, she sat down across from me and just stared at me for a few seconds.

It made me feel uncomfortable.

“What do you need? Why are you staring at me like that?”

In response to my words there was a blush on her face. She hurriedly averted her gaze from me as she asked a question.

“So…why did you save me?”

"Who woul–”

<<Mmmm, I nearly just said “Who wouldn’t save such a beautiful girl in trouble?” That would have blown my cover.>>

“You’re my classmate! How could I just stand by and watch you get treated like that?”

Seeing that she didn’t respond, I immediately changed the subject.

“Ah–I know what could calm you down. What would you like to drink?”

Although anyone who was listening in might assume that I’d be good with girls, in reality I had absolutely no experience in the matter.

I was able to somewhat talk to classmates, at least, since I did go to school in my past life and had to work with them sometimes.

But talking to someone on a date was completely different.

Well, technically, this wasn’t a date, but the situation was very awkward for me nonetheless.

I couldn’t even think of anything to talk about, so to change the subject, I called the waiter.

Soon we were brought two cups of coffee. I also ordered ice cream again, since I hadn't finished it last time.

Not a word was spoken while we were sipping the coffee.

Finally after finishing my coffee and ice cream, I wanted to say goodbye and leave. 

<<Why was I even thinking about trying to win her over, when I can’t even strike a conversation with her?>>

Mentally sighing, I went to get up, but then the phone vibrated.

It wasn't mine, because I had turned it off completely.

Litta picked up her phone, and after looking for a while, her green eyes turned their gaze to me. I even noticed a slight excitement in her eyes.

This made me doubt, though a slightly different feeling.

“Umm…what happened, class leader?”

“It’s…the group chat just reported that Aivor turned himself in!”

I went into a stupor for a moment

<<For fuck’s sake, that asshole still exists and I wanted to leave her by herself–what a moron I am.>>

But at the same time I was surprised; I didn't think he'd give up so soon, and I didn’t even have to go confront him again.

“What exactly did they say?”

“It's about the fact that he went to the police station, and there were a few other people talking to him–from the looks of it, probably his parents.

She looked at the phone screen and reread it to me, telling me everything.

“After the confession, the police called all those girls, and after questioning them they found out that it was true…they even found out that one of the girls had committed suicide.”

After reading for a few minutes she paused.

<<Turns out he wasn’t just an asshole, but much worse. To lead a girl to this…good thing I went after him.>>

Noticing that she had stopped talking, I asked, puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

“Huh?! No, nothing.”

She seemed to come back to her senses with my question. Looking at me, she said very seriously,

“Amber, I’m so sorry–I wasn’t in a good mood, so I didn’t even thank you…now, I must apologize for that. So, umm…thank you so much for saving me. Honestly…I…I was really scared, then…”

At first the words were in a normal tone, but while she was talking she seemed to let her nerves go so she started to cry a little. 

I couldn't help it, so I instinctively ran my hand over and lightly stroked her head which tilted forward.

“It’s okay, Aivor’s gone now…so you don’t have to think about it anymore, okay?”

Halfway through, she lifted her head slightly, which made me realize what I was doing. I hastily pulled my hand away, and nervously stood up from my seat.

“E-ehh, I’m sorry, I did that without realizing it.”

I couldn't look at her again.

“I–I’ll go now, so go home and rest. As long as he’s already given up, you don’t have to think about it anymore, so…um…bye.”

Hurriedly, waving my hand, I shuffled out of the cafe as if running away.

<<Fuck, what the hell…what kind of cretin am I?>>

Remembering the feel of her soft hair I squeezed my hand and ran. My Dexterity was already very high, so it didn't take long to get quite far. 

And then I froze–I hadn't paid for my coffee and ice cream. 

Feeling my face start to burn, a huge shame rose up inside me as I had to turn around and run back.

It took me almost 15 minutes, since during the previous run I had already used up my stamina. Going inside I did not see the class leader. When I went to the cash register to pay, it turned out that she had already paid for both of us. Feeling my face grow redder and redder, I turned around and walked out. 

My only thought was that I should definitely apologize to her.


Entering the house, I went straight to eating. While I was eating and wanted to lie on the couch in the living room for a while, the door opened and my sister came. 

Remembering that I had to train, I fell into despondency. After an hour we were already standing in the same place holding swords in our hands.

A few hours later I was lying on the floor again, greedily gulping for air. This time I didn't satisfy her.

Maybe it was because my motivation was gradually fading.

Just like before she left without saying a word, and after 10 minutes I also went out and took a bath. 

After that I fell on my bed and opened my phone. I wanted to write an apology to Litta, but still decided it was better to do it face to face.

As I thought about it, I opened the class group chat and looked; they were still talking about Aivor. I also noticed my classmates asking questions to the class leader; I remembered that it was because everyone knew these two were dating.

As I watched carefully, it was questions along the lines of whether she knew about it, or if he was abusing her. Almost everyone was worrying about her.

How could they not? She has a reputation for being kind; if anything ever happens in class, the first person anyone rushes to for help is the class leader.

Thinking that I needed to pull her aside to a secluded area tomorrow and apologize, I turned off the phone and plugged it in.

As I lay in bed, moments with Litta came to mind, like scenes of when we were sitting in the cafe together–even if I embarrassed myself and we did not talk, I still think it’s a good memory..

I imagined the feeling of her soft hair as I reached out and fondled the air.

I remembered her slightly aroused look, and her pouting face, and mentally imagined what it would feel like when I would kiss those plump lips. 

A feeling of arousal that I hadn’t felt lately because of the rigorous training was gradually rising in me. 

I imagined more and more revealing things, and wondered what kind of lingerie she was wearing today, whether she was wearing black or another color.

In my mind’s eye appeared the image of Litta in a black panty and bra. I imagined how I took off her bra, and her delicate breasts appeared before my eyes.

At the same time, I put my hand on my pussy. Through my panties I felt some moisture, and gradually moved my fingers. I imagined how she would moan with pleasure as I held her breasts and massaged them.

“Mmmm~”, a moan escaped my lips. When I realized this I immediately pretended to be sleeping, held my breath, and quickly looked at the closed door. 

Listening, there was no sound.

Again, I started massaging my pussy, but this time I kept my mouth tightly shut. 

When I imagined taking off her panties and her innermost spot opening up before my eyes, my hand went under my panties and began directly stroking my crotch.

I felt my hand get sticky, and the inner heat seemed to gather much faster than the last time.

A scene appeared in my mind where she was lying on the bed presenting her pussy to me with her legs apart.

I slowly approached her and reached down to stroke it with my hand.

Her moans grew louder in my imagination, and at the same time I felt a growing pleasure in my lower abdomen. 

My hand began to stroke faster, as the scene changed and I stopped stroking her pussy with my hand and moved my face closer. 

Opening my mouth my tongue reached for her spot and licked lightly; in reality, this made me open my own mouth and lick my lips. 

As I imagined her starting to moan fast and loud and finally cum…

A wave of pleasure ran down my thighs, then up my spine and hit my consciousness.

It made me arch my chest forward, and my hips quivered.

A feeling of euphoria went through my entire body, and just like before, my vision blurred and my mind went blank.

Lying on the bed sheets, I could clearly feel the smell of lust emanating from under the blanket.

After I finally came down from my high and looked at the door I put my thoughts in order. Taking my phone into my hands, I turned on the flashlight, and went to the window carefully to open it and let fresh air into the room.

Approaching the bed, I lifted the blanket and pulled it over, and at that moment the light of the flashlight fell on the sheet, revealing a small stain.

Realizing that it was the result of my actions my face turned red.

After a while I closed the window and lay down on the bed again. Although I wanted to go and take a shower, I didn't want to be seen again by my sister.

So I lay down and closed my eyes to sleep, but again the images that I imagined were appearing before my eyes which made me feel arousal again.

Quickly shaking my head I used my phone to distract myself, and as a result, I did not sleep until almost 3 a.m.. After waking up in the morning, I felt tired.

I dropped the entire sheet into a spot for dirty clothes.

After a quick shower and getting out, I finally fully came to my senses, and after a few bites of food I left the house.


As I walked down the street toward school, I wondered how I was going to apologize to her. 

<<Maybe I should call her to a private place to apologize, and if she's angry I'll buy her something from the cafeteria.>>

Finally as I approached the gate, I was pierced again by a stare that looked right at my ass.

I already knew it was the guard, and I could feel it every time.

I couldn't wait to kick him right in the groin so he'd stop doing it.

I took a deep breath and went forward faster–a few minutes passed and I was in front of the classroom door.

<<I need to go and sit down until Litta arrives; then I’ll call her somewhere remote and apologize.>>

But when I opened the door the class leader was already sitting there with her hands on her chin, looking straight at the door.

Our eyes met as I opened the door, and the moment she saw me, she jumped up from her seat and ran towards me, happily waving.

“Hey Amber, you’re finally here! Look, about yesterday–”

Before she could continue to speak I grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the room. I felt the heat on my face as I lowered my head and brought her to the corner of the stairs.

After standing there in silence for a few seconds I turned to her and spoke.

“Litta, look–I’m…really sorry. I had some work yesterday, so I forgot to pay for the coffee and ice cream–do you want me to pay you back or buy you something if you’d like–”

“STOP! Stop. Amber, it’s really nothing to worry about.”

She looked at me with sad eyes and continued.

“Turns out you just had some business…here, I thought you…ran away from–”

“YES! I had a thing, sorry…”

I quickly interrupted her, after which I looked away embarrassed.

“Ah, I see…”

I refused to look at her face in case I saw those bright green eyes again. They made me remember what I had done last night. Subconsciously my head turned to the side again and I started taking deep breaths to calm my mind.

We stood there for a while, after which she suggested we go to class. I agreed with her and we left.

This experience was new to me. She was my first friend, after all. After school she invited me to go to that cafe again, joking with me that this time I had to pay.

At this time I no longer felt as embarrassed as before. Though, I was still not at all at ease with her presence either, simply because any time my gaze fell on her plump lips or her figure, I remembered my fantasies.

Three more days passed at this pace, and my attempts to approach my sister gradually stopped. However, my walks with Litta became more frequent, and it somewhat balanced my mood from failure to approach my sister–but still, day by day it got worse.

On the third day, standing in front of my sister, I wanted to make one last attempt to approach her, to see if the plot of the game had begun or not.


Taking a deep breath I waited for a while before looking across at my sister.

“Sis, can I go with you to your academy for a walk to–”

“No. You’re not allowed to go there.”

Before I could complete my thoughts she replied sternly, making the same indifferent face again, and then left.

We finished practice early today. Thinking about her reaction, I couldn't focus on the training.

<<Or maybe the plot has already started and the main character has already won over Vanessa…if so, what should I do?

And–does she not want me to…interfere in her relationship?

Why does that thought make me feel bad? I mean, I've known her for a few days–is this actually love? …or do I only want her for her body and am jealous?>>

My mind were spinning nonstop.

<<To be honest, I didn't want it to turn out this way, but at the same time if it's true…I don't want to ruin…their love.

I–I still have to check it out…>>

With those thoughts, I ended the day, and decided I would follow my sister tomorrow to observe her.

It was a day off for her, but my sister was still going to the academy.

Lying in bed I couldn't sleep, as my own thoughts kept me awake.

At that moment, my phone vibrated; there was a message.

 - amber

 - we’re gonna go to karaoke tomorrow as a class. can you come too?

I couldn’t answer right away; I thought about Litta, and how she was my first friend.

After hesitating for a few seconds, I wrote back.

 - what time

The answer came very quickly.

- around 6-7 PM

<<Is it just me, or does this girl want to get into trouble again?>> Remembering that tomorrow my sister will go to the academy around 2 PM, I agreed.

 - k, call me tmrw before we meet up.

Chapter end

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