The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Wild-looking Man (1)

"By the way, sister-in-law still has to tell you about something. Royal brother…"

While the two girls planned inside the room, they didn't expect An Jin to be standing outside.

An Jin was curious by nature. After giving an excuse about how her stomach wasn't feeling well, she was supported by a maid and arrived outside a room. She then quietly entered the room and left her maid outside.

As she went in, she heard what was being discussed and couldn't help feeling ill at heart.

While Wei Zhilan was a good choice, he was still just the son of a Grand Tutor. How could Qing'er marry the crown prince and become his consort?

Yet, her marriage to Wei Zhilan had already been set—the matchmaker had even set the dates and the betrothal gifts were already exchanged. She felt helpless jealousy toward Qing'er for planning a marriage even better than her own. How could she, Jin'er, be willing or resigned to this fact.

Sister-in-law was too biased!

An Jin's beautiful big eyes were full of resentment.

She could only marry the son of the Grand Tutor, but that Qing'er was thinking to marry above herself!

Thinking thus, she turned around to leave.

The two people inside who were planning something had no clue what happened outside the room.


After procuring a servant girl, An Yan smoothly left the manor. Those of the manor didn't ask any questions of where she was going. She was dressed too coarsely and didn't look much different from the servant girl. The gatekeeper merely thought a few servants were leaving. After all, they had never before seen the well-known Poisonous Third Miss of the manor.

After leaving the Prime Minister's Manor, An Yan took large strides and made for the east side of the city where a shop selling steamed buns was located.

There were many people traveling along the streets, and even some who walked with the same tempo as An Yan and in the same direction as her.


"Young Yan'er, we meet again! What would you like Aunty Lan to prepare for you this time?"

When An Yan reached the doorway to the steamed bun shop, the female owner of the shop greeted her and waved for her to come in. The female owner had grown rich over the past few years and was both plump and healthy-looking. She had a kindly bearing and a plump face full of smiles.

"Nothing at this moment. A'Yan1 came to store a few things at Aunty Lan's place," An Yan happily replied to the female owner. There was a degree of familiarity between the two.

The clothes An Yan wore were quite shabby, but clean. She didn't wear anything expensive, so Aunty Lan believed she was a girl from a commoner family. Never would she believe this girl to be the well-known Poisonous Third Miss of Jing City's Prime Minister.

"Oh? What good things are they that you would store them here?" Aunty Lan raised her brows curiously. Although her face was rather common and a bit fat, this action made her face appear a bit more charming.

An Yan laughed. While the two had known each other for a few years, An Yan couldn't completely trust her. The parcel in her hand only consisted of a few coins she'd frugally saved these past years. To some it may seem insignificant, but to her it was a valuable quantity.

All of it will become very important for when she got rid of her life within the manor. It would enable her to be completely independent and self-reliable.

Adding A' is a prefix that shows affection or intimacy. For example it can be used like A'Ge (means brother, just in a more familiar form). It may also be attached to the first character of a person’s given name to address him/her intimately. It is similar to adding -er at the end of a person's given name. ↩

Chapter end

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