Chapter 3: Skill?

Staring at the food in front of me, I mentally sighed, because after doing this twice in a row, anyone would think that I was a pervert.

But what else would I do? In my past life, I never got to see the girls live–well, except for that one tragic experience of course.

<<But we will not remember this event,>> I thought to myself, looking once again at the expressionless sister who was sitting opposite me and eating her food. After she saw me again in this state, she did not say anything, and instead she just went downstairs, leaving behind a few words.

“Come down quickly. The food is ready, and it’s time for you to go to school.”

I wondered when it started–when this sister of mine changed personalities. Judging by the memories, it began two years ago, but after checking the memory several times I did not find anything suspicious.

On that day, Amber complimented her sister on how beautifully she dressed, and suddenly by the next few days she had already changed her attitude.

From friendly to indifferent to unemotional. Time passed and Amber tried several times to do something to bring back her sister, but there were no results.

I silently ate the food she prepared, and then took the bag and left. To be honest, I was rather trying to run away from her to hide my embarrassment.

Walking out the door and closing it, I looked down at my legs. I was wearing a pair of black stockings that reached to the skirt, and after the incident it had not taken me much time to get dressed.

At first I did not know how to put on these stockings, but after reviewing the memories and repeating after her, I managed to succeed.

I would never have thought that I needed to watch something like a training video in order to understand how to do something so simple as to dress.

Taking a deep breath, I headed towards the school. Fortunately, its location was in my memory. <<At the moment, this is the last year that I need to attend school, which is great; I don't want to hang around there more than necessary.

I don’t want to repeat what I did in a past life in this one, and since this new family already has money, I can pamper myself–although, it’s strange to take the body of another and use her property.>>

Walking along the road, I remembered what I could from the game.

The game began with the fact that the main character whose name and appearance you choose yourself goes to an academy–apparently, the one where my current sister studies.

After that, due to some circumstances, he gradually gets acquainted with the girls. Although I did not know what was happening with the demons, at the beginning of the game and up to the moment where I played, the main character did not show supernatural abilities–rather, it was like an everyday game where you have to conquer a girl.

But actually being here and confirming the existence of demons is another matter.

I remembered there were also 7 heroines in the game, including my sister, and I had contact with three of them.

The first was the quiet girl that the protagonist saves. Even though the game gives the choice to save her or not, well, I naturally chose to save her, as her appearance was quite beautiful.

She was a girl of average height, thin, with thick long wavy red hair, and with black eyes that were hidden under a long bang. She had a wide oval face that adorned a snub nose and small lips.

The second heroine was the one who is now my sister.

But the third was very cruel and arrogant.

Her appearance was also at the peak of all the characters. She was tall, with thick long dark purple hair, there was arrogance in the same violet eyes. And her face was absolutely gorgeous even if it was just in a picture.

Of all the heroines, she was the most beautiful, and only my sister could compete with her. But this did not mean that the other heroines were ugly; rather, they were also beautiful, but how else could this be a game if not everyone was pretty?

<<Haaaa, a harem of 7 women…really jealous; I also want one of those…but the main thing to do now is to not let my sister get under the arm of the protagonist. If there is an opportunity, I will definitely seize it, and it doesn’t matter to me whether or not he is the hero–such a beautiful girl can only be mine…haha–>>

Walking towards my fantasies, I suddenly stumbled and almost fell. Hastily, I stabilized myself, and quickened my steps.

Now some of the problems are how I can prevent this from happening and also to figure out a way to raise my strength.

I never figured out how to level up or how to obtain new skills.

While I was thinking about this, a large building appeared before my eyes, a school. Yes, it was the school from her memories. Amber went here and was very popular–well, with such beauty it’s hard not to stand out.

I'm worried, because looking at the memories, everyone who came to Amber for help, she helped. She had a great reputation that I might have to uphold. Naturally, she was still on the lookout for guys if they got up to something.

<<Also, I'm interested in one thing–how they treat girls here who love other girls.

Even though I am a man inside, from the outside it clearly does not look like that.

I want to make up for the regrets I had in my past life with the girls on campus. I can mentally set my sister as a goal to conquer, but even if I’m confident that I won’t let the main character take her, I can’t be sure whether or not this will turn out to be a problem.>>

Taking a deep breath, I went towards the gates of the school, but as I passed near the security post, I distinctly felt someone's eyes fall on my ass.

Turning my head, I saw a guard looking at me with a sunny smile.


Goosebumps ran down my back, clearly due to his gaze.

I hurriedly accelerated my steps and walked towards my assigned classroom, opening the door. There were several classmates there, and their eyes focused on me.

I had no choice but to say hello with a smile the same way Amber did in my memories, and they enthusiastically answered my greetings and approached me.

Searching through the memories, I couldn’t even find their names; apparently Amber herself forgot, and therefore didn’t even ask.

Listening to their conversation, and sometimes answering yes or no, I eventually finally got to my seat near the window. I found it funny, since usually it’s the main character that gets the seat by the window, not a side character like me.

Sitting and listening to their endless chatter, I realized that I could not fit into it.

It took another 10 minutes for them to shut up, and eventually everyone else filed into the classroom.

As before, one by one, they all greeted me, and I answered with a forced smile. I felt my face twitching from muscle strain.

Looking blankly ahead and thinking that I had to hold on for several hours before going home, I became discouraged.

It was already tiring in a past life, and it was even more tiring now.

Suddenly the door opened again and a girl came in. The girl was short, thin, with thick short straight brown hair, big bright green eyes, an upturned nose, and thick lips that suited her face well.

It was the class leader, but what caused a small uproar was that she looked slightly aroused, with a bright pink adorning her cheeks and a nervous, fidgeting expression. My ears picked up whispered gossip from my side.

“They say our class leader was confessed to, and she agreed.”

“Really? And who was it?”

“According to rumors, it was Aivor, from another class.”

“Are you serious? I heard that this guy is not a good person.”

“Eh?! Where’d you hear that from? He’s clearly a gentleman of a guy.”

The more they whispered, the stranger the conversation became. 

<<What a pity that she was already taken–she would have been a good target; firstly, she is beautiful, and secondly, as I found out, she is also very kind.>>

Sighing at the fact that others were doing better than me, I couldn't help but feel bad.

After waiting a few hours, I was finally able to return home. All day there were rumors about the class leader and this guy named Aivor.

Entering my home, I finally felt happy, as there seemed to be no one in the house. This house was left behind by my parents. It was two stories tall and quite spacious. Downstairs there was a living room, a kitchen, a shower room with a bathtub, and a garage containing a car that Vanessa now drives.

I was not physically tired, but mentally, I was. Going into the living room, I set my bag down by the table, and then threw myself onto a large sofa.

It was very comfortable. I lay there for a while before getting up and going to the kitchen.

Opening the refrigerator, there was pre-cooked food, and although Vanessa is indifferent, she still clearly cares about Amber.

After warming up and having dinner, I was satisfied. Sitting at the table and thinking what I would do, I decided to peer into my memories. The fact was that it turned me on, but Vanessa was not at home anyway, so without hesitation I went to wallow in the bath.


Standing in front of a filled bath, my heartbeat quickened.

Starting to undress, I stripped to my underwear, and as I slowly removed my bra and pulled off my panties, my heart rate increased even more.

I put my clothes aside and entered the bathtub.

The water was warm, and I sat in it with my back against the wall.

From the temperature, I felt relaxed. I closed my eyes and rested; it was divine.

After resting for a while, my thoughts, as before, began to go in the wrong direction, and my hands under water lay on the inside of my thighs. To be honest, I was very curious about what a girl would feel when she reaches orgasm.

The gradually rising heat made me feel a little dizzy.

Placing one hand on my pussy and the other on my chest, I began to stroke randomly. I didn’t know what to do nor how to do it; it’s simpler to jerk off the dick, but it’s a lot more complex for girls.

I kept my mouth shut as best I could, although there were barely audible moans from my mouth.

Gently stroking, I gradually accelerated my actions, as if this was not enough, when suddenly, after my finger reached a certain area, I felt as if electricity had passed through my whole body.

I didn’t understand what happened, so I immediately stopped. Once again stroking the place where my finger had just been, the same thing happened again.

Looking around curiously, I spotted something small protruding from the top of the round shaped pussy.

I realized it was the clitoris. Calming down, I continued my actions, and the feeling of heat and pleasure rose and gradually engulfed me.

In a sense, I lost the ability to think clearly and continued blindly. When I felt some unknown feeling gradually come out, I accelerated the movements of my hands even more.

Suddenly I was seized with ecstasy, and I lost control of my hips. I instinctively arched my back and a wave of euphoria went through my whole body, and this went on for quite some time.

I don’t know how much time passed, but gradually my sanity returned. In the bath only the sound of my breathing was heard, which was very heavy.

<<Fuck, this is nothing compared to a male orgasm, what the heck…I think I might get addicted to such a strong feeling if I'm not careful.>>

It took a few minutes for me to calm down, and after bathing some more in the bathroom I went out to dry myself. There before my eyes, I noticed that a small round sign was flashing in my field of vision.

As before, when my gaze turned to it, it immediately spun around and messages opened before my eyes.

[You have obtained the skill {Masturbation}, Novice level.

Description: Your hands are more dextrous when pleasuring yourself.]

After looking a few more times, I closed this window with heat on my face, after which only one thought entered my mind.

<<So Amber never masturbated?>>

While my thoughts were on this, I heard the click of the front door opening; it looked like Vanessa had arrived.

Chapter end

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