The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 32

Chapter 32: A marriage alliance(2)

"Yan'er has already gotten used to those rumors and can let them go with a laugh." An Yan looked indifferent as she smiled innocently toward An Jin. "Those rumors of Yan'er is just a small prick. I will be fine after that instant of pain from it."


An Jin wasn't sure how to reply so she just chuckled. The topic of the conversation then returned back to the marriage alliance searched for An Yan by her father.

"The fact that meimei is not over-thinking the matter about your marriage is also a good thing. I believe that someday, you will get a good and loving husband and will be happy." Here, Jin-er paused.

"Father was searching for a good husband for Qing-er but he was also looking for one for you. It is just that Father did not tell you about this first. Even Qing-er doesn't know. Only your Jin jiejie accidentally overheard. And thinking of Yan  meimei's suffering, I came by to tell you."

An Jin continued to weave her tale. In her mind, An Yan was as foolish and ignorant as a lowly servant girl.

Hearing the words from An Jin, An Yan clearly understood that she needed to keep this good news as a secret and not to tell anybody else, especially Qing jieije. However, actually, it was not that easy for her to get the chance to meet Qing jiejie.

"Many thanks to Jin jiejie. Yan-er is very happy. To think that father has good intentions for Yan-er." An Yan appeared to be just short of crying tears of joy, as she bowed thrice in gratefulness to An Jin.

Seeing An Yan behaving thusly made An Jin feel very satisfied. She thought: It is very easy to fool this silly wench! I only had to say a few words and she fell for them.

"Father is the prime minister. As the person most revered by the tens of thousands of people, he is also very just and impartial. Even his own children revere him. But he is fair to each child of his. Yan meimei can feel relieved."

An Jin was saying some pleasant words when snowflakes began to fall. The small servant girl behind her immediately opened up an umbrella and held it over An Jin. The servant knew she must not let the young miss get drenched otherwise , if the young miss fell ill, she would be unable to bear the wrath of the prime minister.

An Jin also gathered the long cuffs of her dress together as felt the cold from the wind blowing by. She started to think of the warm fire lit inside her room.

An Yan, hearing her repeat the words like 'fair' and 'impartial', really wanted to raise her head and laugh.

If he was fair, how could her sister stand under an umbrella held by a servant girl to prevent getting drenched in snow, while she herself stood in the biting cold with no protection?

If he was just, how could her sisters get to wear such fine clothes, while she herself had to keep mending her torn clothes to wear again for years?

If he was impartial, how would she, as the third Miss of the Prime mInister's Mansion, be denied the respect she was due?

Power could suppress a person and gossip could destroy that person.

"Yan-er knows. It is cold outside, so jiejie please return to your room, I will also go back to my room." Yan-er bowed. She revealed the fact that her not-so-tender hand was already turning a reddish purple hue due to the cold.

"En. Go back. Remember jiejie's words and take care of yourself properly. You must know that the person you are going to marry will definitely not be from an ordinary family."

Before she left, An Jin still did not forget to remind An Yan.

"En. Yan-er knows." An Yan nodded her head, as if agreeing with her words. She kept a smile on her face as she watched An Jin's beautiful figure leave and waved her hand as she sent her sister on her way.

After An Jin was no longer visible, she turned around, her expression was wooden. There was not a trace of her previous expression left.

She really wants to see what scheme her Jin jiejie has cooked up this time!!!

Chapter end

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