Chapter 19: Three Skills?

Chapter 19: Three Skills?

The window unfolded and two new skills appeared instead of one.

[You have obtained the skill {Sex Partner}, Novice level.

Description: You have become more proficient in regards to intercourse with a partner.]

<<Phew, the first skill wasn't weird–or, well, unexpected, thankfully.>>

After reading the description of the first skill, I felt relieved, but when I glanced at the second skill, I suddenly straightened up.

From my actions, the water in the tub sloshed around and some spilled out.

But I did not pay attention to this, and continued to stare at the interface window.

[You have obtained the skill {Collapsing Consciousness}, ???? level.

Description: Due to frequent rising and falling Spiritual attributes, you have developed {????}. With large stimulation, {????} may change, and {????} will change.

Tip: To help you control your emotions, an indicator was created to show how close you are to activating the skill.]

This window was vastly different from the previous ones.

The main thing was that the color of the texts was different. It was also the first time I got any {????} level skill.

An indicator was even created for this.

Something like a partially filled bar appeared in my field of vision under the radar with 9% written on it.

<<So, the skill already has 9% to activate?, and by percentage, if it reaches 100%, that's it?>>

I still don't understand what the level is about. But given that it comes after the [Master] level, it should be powerful.

In addition, a bunch of the text was obfuscated, and a tip was also included with the description.

I guessed what that implied was that the effects of the skill were so influential that warnings were required.

<< The game advises me to control my emotions, which means the skill is again associated with my mentality…same as {Rage}, but that skill’s level was low. And now I got the {Collapsing Consciousness} which, since it’s at the {????} level, if it also makes me lose myself in some sense, then that's a bad thing for me!>>

After looking at the tip again, and then at the diagram, I deeply sighed and tried to calm down, but that was even harder to do in actuality than on paper.

The very fact that I have to control my emotions in order for the skill not to activate makes me nervous.

But, fortunately, the percentage has not changed due to this.

<<So! Calm down! Inhale! Exhale!>>

I mentally ordered myself to breathe in and out, but I did not feel relief. On the contrary, there was anxiety and a vague feeling of fear.

<<Just because of a normal skill, my strength rose enough to crush the head of a human and a demon without being able to control myself for a while.

So now I have to be very careful with this, because I don’t even know what kind of emotions {Collapsing Consciousness} can trigger.>>

When I came to my senses, I got out of the water and began to dry my hair. Standing in front of the mirror, I could see my naked body.

My hair fell to my shoulders, part of which covered half of my face. A relief for me in all this was that I finally didn't overreact to my body in such an exaggerated way anymore.

Although there are still some signs of arousal when I watch, I can easily contain it.

When my gaze fell on my groin, I subconsciously remembered what I went through and the face of that demon.

My fists clenched on their own.

<<I got too hasty and killed her–I should have tortured her well first...>>

My thoughts did not finish, when suddenly a red arrow ↑ appeared near the diagram, as the number 9 became 10.

<<..........ok, never mind, just forget about it...>>

I shook the thoughts out of my head and began to dry my body with a towel.

After I dried off, I quickly left the bathroom and went upstairs.

Falling onto the bed after putting on my nightgown, my mind began to wander again, but I quickly shook my head.

Taking my phone in hand, I launched a random comedy and started watching.

The movie was dumb, but still made me laugh a few times and lightened my mood.

While I was already immersed in the film, I heard the sound of the front door opening and closing.

Most likely it was my sister, when I continued to look at the phone, I heard a voice calling me.

But only this voice was not of a sister, but rather of another person.

"Hey Amber, where are you?"

The voice was masculine and familiar, which puzzled me, and I quickly got up and put on a housecoat over my nightgown.

Going down, I saw that there was a young man in the living room. What surprised me was that it was my cousin.

He was wearing something like a fancy business suit and was sitting on the couch, looking around and watching the surroundings.

Looking at the door, and then at him, I raised an eyebrow.

Noticing me, he excitedly got up from his seat and hurriedly approached me as he spoke.

"Ah! Amber, good to see you again..."

When he went to hug me, I pushed him away in a rude manner and asked,

"Who gave you permission to enter?"

Looking at his fake harmless smile, I already guessed that this man clearly came here with bad motives.

"Cousin, don't be so rude, I just–"

Before he could continue, I looked at him, and this time asked loudly, “Answer the question!”

His smile turned into a cocky smirk and he leaned towards me, looking into my eyes.

"Why can't I come in?"

Here is his true face. What he did before, apparently for him, was a routine facade.

Taking a step towards me, he continued in a low voice.

"Your sister is not at home, and unlike her, you can't stop me, so why can't I go where I want?"

Listening to his words, I felt annoyed, but quickly came to my senses and glanced at the indicator.

Fortunately, the percentage has not increased. Again turning my attention to him, I repeated my question.

"So what are you here for?"

In response to my question, he dramatically touched his chest as if he was stabbed in the heart.

"Oh, cousin, you pain me; can't I come and see you when I want to?"

At the last word, he grinned again and looked at me.

"If you do that again and don't answer, I can guarantee you'll walk out of here with a swollen face,”

I threatened him. But instead of answering, he began to grimace even more, and taking another step towards me, he raised his hand to touch my face.

But I stopped him before he could and grabbed his hand.

"Now instead of just giving you a swollen face, you will have an additional broken arm."

As I said that, I didn't give him time to react. When I yanked his hand towards me I thought he would lose his balance.

But he also seems to be not an ordinary person–though, anyone who knows about demons cannot be ordinary.

Instead of hitting the floor, he made a circular motion with his waist and straightened up.

"Oh, you seem to have some power."

The feeling of annoyance grew, but I also looked at the indicator from time to time.

<<Irritation doesn't seem to increase skill activation progress, at least.>>

Feeling relieved, I lifted my leg without hesitation and kicked towards his stomach.

He naturally blocked it and with the same smirk opened his mouth to say something.

But when my foot returned to the ground, I lifted my other foot and quickly attacked again.

There were some difficulties since I had put on slippers when I went downstairs, so now I was trying to strike him with them.

<<Luckily, he's not that fast.>>

Although he was not an ordinary person, my speed was still higher.

This time, he didn't block, but instead dodged by moving his head back.

As I threw blows quickly one after another, his face, which was still smirking, began to turn grim and concentrated.

After making another kick, this time he finally failed to avoid it. My foot fell on his stomach with lightning speed.

And at the same time, a blinking icon came into view again, but there was no time to look.

Having hit him, forcing him to retreat deeper into the living room, I followed him.

When he wanted to cover his head from another blow, I wanted to hit another open place, but at that moment I suddenly felt that hitting his head would be the right thing to do.

Puzzledly following the feelings, I made a pinwheel motion, doing a U-turn and kicking him right in the face. At that moment, he was already lowering his hands to cover his head with a smirk, but my foot slipped through his defenses and planted itself in his face.

The blow went very smoothly and a slapping sound was heard, due to the rubber under the slippers.

I saw his head lean back at the same time as his eyes rolled up and blood gushed out of his nose.

A dull sound was heard as the young man lay down on the ground with outstretched arms.

Lowering my leg and drying it in the air, I looked at him doubtfully.

Once I was convinced that he had lost consciousness, my attention was drawn to the flashing sign.

[You have obtained the skill {Combat Instinct}, Novice level.

Description: Due to the fact that you often get into trouble, you have developed an instinctive combat sense.]

<<Third skill, for today. Well, unlike the other two, this is clearly a useful skill.>>

After looking at my cousin again and realizing that he was fine, I went to the kitchen to get something to drink.

When I returned, I looked at his hand and left the bottle on the sofa.

Moving forward, I raised his arm and kicked him.

There was a crack, and after that he regained consciousness and began to scream.

Taking the drink and sitting back on the couch, I watched him yell.

I had to ask why this asshole came here and whether it is connected with the fact that his parents were talking to my sister the other day.

It was clear that he chose this time on purpose to come here, when my sister wasn’t around. If I was like before, I would not be able to resist him, and it might have ended badly.

Opening the lid of the drink and taking a swig, I waited for him to calm down.

But apparently he did not last long and again lost consciousness.

After taking a few sips again, I thought about how to bring him back to his senses.

But at that moment there was a familiar sound of the door opening again.

Then the door closed again and footsteps were heard, which suddenly stopped abruptly.

I looked behind me, where my sister was standing and staring first at me, and then at the unconscious body.

Putting her bag aside, she approached step by step and looked at the intruder's face.

Examining her reaction, again I found nothing.

When I started to say something, I listened as she interrupted me.

"Amber, go to your room."

Her aura that I saw the other day reappeared, which made a chill run down my spine.

Although I had something to ask this asshole, it seems now was not the right time.

When I got up, I watched as she took him by the leg and dragged him towards the training room.


Sitting on my bed and staring blankly ahead, my thirst for becoming stronger grew larger.

<<I’m still not strong enough to oppose my sister, since she can always force me to do what she wants.

Though, I still don’t understand the matter was with my cousin being here…>>

But after thinking, I opened the interface and looked at my experience.


Looking at the arsenal in inventory, I wondered.

<<I don't know if that's enough to clean up the hotel where there were almost 60 demons, or if it will take a lot more.

But time does not wait for me. There are demons everywhere, and I still get the chills from the mysterious red-eyed figure that spoke to me in my dreams that one time.

While it can be risky, if I don’t do this, I won’t be able to level up fast enough.

I’ve decided; I’m going to clean up the whole hotel.>>

While I was thinking, the door of the room opened and my sister was standing there. She shot a look at me and said.

"Tomorrow at noon we have to go somewhere–and no, you can't refuse since I watched you already kill the demons."

When she started talking I tried to refuse but she already refuted it.

So, I was only left with pressing doubts to ask about.

"So where are we going?"

She stared at me for a while and she breathed in heavily; it was the first time I ever saw her act like this.

“It will be like a banquet where all the demon slayers in the area will gather. There will also be some unpleasant people, so you need to stay with me all the time. Furthermore, as soon as we get back, I want to talk to you about something. It's about your safety and the school."

As she spoke, she immediately turned around and left without giving me a chance to speak.

<<I wanted to clean the hotel tomorrow, but what the hell is with this sudden banquet? It doesn't matter; if it's at noon, then I still can. I'll sneak out of there and then I'll go and start exterminating.>>

Having made my plans for tomorrow, I buried myself in the pillow.

<<Tomorrow will be quite interesting. I’d like to see the society of hunters, and whether there are demons among them…I might also be able to get information on where to buy magic items.>>

Chapter end

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