Chapter 6: Trouble Again

Chapter 6: Trouble Again

When I woke up, my eyes opened wide with no signs of tiredness. The closer the moment came, the more nervous I became; thinking about it again, I really didn't want my sister to be with a hero.

Selfishness? Or just other feelings? 

That was something I wouldn’t figure out until later.

I got up quickly and got dressed. There was still plenty of time left before Vanessa left for the academy. When I came downstairs I had already noticed my sister cooking again, and she didn’t even glance back when I came down this time.

I sat on the couch and watched her for a while. I didn't know what to do if it turned out her heart was already captured by the Hero. 

It was a feeling I hadn't experienced in the past; it was foreign to me. 

Wait–no, I had before, and I had just forgotten about it.

It is impossible not to fall in love with at least one person in your life–well, some people are the exception. But I wasn't one of those people. Although I never got a girlfriend on campus, I often fell in love with a classmate in secret.

The feeling I felt now reminded me of what I felt back then. <<Maybe I really did fall in love with her…but is it because I actually care about her, or is it because she’s just too beautiful?>>

Either way, just like yesterday, I decided I had to go and find out personally.

During breakfast we, as before, did not speak.

The time came and she left the house right away, warning me that if I went out I would have to text her where I was going.

After waiting for her to leave I went upstairs and changed into some less conspicuous clothes and then left the house as well.

Good thing I already knew from memory where the academy was. 

Walking in that direction, I finally caught up with my sister, who was already getting on the bus. 

The academy is pretty far from our house, so I couldn’t walk. After waiting for the next bus to come around I also got on.

It took almost 20 minutes to reach the academy. Getting off the bus, I started to ponder what to do.

Only people who were enrolled at the academy could enter. Furthermore, according to Amber’s memories, Vanessa had told her that a lot of demon hunters went to this academy, both as students and staff; I doubted I’d be able to sneak past people like that.

I had to stick around for a long time to get a chance to slip inside, but as soon as I wanted to act,I saw my sister, and a few people with her, coming out of the academies. They were going towards the subway, and I had to cautiously follow. 

When they got on a train, I hopped on board as well, about a door down the line.

Luckily they didn't see me, but there were a lot of people too so I had to squeeze in. Turning my head to the side, I kept an eager eye on the group to see when they would leave.

After ten minutes they got off at a station, and after a short wait I also followed them. Soon they arrived at a cafe. 

I followed them in and found a seat on the other side where I could see them. It was too dangerous to get close lest they found me.

Sitting and watching them I finally examined the other two beside my sister, both girls. 

One of them had dark purple hair. But she was sitting with her back to me, so I couldn't see her face. I could see the face of the other girl, and she was definitely one of the heroines; based on that fact, and how one of the heroines did indeed have purple hair, the first girl must have been a heroine too.

So my sister is sitting there with two other heroines that I had already seen in the game.

I felt somewhat relieved, but kept watching. 

Suddenly the door of the cafe opened and a young man walked in. This made me pretend to look out the window and miss his face, so that I wouldn’t be seen as a creepy stalker.

But turning my head as the teenager passed, I saw him heading towards my sister and the other two.

Could it be the main character?

I suddenly had a bad feeling. I didn't know what they were talking about, but they seemed to be having fun, and only my sister kept her indifferent face.

Even after a quarter of an hour, they seemed to not be even close to finishing, when suddenly the young man, who was talking to the heroine with dark purple hair, looked at my sister and asked something.

And at that moment, to be honest, I realized I shouldn't have come here. Because, I saw my sister look at him for a few seconds before her lips curved upward, showing a stunning smile as she answered the man.

I still couldn't hear what they were talking about, but I felt happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because I saw her smile for once, but sad, because that smile was not directed at me.

My mind turned off, although there was a possibility of this and I wanted to confirm this, but now I only feel an emptiness inside of me.. 

My senses seemed to switch off. Leaving money on the table, I stumbled out of the building, my feet wandering off on their own to some unbeknownst distant land.


It was a park. The day had already gradually changed to night, and in the distance I could see the sunset.

Sitting on a bench, I stared off into nothingness, with no happiness or sadness in my heart. Sometimes, in the past, I heard cautionary phrases like “Do not take for reality what it is you’ve imagined.”

I didn't understand them at the time, but it was clear to me now. 

While my thoughts were in chaos, I heard the sound of my phone vibrating. 

When I opened it, I saw several messages from my sister–maybe she had already gone home. 

Seeing her messages I felt nothing, and didn’t react. Maybe I had already gotten over it?

Flipping through, I saw that the other one was from Litta. Opening it, my eyes quickly skimmed through the message.

 - Amber we’re here, get over here

 - Please hurry up or we’ll start without u

I answered with the word “coming” and watched the sunset for a few seconds before heading towards the bus stop.

On the way, I reopened my messages with my sister, and warned her again that I would come home late. 


When I got off the bus, a brightly lit street appeared before my eyes. I looked around and saw Litta waving to me.

Finally reaching my classmates, I said hello, and following a few of them, I went inside the karaoke establishment.

Walking through the corridor we reached the small rooms where loud music was playing. We had to split up into multiple groups, as there wasn’t much space in each room.

Walking together with Litta, my mood was still low.

Maybe she noticed that, so she asked anxiously,

“Amber, are–are you okay?”

Maybe it was because I sensed her concern, but I forced myself to smile and nod.

Walking into the room there was a big couch in the corner and a big screen hanging on the far wall. 

Well, classic karaoke, there were six of us. Three girls and three boys.

Although I had noticed the occasional stare before at school which already made me uncomfortable, here these three boys were throwing frequent glances at me and scanning my body blatantly. 

Anger compounded onto my depression, which made me feel annoyed inside.

As I was about to erupt and yell at them, I was forced to stop by Litta, who took the microphone and began to sing. 

From the corner of my eye I noticed from watching the others that these guys were flirting with the last girl, and she in turn was not resisting this.

At this rate, half an hour passed. Everyone else was singing and some were even dancing. 

At this point Litta suggested I sing.

“Come on Amber, I want to hear you sing!”

I wanted to say no to Litta and get the hell out of there, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed that one of the guys full-blown kissed the girl and that she was stupid for not resisting.

My anger had reached its limit.

“Are you trying to have a three…four-some in here?”

My voice was very cold, which made even myself hesitate a little when I heard it come out of my mouth. At least the others didn’t notice that..

Now they're all looking at me with stunned eyes. 

“If you want to do this, then go somewhere else! Get a fucking room!”

“Yo, Amber, chillax. We ain’t doing anything like that, look–it was just a kiss.”

I glared at the one who spoke, and he also stared back with a slightly defiant look.

My hand itched for a beating, but at that moment Litta took my arm. 

As I glanced at her in confusion, she shook her head. I rolled my eyes at her actions–either this girl is too naive or just an idiot. 

Mentally sighing I looked at the third girl.

“If you want to stay, then fine; you’ll probably regret it later. If not, then leave with us.”

I don't know what the girl was thinking, but she shook her head.

“Tsk. Let’s go, Litta; we came here for nothing.”

Having said that, I pulled her by the arm toward the door, when one of the boys, who was looking at me with a disgusted look, suddenly stood up and said,

“Heeey, Amber, Litta, where’re ya goin’? The party’s just started, and it sure as hell don’t stop…”

My hand was already moving towards the handle, when the door opened on its own and two people strolled in.

The one in front was a dude with broad shoulders and a no-nonsense face, and he moved inside and held the door open for the man behind him. After him came a teenager with weird, pompous hair, that almost blinded me with how much product he seemed to have used on it.

The boy who just spoke to me turned his head to the strange-haired teen, and immediately smiled.

“Boss! You were almost too late–to be honest, I’m very jealous–”

His face was pushed to the side as this teenager with weird hair stepped into the room. 

“Oh, dear Amber, I was almost late. I had some…prior commitments, so, forgive me.”

Saying that, he headed toward the couch and sat down.

Litta and I were still standing. Seeing that we hadn't moved, this weirdo began talking in a sarcastic voice.

“Have a seat, ladies. As I overheard earlier, our party has only just begun.”

I felt Litta's hand shake a little.

<<Again? I don’t know if this girl has the ability to attract trouble…>>

The broad bodyguard shut the door and stood in front of it like a statue.

I glanced at him, and demanded, “If you don’t tell your dog to get out of the way, then I’ll get him out of the way myself.”

As I threatened him, I let go of Litta's hand and got ready.

<<Although I’m still not at the point where I can beat my sister, these guys probably don’t even stand a chance against me.>>

“Hahaha…you truly have a good sense of humor, Amber. If you want to leave, then please, go right ahead, but don’t blame me for being rude if you fail.

Same sarcastic tone, and arrogance. As if what he’s saying is law. 

“You’ve heard what happened to Ivan, haven’t you? Are you sure you want to go through the same fate?”

Hearing that name, the guy thought for a moment, then laughed again.

“Ahhhh, so it was you who did this to him. I don’t know how you did it, but don’t think someone like him deserves my attention.”

<<Fuck, I just wanted to stay out of trouble, and I even gave him a chance, but…ahh, to hell with it all.>>

Before he could finish monologuing, I jumped up from my seat and my foot went straight for the belly of the guy standing in front of the door.

Before he could react he fell to the ground clutching his stomach. Not giving the others time, my leg swung and hit the arrogant brat right in the face. 

The same result occurred, as he lost consciousness and fell to the ground. 

Three blows later, and a total of five people were lying on the floor.

Only the girl remained sitting, watching me dumbfoundedly from the couch. 

I grabbed Litta, who was staring at them in a daze, and dragged her to the exit.



“Sister, I just beat up some people. You said if that happened, I should call you.”

Even though I didn't feel like it, I called her.


“The karaoke bar downtown, across from that supermarket.”

“...and, when are you coming back?”

To be honest I didn’t want to see her again today. 

Looking at Litta, I muted the microphone and asked her,

“Mmm…Litta, can I stay at your place tonight?”

It seemed my question was unexpected, but when she came to her senses, she nodded. 

“Sis, I’m not coming home tonight…my, uh, friend here got scared of these people, and…she lives alone, so I’ll sleep there tonight to keep her company.”


A long pause followed before she answered and quickly hung up.

“Amber…how did you know I live alone?”

Looking at Litta surprised, I asked back,

“Do you actually live alone?”

She nodded.

“So, I guessed right…shall we go, then?”

“Sure…but can I ask why you lied to your sister?”

<<You shouldn’t have asked…>>. Remembering what happened that afternoon made my mood worse again.

“You don’t need to know.”

I stared at her, and she nodded quickly in agreeance.


Getting off the subway, I walked with her for about 10 minutes before we reached an apartment building. 

Once inside we took the elevator upstairs, and soon stopping at the top floor, we stepped out.

Litta walked in front of me, until we stopped in front of a specific room. She opened the door with her key and invited me inside.


The apartment was very comfortable, with a large kitchen on the left and a living room around the corner. 

“Ahh, you have a beautiful home.”

“Huh? Ah, thank you. You can sit there if you’re hungry; I’m hungry too. Hang on, I’ll think of something to make, and then we’ll eat.

After watching her go into the kitchen, I followed her instead of sitting down. 

“Can I help? I know how to cook too.”

Chapter end

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