Chapter 16: Sleep is Good

Chapter 16: Sleep is Good

The sound of the alarm echoed in my head, making me flinch. I overcame my drowsiness and slowly got up from lying down. I had a slight headache from tossing and turning in bed for so long last night. I remembered the silly idea of masturbating to calm my nerves in order to fall asleep. But it worked the other way around, and I instead got much more excited. I wasn’t able to fall asleep until very late. Subconsciously, I took a deep yawn and finally woke up a little. I turned off the alarm clock and found that I had overslept.

It was hard to get myself in order today, and it was made worse by how my mood was also low. However, demons wouldn't wait for me. I decided yesterday that I needed to follow the people at the academy. If I'm lucky I'll find a magic store. Eventually, I got everything ready and left the house.

Looking at the academy in the distance, I wondered if my sister was already there, so I would have to be careful not to catch her eye. But who should I be spying on? Sure, it's easy to follow people with radar, but which target should I choose? At this point in the academy, it must be class time or something.

Finding a place nearby, I sat down and ordered food. I had to wait a long time. Here, I realized that I made a mistake; I could have gone and hunted demons. The problem is, it's also hard to find a demon strolling freely outside in the morning. After waiting a few more seconds, I saw a group coming out of the academy. There were two boys and two girls in the group. They seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. After thinking a bit, I started to follow them. But unfortunately for me, they just went to and fro different places.

I had to go back to the academy again. Once again, I followed another group, but nothing worked. After repeating this two more times I stopped.

There was no point in continuing; no luck today. Now, it is much more necessary to raise my level.

Standing on the crowded street again, I was looking at the radar. As expected, a demon appeared, but I doubted that they walked in groups of two a few meters away from each other.

It seems that I have to become a tracker today. With such thoughts, I began another pursuit. The difference was that now it was a demon. Soon after following them, I found myself in front of the casino doors…

It seems to me that there are too many conspiracies here. First, there was a hotel full of demons, then a place for carnal pleasures, and now even a casino. Either there is something wrong here, or on the contrary, it is all very well organized.

Watching more people go in and out of this building, I realized that without the radar, I could never have truly seen the reality of this world.

“Hey, girl, can I invite you in for a drink?” As I stood there stunned, I heard a voice from the side.

Looking in that direction, I saw a middle-aged man. Checking the radar confirmed that he was a demon.

"Since you're the one who came to me, let's go," I said.


I watched as the demon turned to ashes. The demon had been generous, offering to go to the hotel with me.

I looked outside through the window where the city lights still burned bright. Here's the thing: considering everything I've learned these past few days, this city doesn't seem like a good place.

Raising my hand, I examined my katana. It was still the same katana as before, in front of me; it didn’t have a single scratch on it, and it was still as clean as ever.

Throwing it back into my inventory, I walked out of the hotel. My next goal was to find a gun store.

It didn't take long to find the gun store. It was in a run-down alley with a sign that said "Guns." Although I doubted it was really a gun store, it was still worth a look.

As I got closer to the door, I looked around. It was already pretty dark, but there was still light in the building. Upon opening the door, I heard the sound of chatter, but as soon as I stepped inside, that same chatter died down. Although there were no demons on the radar, humans could be more dangerous than them in some ways. Good thing I covered my face with a mask.

After taking a look around, I slowly approached the bartender under everyone's gaze. Yes, it was a bar, but it was still worth checking out. The bartender was holding a rag and a clean glass. He looked pretty old. Deliberately lowering my voice down to a male’s undertones, I asked him a question. “Is it possible to buy weapons here?” I was inexperienced in such things, so I spoke bluntly.

The bartender, whose hand was washing a glass with a cloth, paused for a second before smiling and asking, “Sorry, sir, what weapons are you talking about?” I realized that my question was somewhat undiplomatic. I nodded to him and then turned and walked out of the building.

Finding a dark place to hide, I started waiting and watching. It was getting close to 12 a.m., but they still hadn't stopped drinking and partying. At this point, there were several calls and messages from my sister. After answering with a brief message that I would be late, I continued to wait.

Finally, by 1 a.m., the people in the bar gradually started to leave. When I saw the bartender finally come out and start to close the door, I got ready. Walking through the narrow alleys, I finally found a moment to grab him. Grabbing him by the collar, I pulled him back, and he fell to the ground with a scream. By this point, I had pulled out my katana and pointed it at him. I asked the same question again. “So, where do I buy a weapon?”

He seemed to realize it was me again. I soon heard his full, panicked voice:

“So–so you already have a weapon; what do you want from me?”

Listening to him, I swung my katana in front of him.

“Yes, I have cold steel, but I need firearms. Do you know where to buy one?”

“H-how would I know where to buy them?!” His voice got higher.

“You're a bartender. Don't you have a lot of information?” I seem to remember that you can learn anything from a bartender, but that seems to only happen in movies and novels.

“No! No! How would I know? …but…”

Listening to him, it seems like he remembered something.

“But what?”

“I heard the brother of one of my clients works for someone's boss…maybe he knows.” Although there's nothing else, there's still a lead.

“And where do I find your client or his brother?”

When he heard my question, he took his phone out of his pocket in a panic and stammered, “Here…I–I have his number…”

“Call him.”

Listening to me, it seemed like he didn't understand, so I had to point my katana at him again.

“Call him and ask him.”

“Yes! Yes, I will now!”

Soon, he called and asked around to find out a location. Because the client knew him, he told him the approximate place and person to discuss buying guns with.

Target changed. Now I had to go to a club 20 minutes away. According to that man's statement, the club is open until the morning, and certain things can be done for a certain amount of money. I don't know if my money is enough for that, but I should at least find out the price.

Luckily, coming here, there are no demons here. Walking up to the door where the bouncer was standing, I told him I wanted to see the guy with the name I had gotten from the bartender’s friend.

The big guy looked at me for a few seconds and then called someone on his pager.

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Good thing the hood and mask covered up the fact that I was a girl. I could see my breasts a little, though, but the tight clothing didn't make them stand out too much.

After talking for a few seconds, a man soon came out of the club. Looking around, he told me to follow him. The sound of loud music hit my ears as the man I was following opened a door at the end of the hallway.

At the bottom of the stairs, I could see the dance floor where many people were jumping and dancing. Some people were also kissing and drinking. Cautiously following the man, I passed on the side of the crowd. Going downwards some more and passing a few corridors, an iron door appeared before my eyes. I felt like I was in some kind of movie.

The man I was following knocked on the door. Looking at the radar revealed that there were several people inside, and one of them came towards us. A small window on the door shifted to the side, and the man behind the door looked at us. The man I was watching moved aside so I could be seen. The window closed again before the iron door opened.

A peculiar scene revealed itself to me. In the center of the room was a round table with money and cards, and a bright light bulb shone from overhead upon this table. Because of the shape of the hanging lamp, the center of the room was very well lit, but the sides where several people showed up on the radar were dark. This is definitely something out of a movie… With these thoughts, I went inside. The door closed behind us.

Looking ahead, there were several people sitting at the table. The man sitting in the center was a middle-aged man with a thick beard and a cigar in his teeth. Why am I feeling so much déjà vu?

As I stood there, the man pointed to an empty chair at the table and then spoke. “Have a seat, dear guest.”

I have corrected grammar and spelling errors, added appropriate punctuation marks to improve clarity, removed unnecessary repetition of words and phrases, and broke the text into shorter paragraphs for better readability. I hope this is helpful!

As he finished, he puffed on his cigar. At that moment, I realized I had done something very stupid. Turning my attention to the radar, I noticed seven other people in the room. Four were sitting at the table, and the other three were standing in the shadows. Doubting the sobriety of my mind, I slowly walked forward and sat in the vacant seat. The man with the beard took another breath and then asked, “So, why did the guest come to me?”

Clenching my slightly sweaty fists, I lowered my voice and answered, “I need firearms.”

The man raised his eyebrows in mild surprise. I don't know why he was surprised. Taking another drag out of his cigar, he continued, “Dear guest, where would I get these guns from? You seem to have been misinformed.”

Frustrated, I replied, “Then I have no reason to talk to you.” I got up and turned to leave. I'd better go. Don't keep doing stupid things, I told myself.

When I got to the door, the man's voice sounded again. “Miss, don't be in such a hurry, I was only joking.” I stopped and turned to him. He just said miss, so he already figured out that I was a girl. At this point, he was looking at his phone and reading something. Finally nodding, he put the phone on the table and stared at me. “So, why do you want guns, Miss? Do you want to kill your boyfriend? If you took that risk and came here…” He smiled and spoke. I raised my guard to the max.

The man pointed to the seat again. “Have a seat.” I didn't sit down. There are seven people here, so it will be harder for me to resist if anything happens. Besides, they might have guns. Though I’m fast, I can't dodge bullets. But if anything, I can open the door and run out of here and close it behind me as soon as they try to grab their guns.

“Do you have guns or not?” I asked him once more, eyeing him warily.

“Miss, please have a seat. We need to conduct our business with mutual respect,” he replied.

I was about to refuse his request when the man sitting to the left of the bearded man pointed a gun at me. He was a young man chewing gum rapidly and smirking at me.

With no other option, I sat back down at the table.

Why the hell didn't I sleep well last night?

Chapter end

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