The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 34

Chapter 334: A plan in the open and a plot in the dark(2)

An Jin imitated An Yan's clear and bright voice but used a petty and lowly manner of speech that had never been used by An Yan. It was to make it seem as if An Yan had really said those words.

"Oh?! That really is a joke!" said An Qing, as she covered her mouth and lowered her head to laugh. She seemed to be amused by what her sister said. A smile rarely appeared on her face. When her personal servant girl, Liu Meng, saw it, she sighed. The young Miss really is an angelic beauty; even a smile or a scowl all seems to pull people's hearts.

"Hehe. That's right. I will go and tell Aunt Rong about this matter. She might really give that wench a marriage alliance.I have heard that the little wench listens to Aunt Rong's words the most."

An Jin shifted her gaze toward Feng Yuewei  with a different expression flashed in her eyes. When she saw Feng Yuewei was approaching them with a smile, she turned back her head to shift her gaze back to An Qing as she giggled and chatted with her as per usual, playing the part of the nitwit eldest Miss.

An Qing also nodded, smiling at what was a huge joke in their viewpoint. "So, Jin jie jie  go ahead and inform Aunt Rong. She may really start to look for a marriage for that poisonous girl."

An Jin grinned happily before constantly turning her head to survey the crowd. When she saw that the sons, daughters of noblemen and officials who had been invited were socializing well with smiles on their face, she was elated.

"It really is a pity that Brother Crown Prince and other princes did not come. They must be busy with their everyday government affairs. They even forgot their younger sisters' birthday. Next time I see them, I must complain about this to them. Hmph, I will even go and tell this to the Imperial Consort."

An Jin muttered and left without saying goodbye to An Qing. She then walked into the hall with her maidservant following closely behind her.

After An Jin had gone inside, An Qing erased her smile and was thinking to head towards a more peaceful room where she could discuss the Book of Songs or about the zither with the other noblewomen of Jing City. Yet, she saw Feng Yuewei amidst the snow, coming over. She then halted her steps and just waited on the spot for her sister-in-law to come.

When An Qing saw Feng Yuewei, her icy and reserved manner had long vanished and she reverted back to her very lively and vibrant state.


Feng Yuewei approached her gracefully and charmingly with a smile on her face. When she turned her head to look toward An Qing, she asked with slight curiosity,

"What were the two of you chatting about?"

"We didn't talk about anything important. Sister-in-law, please tell me more about Mu gege's matters instead." Clinging onto Feng Yuewei's arm, An Qing, with a tiny curl of her lips, pulled them over to another slightly quieter building.

Feng Yuewei started to feel that something was a little strange. Just now, when she was coming over, she saw Jin-er's abnormal expression. How could Jin-er has that kind of expression when she usually is innocent and lively?

She then shook her head. She might have seen it wrongly due to the strong wind and snow.

An Jin, who was among the partying people, turned her head around to look outside the door. When she saw that An Qing and Feng Yuewei were not there, she gave a strange smile and with the excuse that she was feeling slightly not well, she moved away from the banquet room. She then made Liu Yu shelter her with an umbrella to leave the courtyard after donning her cloak. She went in the direction of Aunt Rong's Xiu Liang Courtyard.

Aunt Rong, who was previously slapped and ignored by Prime Minister An, returned to her residence in grief. Prime Minister An also returned to his study room. They both couldn't see nor care about each other. The young masters of the Prime Mister's Mansion also didn't head to the study room to curry favor with him.

For example, the eldest young master An Shuo,  the third young Master An Zhouhang who was the son of Aunt Wang(she too was as delicate and kindly as Aunt Rong) and Aunt Zhao's son who was not strong and often ill.

Chapter end

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