Chapter 23: Raid Part 2

[Temporary status effect activated: {Cold-blooded}]




I don't know what happened, but all my emotions seemed to disappear. I didn't even realize it.

<<Current Goal: [Become Stronger] => Requires: [Experience Gain] => [Experience = Kill]>>

Thoughts passed very quickly.

I stared ahead at the crowd.

My eyes briefly returned to the katana in my hand.

<<Objective: [Kill] => [Use Weapon] => [Katana] => Evaluation: [Low Efficiency]>>

<<Requires: [Performance Boost] => [Switch Weapon] => [Weapon Simulation] => [Performance Boosts] => Select [Assault Rifle]>>

With such thoughts, I retrieved the assault rifle from my inventory, after which I raised it and aimed at the crowd.

Taking step by step forward, I gradually approached the crowd of people and demons.

My finger pulled the trigger.

They were probably stunned by the fact that I took out a rifle so they could not react quickly.

I understood that such weapons have a lot of recoil, so I strained my muscles with all my strength.

A deafening sound swept through the entire corridor.

Flashes of gunfire filled my vision.

Considering that until now, these demons couldn't even move that fast while fighting me, it was impossible for them to avoid these bullets.

One after another, the demons came to the ground, followed by several people.

I didn't feel anything about it, nothing at all, even though I recalled being able to feel something before.

Finally, the big man among them reacted, giving the order to move forward.

The demons didn't need to hide, so they assumed their true forms.

It was obvious that their speed had increased a bit.

Everyone rushed forward, of course, except for the humans.

But I did not stop, even though I understood that I only had one rifle magazine.

It was a great situation to use this weapon to its full potential.

Due to the power of the weapon, sometimes the bullets directly pierced through the demons and hit the demon behind them.

Eventually I ran out of ammunition, and at the same time a strange feeling came over me.

I ignored it, for any moment of distraction was no different from certain death.

But the thoughts came again.

<<Objective: [Kill] => [Rifle Unavailable] => [Switch Weapon]>>

<<Requires: [Keep Effective] => [Switch Weapon] => [Weapon Simulation] => [Possibly High Efficiency] => Select [Pistol + Katana]>>

Quickly returning the empty rifle back to inventory, I summoned my katana into one hand and my glock into the other.

That same strange feeling came over me again, I realized that it came from the ease at which I held my katana and pistol.

A hunch came to my mind–it seemed that my skills had leveled up.

Putting aside all my thoughts, I focus on how to start the massacre.

<<Objective: [Kill] => [Strategize] => [Keep Distance] => Ranged: [Pistol] | Melee: [Katana] => Attention: [Main Demon].>>

The first demon approached me, waving its claws sticking out of its paws.

{Fighting Instinct} prompted me to take a step to the side while simultaneously raising the katana in front of me. I swiped down towards the demon.

As expected, the katana easily passed through the demon’s body, splitting it in half.

Instinct kicked in again and my head tilted to the side.

A chipped vase from down the hall flew very close to my ear.

Without waiting for a follow-up, my left hand holding the pistol rose and fired in the direction from which the object had flown.

The demon that was the culprit took a bullet to the forehead and fell down.

With a slightly hunched back, another demon passed by.

A spin and a slash, and the head flew off.

I turned again and fired three times in a row.

Another demon had its brains blown out, but the second bullet went through the sternum of one of the humans.

Because of this, clutching his chest, he fell and began to choke.

The third bullet was aimed at the big one, as I wanted to see how he was different from everyone else, since he was their leader.

Unfortunately, my guess came true. The demon did nothing, and the bullet disappeared right into his body, but nothing happened except damage to his clothes.

Returning my attention to the demons around me again, I continued shooting and slashing here and there.

At that moment, a plethora of demons and two more humans came at me from all directions.

There was no panic or anything else, only calculation.

For a moment, a picture appeared in my mind where me and Litta were dancing.

Following this, I held the katana horizontally and made a twirling motion as if during a dance.

The sounds of flesh being split and screams engulfed the corridor.

Two flashing icons appeared before my eyes, but there was no time.

I was covered in blood, from the mask to the clothes.

I didn't really think about it as it would all disappear.

But it turned out that part of the blood still did not disappear. It was probably the spilt blood of humans.

Turning my head again and pulling the trigger again, I heard the clicking sound of running out of ammo.

Although I thought it would be good to replace the magazine, it was still faster to instead switch to another pistol.

After cutting two more demons in half at once, I wanted to retrieve my desert eagle.

But suddenly {Combat Instinct}} furiously blared at me.

At the same time, I heard a furious scream and wind blowing on me from above.

Subconsciously looking up, I saw a huge demon falling towards me.

For a moment, I thought of placing my katana below him so that he would impale himself on a stake.

But I quickly changed my mind and jumped to the side.

I squeezed myself up against the wall due to lack of space.

There was a loud crash before everything was covered in dust.

Standing up quickly, I swung my katana forward blindly.

I felt the blade cut through two more demons.

Having taken a few steps forward, I wanted to wait for another one to approach, but at that time a slight dizziness hit me.

I had to quickly change to the Desert Eagle and blast the demon.

My gaze fell to my side.

Blood dripped from there. Sharp pain and some weakness seized me.

Looking back, where the dust had settled a little, I saw a hole.

This big man had directly collapsed half the floor and fallen to the floor below.

Because of this, I finally had the opportunity to increase my attributes.

Having opened the status, I doubted for an instant, since I was not at level 6, but directly at level 7.

Glancing downwards, I saw that I had 10 stat points.

When I wanted to add all the points to my Constitution, my thoughts flew again.

{Objective: [Get Stronger] => [Experience Gain] => [Increase Efficiency] => [Increase Stats] => [Check Opponents]}

I need to first understand what to increase, based on my situation.

{Objective: [Enemy Evaluation] => [Radar Check] => Regular Demons [Low Danger] => Same-Level Demons [High Danger] => ‘Big Man’ [Major Danger]}

It is clear that the big man here is the most dangerous.

{Objective: [Kill 'Big Man'] => [Enemy Analysis] => [Lack of Data]}

I didn't know much of his abilities.

{Objective: [Analyze] => [Failed] => [Status 'Injured'] => [Use Attribute Points]}

So I had to first understand how strong he is, but given my injury, it would be more difficult to do so.

With these thoughts, I added one point to Constitution.

As I felled two more demons, a warm feeling came over me.

The feeling of dizziness lessened and my grip on the weapon became stronger.

Another swing and the head of the last demon fell to the floor.

Turning around, everything was covered in blood, which gradually turned into dust.

In some places where the demons fell, objects appeared.

According to my memory, they were level 5 demons.

Coming closer, there were mostly stacks of money.

I might not be lucky. I still don’t know whether I can get something like a health or mana potion from them yet.

After dragging everything into my inventory, I saw a gun with iridescent colors.

I didn’t even have to think about taking it.

But it seems that was not all.

There was something suspiciously like a skirt, a short skirt.

Also iridescent colors.

Having collected everything there was, I looked to see if anyone was left.

I glanced ahead towards the stairs.

Four humans were standing there, holding clubs and knives.

But they seemed to be in deep fear.

I moved forward, and at the same time another loud bang was heard from the floors below me.

It seemed the big guy was having some kind of fun.

Under the gaze of these four people, I approached them, and then walked straight towards the stairs.

Some relief showed on their faces.

But once I was in line with them…

Raising my hand in their direction without looking at them, I pulled the trigger.

Four shots were heard in turn.

The last of them died with a loud scream.

Going down the stairs, reloading both of my pistols along the way, the first thing I saw was dust and devastation.

{Objective: [Map Surroundings]}

A clear goal appeared in my head to follow.

Walking forward step by step, I tried to peer through the dust.

But at that moment, the sound of heavy thuds and roaring hit my ears.

It was from the side of the stairs.

And the voice happened to be very similar to that of the big man.

Quickly turning back, I looked at the demon bounding towards me.

His demonic form was far larger than all the others I've encountered so far.

And because of his weight, the floor trembled, and the places where it stepped were covered with light cracks.

Analyzing him in a single moment, I realized that his speed was not too high, and rather almost exactly like my own.

Raising my pistol and aiming at his face, I fired several shots.

As expected, nothing came out of it.

But, I noticed that he closed his eyes during my shot.

It was not possible to make more shots, since he had already almost reached me.

Under the influence of the skill, I jumped to the side.

But due to the fact that he did not pounce on me this time, he was able to stop and turn around very quickly.

A swipe of his hand followed.

I squatted down and rolled to the side.

In the process, his demonic arm hit the floor, creating a hole.

I raised my hand and fired another shot.

Just like before, he closed his eyes.

During this, I ran to the side, and he followed me.

<<[Enemy Analysis] => Weakness: [Speed] => [Boost Efficiency] => [Increase Dexterity]>>

My hand rapidly pressed on the button to add all of the points to Dexterity..

Dodging once again to the side, I did it a few more times.

Thus, my Dexterity finally reached the mark of 25.

Clicking again, 25 turned into 26.

But at the same time, I felt a sharp pain in my head and then all over my body.

Because of that brief moment, the big man was able to land a kick, which only added more and more pain to my previous suffering.

A powerful force blew me away from his foot.

I was thrown right through the window, shattering the glass into pieces.

But, while I was in the air, suddenly everything changed.

At the same time, pain shot through my head..

Everything seemed to slow down before my eyes.

My body became so light that I thought my body didn't exist at all.

I had an impulse to turn to the side, which was easy.

Right in the air, I could turn my body and look down.

The earth gradually increased in size before my eyes.

Finally, when there was not much height left, I turned my body again and planted my feet on the ground.

Suddenly, my perception returned to normal.

There was the tinkling of glass colliding with the ground.

And then the clattering sound of steel.

Looking at the source, it was my katana, but my gun was nowhere to be seen.

I spun around and looked up and met the eyes of the big guy.

He took one look at me, turned around, and ran for the stairs.

As I bent down to pick up the katana, a sharp pain gripped my back, from which I stopped for a moment.

When I added the last point to Constitution, the pain subsided a little.

Finally retrieving my katana, I looked towards the front door of the hotel.

Thinking, I pulled out the desert eagle with my other hand.

But as I got ready to move, I heard the blare of a car behind me.

Turning around, I saw a car that shouldn’t have been in the alleyway. At the wheel was a scruffy man furiously slamming the horn to get me out of his way

Thoughts churned.

<<Objective: [Kill ‘Big Guy’] => Strategy: [Ram with Car] => [~80% Success]>>

Instinctively, I raised the gun and pulled the trigger.

The bullet went right through the glass and pierced the man.

As he lifelessly slumped against his seat, I went towards the driver’s seat.

Pulling the door open, I threw the corpse out of the car without the slightest hesitation.

Before I sat down, I raised my katana and with a single swing directly cut the car door off.

Sitting behind the wheel, I shifted the gear back, and pressed on the gas.

Having moved away from the hotel for some distance, I changed gear again and watched the radar, slamming down on the gas.

The engine revved and roared, and the car began to accelerate.

The car was soon only 5 or 7 meters away from the hotel door..

Reaching out and grabbing the corner of the roof of the car, with slight effort I pulled myself up and onto it, standing up against the wind…

And jumped to the second floor towards the window.

At the same time, the big man smashed the front door open, but before he even had time to react, the car slammed him straight back into the hotel.

Breaking through the glass with my body, I also heard a loud roar.

I quickly got up and jumped down through the huge hole previously made by the big guy, and fell right on the roof of the car, the front of which crushed the demon against the wall.

Seeing me, the demon opened its mouth.


He tried to speak, but my hand reacted quickly, the katana cutting through the skin of his body and separating his head from his body. I only had one [Objective], and listening to what he had to say wouldn’t help it.

And it was done.

Looking at the devastation, I thought,

<<[Objective Completed] => Side Objective: [Destroy Hotel]>>

My gaze turned again to the place where the demon was pinned.

There was once again an iridescent object lying in place of the ashes...


I left through a dark alley, my back lit by a brightly burning hotel. The most effective way to be fully rid of the blight was to burn everything to hell.

But that's not the main problem right now.

The fact is that dizziness and fatigue again seized me.

Because of this, I could barely walk towards the light in front of me where I could see a lot of people crossing the road.

When I almost reached the end of the alley, the feeling of dizziness and pain increased dramatically.

From which thoughts began to flow quickly in my head again.

<<Objective: [Survive] => [Situation Analysis] => [Discover Options] => [Sort by Efficiency] => [Kill] => [Raise Experience] => [Increase Stats] => [Survive]> >

Raising the hand with a pistol gripped tightly within, I stared at the crowd of people walking back and forth under the lights of the city.

And when I wanted to pull the trigger, all of a sudden,




[Status Effect deactivated: {Cold Blooded}]

When this happened, all my emotions returned at once. While at the same time looking ahead and understanding the situation, I felt a deep fear.

I recoiled, slammed against the wall, and slid down.

I could suddenly feel the wounds all over my body at full force, as if I had just remembered they were there.

I did not understand what was wrong with me exactly at the moment when the status turned off.

My breathing quickened and my mind was in chaos.

Gradually, my vision grew darker.

Finally I felt alone with my thoughts...

"You did a wonderful job…"

There were quiet whispers in my ears before I sank into darkness.

Chapter end

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