The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Elder Sister (1)

If Aunt Rong really had a plan, it would be too good for that poison girl!

“I have my own plans. It is just as what Jin-er said that we should find Yan-er a good family’s son.” Seeing An Jin’s slightly unpleasant expression with a pout, Aunt Rong laughed as she continued, ”Yan-er is the same as Jin-er to be the young Miss of the Prime Minister’s Mansion. How could we not find a good family’s son for her?”

Hearing herself being compared with An Yan, An Jin was even more displeased. An Yan was An Yan while she was An Jin, the respected eldest Miss so how could she be the same as that poison girl who killed her own mother?

Suddenly, Jin-er turned around with her back facing Aunt Rong. She then walked to the table and poured herself a cup of tea. Yet, she just held it and did not drink it.

She mumbled, “Aunty compared me with that poison girl, the mother-killer? How can I be comparable with her? She doesn’t even have the qualifications to be compared to my shoes.”

Although An Jin’s voice was muffled, but Aunt Rong, who was grooming herself in front of the mirror, heard her words and sighed. She did not know what to say for a moment.

Nanny Fang, who was beside her, glanced at Aunt Rong’s expression. Seeing her troubled and frowning expression, Nanny Fang knew that her Madam was worried about the third Miss’s matter.

She couldn’t help but inwardly think, my Madam is indeed a good person. Others just ignores that poisonous third Miss. Within the entire Mansion, only my Madam cares for her.

Thinking of An Yan, Nanny Fang shuddered. That girl is said to be obedient and smart but she was actually a tough cookie.

Seeing that currently Aunt Rong was being put in a spot by An Jin, Nanny Fang sympathized her Madam. Madam was just thinking a little for the third Miss. Why should the eldest Miss be unhappy about this?

Thinking up to here, Nanny Fang looked at Aunt Rong and saw that Aunt Rong was still silent. Nanny Fang then took a step forward, wanting to help her Madam by saying some pleasant words. Yet, she was pulled to a stop by Aunt Rong.

Aunt Rong glanced at Nanny Fang. Her expression wasn’t the usual good-natured one and appeared somewhat displeased instead. That expression of hers caused Nanny Fang, who was used to the gentle Madam, to be a little frightened. She then hurriedly withdrew her leg.

“Jin-er, those words of yours mustn’t be heard by Yan-er.” When she shifted her gaze back to An Jin,  Aunt Rong’s expression had regained its usual pleasant and kind expression. She gave an ice cube that was originally in her hand to Nanny Fang. She  then got up from her chair and went over to An Jin. When she saw that the tea in An Jin’s cup was almost cooled, she unhappily ordered Nanny Fang,

“Change the pot with hot tea. How can you let the eldest young Miss drink cold tea? It will be bad if it caused harm to her body!”

“Yes, Yes, this old slave will immediately change the pot.”

Nanny Fang quickly bowed before she took the still warm pot of tea on the table and left the room.

Now, the only ones left inside this room were An Jin and her personal maid, including Aunt Rong’s personal maid Zi Yi.

“Zi Yi, go outside and guard the door. Do not let anyone enter the room. I want to have a good chat with the eldest Miss.” Aunt Rong held An Jin’s hand as she instructed Zi Yi. She then led An Jin into a smaller room that was separated by a bead curtain.

An Jin also intelligently waved to her maid Liu Yu to dismiss her for her to stand along with Zi Yi to guard the entrance.

Chapter end

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