Chapter 1: A Quiet End and an Embarrassed Start

Chapter 1: A Quiet End and an Embarrassed Start


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<<Some things are inevitable.>>

These are the thoughts that went through my head as soon as I saw some of the papers handed over by the doctor.

I remembered that, although I did not have any great ambitions, I still wanted to enjoy life to some extent.

After I confirmed that I had cancer and was doomed, my world had changed.

Life seemed to become easy in a sense, because sooner or later we will all die, and when the confirmation of my death was confirmed, I felt a lightness that I had never felt before.

After that day, my days were much simpler than all the previous ones. Instead of working hard and saving money, I could, without thinking about the future, spend my wages on what I want.

Although I had less than a month to live, this month I lived much better than before.

Thinking that no man should ever die a virgin, I also found certain services; of course, with money.

How else would I have lost my virginity? Instead of having a joyful life on campus, I did nothing but work.

So, I wanted to finally at least get a taste of the forbidden fruit for myself.

However, as a result, as it is for most virgins, the first time was bad.

I thought that even if I went for it in vain, without discovering what a true experience feels like, I could still leave with vivid fantasies.

That's why I became depressed, so I found video games to overcome this.

The games were not ordinary, and most of them were of the hentai genre. This is how I consoled myself. I gradually forgot about my first and only failure, although I got the urge to go for it again.

But still I didn’t want to leave this world with bad thoughts, so the days passed, and I continued to spend my last wages and enjoy my last moments.

What turned out to be funny to me was that, due to incorrect timing, I spent too much money, and I ended up eating the cheapest noodles.

And then this day came: when I was walking down the street holding these cheapest instant noodles, laughing to myself that even in this matter I screwed up, I got dizzy.

It was not like usual; it happened to me sometimes, but this time it was very strong.

Because of this, I lost my center of gravity, and supporting myself by placing my hand on the wall outside the store, I stopped to wait for it to pass.

But gradually, everything began to spin. After that, it began to become cloudy before my eyes, and soon I felt a cool floor.

I had a premonition that this time it would be the end.

Drowsiness and weakness seized me.

At that moment, nothing seemed important anymore, there was only peace and darkness.

But after…


The feeling I had was like when you are very tired and you really want to sleep, but then you lie down on the bed and close your eyes for a moment, and then you open it again and it's already morning.

When I abruptly opened my eyes, the first thing I felt was not the cold of the ground where I fell. A thought came to mind that I had been rescued, but then I was proved wrong by the fact that I was not in a hospital or even in my house.

It was an ordinary room, with ordinary furniture, but it was clearly not my room, nor did I feel weak like before.

Without thinking about it, I wanted to get up, but when I grabbed the blanket on me, I froze. My hand, which was large and even wrinkled from work, was now flawlessly white, slender and smaller than before.

From this sight, I jumped out of bed, and then realized that in addition to my arm, my chest area had become larger.

<<What the hell?>>

I had the thought that I was dreaming, so I brought my hand up to my other arm and pinched myself.

From the pain, I immediately let go. Because of my sudden movements, my chest area wobbled back and forth.

And that's when I realized one thing. I gently poked my hand under the covers.

Groping my groin, I didn't feel my little brother, which I barely used once.

Now, instead of my penis, there was another, feminine opening–that is, a pussy. 

And that's when I finally realized one fact.

I became a woman.

Hastily pulling my hand away from my genitals, I jumped out of bed with vague uplifting feelings.

Feverishly looking around, I tried to find a mirror to look at myself.

When I opened the closet, there was a full-length mirror on one side of the door.

Before my eyes appeared a girl who looked 17-18. She was tall, with long black hair. She had a magnificent figure. Her chest was clearly visible under her nightgown, and behind her were well-formed buttocks.

In addition, the girl's face was very beautiful. She had a pair of deep dark blue eyes.

At that moment, I was lost for words for a few seconds, because I had never seen such a beautiful girl in my life.

When I subconsciously raised my hand, I noticed that the girl in the mirror was also doing this movement.

That's when I realized that this is the body that I now owned.

Watching this beautiful figure for a few seconds, my mouth went dry and my face started to burn a little.

Quickly closing the closet door, I went back to the bed and laid down.

My heart was beating wildly and I could not calm down, thinking subconsciously about this body.

Some bad thoughts visited my gradually distorting mind.

<<What does it feel like as a girl?>>

With such thoughts, my hand reached forward under the covers and finally reached the pussy.

Due to some obscene thoughts, I felt that my lower abdomen became a little hot.

Finally, my hand went under the panties and with a light stroke, fell on my pussy.


An unintentional groan escaped my mouth, making me pull my hand back and hold my breath.

It was different from when I was a guy; it was more fun than masturbating my dick.

Gathering my thoughts, my hand returned to my pussy and began to lightly stroke it. The feeling of heat rose under my stomach and at the same time I felt more pleasure, due to  which I did not notice how my moans became louder.

Stroking faster and faster, I had a whim to stick my finger inside.

Just as I was about to do this, my attention was drawn to the sound of the door opening.

I froze and looked towards the door. There was the same tall figure I had seen in the mirror, and a pair of bright blue eyes were looking at me.

It was the face of something similar to this body, but I also think it was more mature in some way.

Instead of black hair, she had silver.

She was also wearing a nightgown, which showed off her figure too well, especially her butt and chest.

This beautiful face looked at me, slightly puzzled.

After staring at each other for a few seconds, her expression turned cold and she spoke.

“Do it quietly in the future.”

Then she closed the door with a bang.

As I listened to the footsteps recede, I felt my face burning, I hurriedly removed the hand that was still in my crotch and buried my head in the pillow.

I realized one thing. This is the world of a game, because that girl was one of the heroines in that game. I played it but did not get far.

I remembered her cold face, because she is depicted with such in the games.

The game was fantasy in the modern world.

It also had erotic scenes.

And now thinking about it, judging by the fact that the face of this body and also her face are similar, it turns out that I became the sister of one of the heroines in the game.

Chapter end

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