Chapter 13: Clearing the Territories

Chapter 13: Clearing the Territories

"19 demons," I muttered, feeling a knot form in my stomach. "There is one in every room, and judging by the sounds, some are entertained by men and others by women."

I sighed in frustration. "It is a pity that the radar does not show the layout of the building. I know the approximate location, but whether they are in the room or not is no longer known. In addition, when we came here, I did not pay much attention to where I came."

I surveyed the underground building, which was clearly made for a small base. "When we got here, the demon obviously wanted to have sex. I have not heard about this, whether it is possible that they do not kill people, but use them for other purposes. So far, this is not clear to me."

"Now, the main thing is to understand what needs to be done," I said, trying to focus. "Ideally, clear this place, thereby raising the level. If there is a minimum of 19 demons, this is 3800 experience points. And to go up, you need 2000, so here I can just go up. But in fact, I do not see those who are stronger than me. If I'm not lucky and there is a level 6-7 demon, then I will be finished."

I stood outside the door, thinking. My mouth went dry as I contemplated my next move. "This situation is the same as against that big guy. I don't know how good he was because I couldn't see the window. And the fact that he wanted to catch me played into my hands in order to use the rage skill."

"Or maybe just take turns killing?" I mused. "First in the rooms, but the bad luck is that there are also people there. In case of negligence, they will die or attract attention."

"Damn, if the radar made it possible to directly lead the level of demons, it would be much easier for me." I cursed under my breath.

Taking a deep breath, I carefully opened the door. There was no one in the corridor. After looking at the radar, I approached the opposite door.

The demon turned its head subconsciously. Without giving it a chance, I grabbed the dagger and rushed towards it. 

It apparently heard the sound of my steps and turned back abruptly, but it was too late. The first dagger pierced its chest, and the second went straight into its throat.

As I watched it turn into a demon, my eyes fell on the man. He was in a strange state. Thinking that this would work to my advantage, I stepped closer and hit him on the temple with the hilt of the dagger."

He was in such a strange state," I thought to myself. Thinking that this would work in my favor, I stepped closer and hit him on the temple with the hilt of my dagger. To my surprise, instead of losing consciousness, he grabbed his head and rolled to the side. Reacting quickly, I hit him again, and this time it worked, and he lost consciousness.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I walked towards the door, knowing that there was no time to waste. If someone noticed, it would be bad.

Upon going through several rooms, I found that there were mostly demons in female guise. Killing nine demons was not a problem, but the silence that followed seemed to alarm several of them. 

After waiting for them to exit the room, I quickly opened the door and ran after them. Before the other two could react, I had already killed one. As I pierced the throat of the second, the demon in front turned around.

I threw a dagger to stop the demon, but unfortunately, it missed and got stuck in the door beside him. At that moment, the demons I had killed took on their true forms, but I did not pay attention to that and ran towards the third one. 

He began to shout, realizing something was wrong. The scream was piercing and inhuman. While he was screaming, I managed to reach him and quickly killed him.

But it was already late, and I distinctly heard some of the same screams coming from below. Picking up another dagger, I went towards the end of the corridor. When I was killing demons, I noticed that at the end of the corridor, there was a descent down.

Looking at the radar again, the 7 demons remaining below made a circle, as if there was someone in the middle. Quickly opening the status window, I looked at my experience: [1865/10000]. To my surprise, I was already at level 6, with 5 points in characteristics.

Looking again at the radar, the demons were gradually circling and apparently climbing the stairs. I quickly thought about what to upgrade. Strength could be increased with a skill, and speed could be increased by killing from behind. But now everyone was rushing towards me, and in addition, I never noticed the 6th figure, which means that if there was a demon there, it must be above level 6.

What should I prioritize? What I need right now is... Vitality. Yes, because I get tired and exhausted quickly. Without hesitation, I distributed all 5 characteristic points there.

Looking again at the status....

Name: Amber Florence 

Lv. 6 Experience Points: 185/10000

 Free Attribute Points: [0]

 ====Attribute Categories==== 

1-9 Weak | 10-15 Normal | 15-25 Peak | 25-45 Superhuman | 45-50 ????

 ====Physical Attributes====

Strength: 13

Dexterity: 18 

Constitution: 7 + 5 

 ====Spiritual Attributes==== 

Mana: 3 

Mind: 17 

Will: 10 




When I confirmed, a wave of strange energies swept through my body. It was like last time, but instead of strength, this time I felt stability. Yes, it was like my well-being increased. Also, my movements became faster. I did not notice, but it seems there was some kind of delay before.

Holding both daggers tightly, I entered one of the rooms. There was no need to fight face to face since they did not know my whereabouts. I needed to use stealth.

Looking at the radar, I saw that the demons had finally reached the room. I saw them walking in a group, which disappointed me. After waiting for some time, they did not disperse and continued to go back and forth, checking each room.

After observing for a while, I decided to take a chance. Carefully, I opened the door and then the opposite door. I grabbed the shoes left by the demons and threw them into another room before quickly shutting the door, which fortunately did not creak. My deception worked - the demons paused briefly before rushing in my direction.

Holding my dagger firmly, I waited until they reached the opposite door. I could hear several voices speaking in an unfamiliar language, and on my radar, I could see two of them entering the room. Without thinking, I quickly opened the door and ran towards them. They weren't disguised, and with a quick swipe of my dagger, I cut into their skin and flesh. Before the others could react, I pulled out a second dagger and attacked. I pushed the demon's body aside and kicked the other with all my might, but he simply fell to the floor and was not ready for the impact.

I had no time to pay attention to this, as the third demon standing at the door had already turned towards me. I immediately pulled out two daggers and approached him. By the time the demon turned, both daggers had already pierced him. At that moment, two demons in the room jumped up and ran towards me. Without thinking, I threw one of my daggers towards them, causing one to slow down and block the weapon. As I focused on the second demon, I felt a gust of wind from the side. Instinctively, I blocked with my hands, and was thrown aside. I felt a burning pain in my hands - I had been cut.

As I fell to the side, a katana shimmering in several colors appeared before my eyes. Without hesitation, I threw it into my inventory and stood up. I barely managed to stabilize myself and looked to see that the demon I had kicked was the one who had attacked me with the katana. At that moment, two demons were already running towards me.

Throwing the second dagger in the direction of one of the demons, I also jumped towards them. If it had been earlier, I would not have been able to stabilize and counterattack so quickly. The demon blocked the dagger I threw with its hand, but that didn't stop me. When we were already close, the demon in front of me swung its claws at me. To me, it was slow, and I was able to easily avoid it by turning slightly to the side. At the same moment, I pulled out a katana and cut the demon while on the move. The katana went straight through the demon like a knife through butter.

Without turning around, I ran towards the door with the last dagger in my right hand. At this moment, the demon wanted to exit the door, but my hand moved quickly. However, when I wanted to pierce the demon's throat, it blocked the dagger with both hands. Quickly releasing the dagger and holding the katana with both hands, I slashed. To my surprise, the katana went right through the demon with ease, cutting off the wall and the door with it.

Quickly recovering, I turned to the last demon who was standing a few meters from me. Breathing heavily, I looked at the demon, and it looked at me. When the tension was enough, it roared and rushed at me. Soon after, I watched as the bodies of all the demons turned into ashes.

Looking towards the basement, I realized there might be a demon there. So with doubts, I went to wake up the people who were still lying in the rooms. After several blows, I hid in a secluded place and watched as they came to their senses and left in a panic.

Finally, I turned my attention to the katana and suddenly, a window appeared before my eyes.

[Item: {Katana????} Features: Can grow, extremely sharp] 

At that moment, I didn't understand where this katana came from.

Or is it a drop item?

With such thoughts, I returned the katana to its sheath. After waiting for a while, no other demons appeared. As I was about to leave, I noticed something on the ground. As I got closer, I realized it was a bundle of money. Taking the money and hiding it in my inventory, I finally ended my hunt today.

On my way back, I checked the money and found it to be real. Did the money also fall from the demons? Why didn't this happen before? These doubts lingered as I went to eat.

When I came back home, my sister was there. Today, there was a gloomy atmosphere, and I wanted to pass by and head to my room. But then, I heard her voice.

"Where were you? Why didn't you go... And where did you get a wound on your arm?"

I didn't know what she wanted to ask, but she noticed a wound on my arm that I had forgotten.

"Pay no attention," I replied, wanting to leave. But suddenly, she held my hand. I was in a stupor.

I hope this version is better! Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

Chapter end

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