The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Does Beauty Make You Senseless?(2)

He said,

"Because you are beautiful!" Those words weren't said with mere flattery or dirty talk behind them. They weren't uttered in that hoarse bellow but instead stated clearly and precisely. That voice, when compared to this coarse and unruly barbaric appearance, was simply unbelievable to witness and hear.

It was like comparing a white lotus with the coarse kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate  plant1.

But no one ever stated the kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate to be more elegant than the white lotus.

"'Beautiful'? What do you mean by 'beautiful'? Would this beauty cause a man to become senseless and lead to his downfall from constantly thinking about her? Would this beauty cause a man to stop eating meat and convert to be a vegetarian? Or am I so beautiful that a man would throw away everything he possesses to take me as his wife?"

An Yan continued her scolding. Sentence after sentence emerged from her mouth, like a string of pearls strung together. Those words flowed from somewhere deep within her, and once they began it caused even the wild man to take two steps back in retreat.

An Yan simply spoke and didn't even take one step away from where she stood.

Meanwhile, as she scolded, the wild man just stared blankly and didn't utter any words.

An Yan watched him and gave a cold snort.

"If this is 'beautiful' for you, then the word 'beautiful' must just be spoken by you in order to take liberties with women from good families.."

Having said her piece, she didn't wait for the man's response but rather turned quickly and melted into the crowd that shuffled around them. She soon disappeared from sight. When the wild man finally tried to search for her in the crowd, he could no longer see her shadow.

The man simply stood there beneath the tree, his eyes looking toward the horizon. At this moment, a twinkle appeared in his eyes. That bearded face and robust face suddenly appeared very attractive.


An Yan entered the manor through the back gate. She had always done this before whenever she went out and walked along the lonely path.

Thankfully, all of the servants were currently inside the main courtyard, waiting upon her sisters. Otherwise she would have encountered some of them and waste her energy trying to restrain herself as they mocked and gossiped about her.

To get into her residence, An Yan would have to pass by a garden. This garden wasn't the main large garden of the manor but just one among the many smaller gardens. Because this particular garden had some rare and precious plants, it was very lively and thriving.

If An Yan hadn't returned through the back gate, then she wouldn't have needed to walk past this garden.

Good things happened rarely but misfortune knocks often. An Yan ran into the person she least wanted to see.

"Yan meimei." An Yan's head was lowered yet someone still recognized her. The voice that called out to her wasn't unfamiliar. She had only heard it once yet still hadn't forgotten it. It was her Jin jiejie.

"Jin jiejie." An Yan raised her head and came to a stop.

An Yan wasn't someone who tried to offend others. If a person was good to her then she would return that kindness tenfold. If a person didn't cherish her kindness then she wouldn't try to keep being kind to them.

"I didn't think I would run into you here, but this is also good. Jin jiejie has some good news to tell you. It's really something good for Yan meimei!"

An Jin thought to put her hand on An Yan's arm as she spoke, but seemed to recall something and immediately withdrew the hand she stretched out. She even subconsciously wiped that hand on her handkerchief.

An Yan sneered. 'Even my own blood sisters are like this. It's no wonder everyone else acts like that.'

"What is this matter? Jin jiejie, please say it." An Yan was disinterested. What matter could involve her?

"Father is searching for a marriage alliance for you. Is that still not a big matter?"


Aka plant. To see how it looks like ↩

Chapter end

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