The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Well Aware Of Oneself (2)

All of a sudden, she instantly changed from a bright and beautiful lady back to her former self. But An Yan didn't feel sorry; the current her felt the most comfortable. She was a person in her own room, and the coldness felt comfortable, giving her peace of mind.

An Yan's living quarters was located in the most remote area. Even though it was called a yard, it couldn't really be considered one. It was just a hut, and outside the hut was the yard's gate. There were also two parts of land inside the yard.

Compared to the grandeur of the other regions of the Prime Minister's mansion, it was simply a different world.

Inside the yard was an evergreen tree which bore exuberant green leaves everyday. This brought some vitality to the remote place. Atop the high evergreen branches leaned a man. The man wore a silver-gray robe, the cuffs of which adorned some complicated patterns that were vaguely visible amidst the falling snowflakes.

He leaned on the branches, unafraid of getting frozen. The blowing wind didn't even affect him. While the branches swayed and shook, he stood there like a stable rock.

"She is truly a boring person."

He squinted at the closed door, then yawned. The leaves and snow blocked most of his face so one couldn't see how he looked.

Breathing in a gulp of air, he got ready to fly down to the ground.

At this moment, An Yan, who had originally closed the room door tight, suddenly pulled it open. She seemed a different woman as she wore the ash-gray cheong-sam. When she appeared and barged out, her figure appeared extremely frail within the snow.

Staring in astonishment, the man stopped his downward flight and suddenly went back up.

All of this happened in the split a moment, and the evergreen tree didn't make any large actions. As before, a few branches swayed a bit due to the cold wind, then all was quiet.


Today was her two sisters' birthday, so there wouldn't be many servants about which meant she could go outside the Manor. What she didn't expect was that because of what happened, she wouldn't be able to leave unrecognized.

Previously, she had thought about whether or not to leave, but now she must absolutely escape this place.

An Yan carried a packaged item in her hands. She wore a never-before seen expression on her face. Her small and thin figure appeared especially purposeful among the snow.

She turned and closed the door firmly before going out.


The man on the tree continued to watch with interest as she left.

After An Yan left, he looked to the sky and threw off the snowflakes that fell on his face and gave a long sigh. Then, with just one step, he left.

The evergreen tree remained just as it had before; there were no marks left behind on the branches, no leaves having been flattened out or broken twigs to indicate anyone's presence. It was as if no one had ever been there.


After An Yan left the main hall of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, the birthday party continued on. After all, it was the birthday party of the two honoured misses of the mansion and many guests had come. Especially those nobles invited by Feng Yuewei; there were many princes and sons of both noblemen and officials.

An Jin and An Qing walked with Minister An into the room while furiously trying to think of ways to make their father smile and laugh. It was their birthday and they were unwilling for anyone to spend the day being sad. They wanted the event to be cheerful and lively—why should it be spoiled because of one unlucky person?

“Daddy, don't be angry. Yan meimei is gone, so daddy has nothing to worry about. Just accompany Qing meimei and I until the party ends!” An Jin stuck close to one side of her father and gave a deep look to her sister who was on the other side of him, prompting An Qing to also act like a spoiled child like she did.

Chapter end

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