The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 19

Chapter 19: A Mockery! (2)

"Ah! On the outside not envious, but on the inside very envious. Xi'er, get away from her and come closer to your mother." Aunt Lin mocked and sneered at An Yan. Her shrill and harsh voice grated against An Yan's ears, startling her awake from her depressed and dejected mood.

She turned to Aunt Lin and snorted coldly. The drink in her hand still hadn't been emptied.

"Aunt Lin is the most jealous one here. Even though my mother passed away, she still remains in my father's heart as his most beloved!"

Hearing those words, Aunt Lin's expression changed; a deep pain appeared before she regained a cold and indifferent manner. She pulled An Xi closer to her side.

An Yan saw this and felt somewhat invigorated. She turned her attention to her drink and sniffed it with her eyebrows raised, then gently sipped on the wine.

When Minister An put down his wine cup, he swept a glance over everyone present. Suddenly, his eyes stared wide open.


The noise came from the broken blue china he held in his hand.

"Aah!" the originally laughing complexion of An Jin changed to one of fright and she cried out in alarm. Seeing Minister An's right hand bleeding due to the wine cup he had unknowingly crushed, she couldn't help but be startled.


"Who let her come? Who allowed her to come here?" Like a sudden storm, Minister's An anger was fierce and merciless. His chest heaved violently and his facial features were almost twisted in his rage. This was an unprecedented appearance.

Although Minister An appeared very grim and stern, that had only been after the death of Madam Ru. Even then it was never like this.

Everyone looked at each other worriedly. They did not know what brought on this sudden rage in Minister An.

But below, An Yan, who was just sipping her wine, felt a bad premonition. Her heartbeat accelerated. This feeling was worse than what she had felt when Aunt Ye came every evening to inspect her homework.

Among those sitting and standing here, who was the one person her father — no, Minister An, — who was the one he did not wish to see the most?

An Yan remained calm. She prepared to sit down so that she would not follow her instincts which told her to flee.

"My Lord, what happened?" Seeing this, Aunt Rong got up and moved to stand beside Minister An, a concerned look on her face. Feng Yuewei and An Shuo, who stood to one side, looked at each other; these two were well aware of the reason why Minister An got so angry suddenly — it was because he saw An Yan who was seated below.

An Shuo did not feel anything strange, but Feng Yuewei's heart beat faster.

"Make that poisonous person leave this place and don't let any ill-luck and evil disturb Qing'er and Jin'er's birthday!" After those words were uttered, everyone knew who the person that angered Minister An was.

In her heart, she understood and found it embarrassing. She just wanted to run away from this place, run very far away, but An Yan at the moment found that her legs were stuck in the ground.

In spite of her enduring this scene, what would happen to her Aunt Rong?

"She… Yan'er is also your daughter."

Aunt Rong's eyes were moist with unshed tears. Her eyes were on the far-below An Yan, who was dressed up beautifully on her orders. She couldn't speak anymore as her heart was filled with love for that girl.


Minister An, who had been suppressing his anger till now, suddenly burst forth and landed a slap on Aunt Rong and she fell heavily to the ground. Her chest violently heaved. Minister An closed his eyes, not wanting to see An Yan.

Seeing An Yan only brought him memories of seeing his wife with all four limbs very relaxed and languid as she lay dead on her bed.

Chapter end

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