The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Well Aware Of Oneself (1)

Back in her courtyard, An Yan's body sagged. She clutched at her own collar and supported her limp body against the gate of her courtyard. The snowflakes continued to fall around her.

There was a trace of sorrow in her heart — how could this slim and proud figure dare to hold her head up and stand straight after today?

As she inhaled a lungful of air, she prepared to enter her room.

“Hiss, a beauty in tears. That's something that really touches one's heart.”

When she heard the words, her leg trembled and she almost fell down.

This was a time when her heart was feeling sad, so where did this wild youth speaking such nonsense come from?!

As those thoughts passed through her mind, An Yan felt her anger rise and she turned in the direction the voice had come from. Her eyes were radiant with anger, though her face and body still appeared to be wet from the snow.

“Who is this shameless villain? Where are you?”

An Yan’s yowl sounded shrill, like that of a frightened cat, but this cat's fur stood on its ends as An Yan's body was fully alert. Her words contained anger at having been seen when she was emotionally down.

She looked all around but couldn't find anyone. This made her even more alert, and a pair of fine eyebrows twisted into a very solemn arc as she stared at her surroundings.

After a while, she couldn't hear any sounds of movement in her surroundings. She wondered, Could it have been a ghost?

An Yan's low mood from the birthday gathering had already been cut by half.. She inwardly muttered a few words and decided to enter her room while the weather outside continued to rain down snow and hail the world with its chilly wind.

“Hey ~”

Just as An Yan took a step forward, that sneaky voice echoed again. The voice contained a tinge of pity, and the sigh made it seem as if the voice had many words it wanted to express before swallowing them all back up. That sigh was filled with a multitude of emotions!

“After all is said and done, who is the shameless one hiding in my room? You are indeed very suspicious! Are you not afraid that this poisonous daughter will inflect her toxin on you?"

This time, An Yan had clearly heard that sigh with her own ears. It hadn't been a part of her imagination, nor was it one done by ghosts or spirits!

In this world, the most terrible things weren't demons or ghosts, but the hearts of man…

An Yan firmly remembered the words taught to her by her Aunt Ye since her childhood; she never dared to forget them, and always kept them in her mind as she grew up.

“Tsk tsk. When others called you a few words, such as 'poisonous woman', you really treat yourself as if you are impervious to poison and can poison others!".

An Yan is still couldn't tell where the sound came from, just that the voice was very annoying. The few words it spoke caused her dislike of it to increase and this feeling only increased the more she listened to that leisurely-sounding, fearless tone. As she held her breath, she turned her gaze around and, without giving any reply, walked calmly toward her room.

She rose to open the door and dashed into the room.


The door slammed shut; it was locked so tightly that not even Gods could enter the room.

Ignoring the sounds, An Yan hurried into the building and quickly sat in front of her dressing table. Without glancing at her appearance in the mirror and without thinking fondly upon her memories of dressing up today, she quickly removed the gold and jade hairpins from her hair and placed them neatly on the table. She then took her own crude hairpin that was normally worn and put her hair up in a crude, daily bun.

Then she continued on and swiftly removed that beautiful brocade cheong-sam that she had worn and put on her normal winter wear—an ash green cheong-sam that was made of cotton.

All of a sudden, she instantly changed from a bright and beautiful lady back to her former self. But An Yan didn't feel sorry; the current her felt the most comfortable. She was a person in her own room, and the coldness felt comfortable, giving her peace of mind.

Chapter end

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