The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 1

Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 1

On the mountains, far from the city, stood a historical style, chinese building. It was dark and ancient, looking from afar, one can feel it’s mysteriousness. 

The modern people did not know of this place. An ancient abode passed down from one generation to the next. This was the home of the Wei An House. The An House was very low key and had hidden themselves away from the eyes of the outside world. To prevent complications, each generation, the An House will only be passed down to the eldest child. Usually the offspring would be a female, as if it were a trait from the past, An House rarely had sons.

Each generation’s female patriarch will always inherit the clan’s secret knowledge: poisons.

Because of her mass knowledge of poisons, the patriarch is able to poison anyone undetected, or she can also choose to be an expert doctor. This talent of the head is unparalleled and no one is more superior than her when it comes to poison.

This is what every daughter of An House was born inate with. After they are of age, they are to leave this house. As to if their skills are a strength or weakness, only the An House head will truely know.

Since, this is the three hundred seventy-fifth generation. The current leader is the eldest daughter of An House, her name is An Yan.

The former patriarch who had extraordinary skills. Though she was arrogant, she had the talent to make up for it. Compared to the current head... she was the complete opposite.

This girl had a lazy attitude. Her skills very as ordinary as can be, it could be said she was the most incompetent leader ever seen. So much so, it had worried the elders of the clan, they feared because of the thin bloodline in this current head will cause the An House to slowly lose their powers.

Today was the 15th of August, the An House had issued a mandatory meeting to every An House member, including An Yan. No one knew the reason why, but every member, even the ones that had settles thousands of miles away, had arrived at the ancient household. 

To An Yan, the reason was very clear.

When she had arrived in her grey dress, everyone else were already in place and waited for her arrival. They were all waiting for her as she was the An House’s patriarch.

Her appearance still lazy and casual, with her thin, delicate hand, she brushed the hair on her face to the side and looked at the elders in front of her.

"Great elder, to have so anxiously called me here, what matters are you concerned about?"

The elder look indifferently at the current patriarch in front of her. She did not like this patriarch who was strangely mediocre. The past lead was a famous political official, the generation before that was a business legend, and the one before… well she did not have to say anymore.

But this girl!?

She worked at a ordinary chinese medicine hospital as a ordinary doctor that practiced chinese medicine. How can she accept this person as a patriarch? All of their generation leaders should be incomparable and unparalleled!

"The reason pertains to this House’s matters, of course we are to call you back."

An Yan listened, and smiled as if she did not care.

When she turned her head, her face chilled.

After so many generations, she was the only known ‘waste’, now that she was twenty-five, but did not have any children, this had created anxiety in the elder’s hearts.

Oh, a waste huh?

An Yan narrowed her eyes and laughed.

She she leisurely made her way to the master seat, and when she sat down the eight elders suddenly advanced towards her, respectively, from all directions, and surrounded An Yan.

Within the onlookers, some stunned, some sneered, some stood motionless, while others snickered.

An Yan had undoubtedly the broadest smile, she idly yawned and placed her back to the backrest of the chair and glanced around.

"Oh, for the elders to deal with the ‘waste’ like me, it would require such a large effort?"

Although she had leisurely said these words of rebuttal, the wrist under her long sleeve made a fast twist, and a object had came out into her hands.

An Yan clearly understood that this was a forbidden technique, in the past only one patriarch was heard to perform this, she, was she going to be the second?

To save the people of her house, that leader had used this forbidden technique. That was known as the most capable patriarch.

However, in exchange of her life, she had died to save the rest of the An House members.

The eight elders acted as a system to balance the leader of the clan, even An Yan could not defeat all of them at once.

But even if she can not defeat them, why not make it difficult for these elders?

If I am to die, then I shall make everyone suffer!

Her lazy eyes passed a glint of sharp light, with a turn of her hand, the undetected poison stained everyone's eyes. At the same time, the elders made their final move and forced a glowing orb out of An Yan. Accompanied with the appearance of this orb was a loud violent sound.

However, this orb did not enter the next leader’s body, the orb flown towards the sky. The next moment, the An House residents all let out cries and wails as they looked at the escaping orb. Their cries continuously echoed in the mountains.

At the same time, in another dimension's ancient continent of Qi was a infant girl. Though this was a new, different world, no one will know what this girl will bring. What will happen, maybe others will not notice, but there will be a day where everyone will know her...

This story will really start now...

Chapter end

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