Woof Woof Story ~ I Told You a Rich Persons Dog, Not Fenrir ~ Chapter 6

Chapter 6  I was made king




「WauooooooooooooN!!(Howling, feel goooooooooD!!)」


「Waooooooooooooooo! waoooooooon!!(nhoooooooooooooooo!! Sooooooooooo Gooooooooooooood!!)」


I continued howling like this for ten minutes it was refreshing


「Wau……(……now what do I do? Now im depressed……)」


Instead of being refreshed I got a sudden feeling of depression

Howling in the moonlight is what a wolf does


Should I return now?

Returning I slowly ate the leftover sausage.


What should l eat first?


Or the blood and nuts?

The guy with garlic is also good


From the necklace I took one and ate it


I might of brought too much

What if the old man is angry tomorrow


I completely forgot my original purpose and trotted back










Many howls returned


Wha, what?


At the same time I could feel things coming towards me


「Wau(E, wha!? What did I do?!)」


While confused a large amount of footsteps came towards me

My back to a cliff I could no run


「wa, wauwau!(Should I use the beam?! Is this it's time!?)」


Think! What do I do!


Do I go?

Should I use it?

I only need to bark don't I ?

Damn, I should have practiced!


A bush rustled and many eyes were reflected back at me


Hiee !! they’re here!


「Guru!……(I can't do anything. He who makes the first move wins. This enemy will kill without fail. ……I will go! I will do it!)」


I inhale and put power into my throat!






A bark just like mine, this raises a red flag.

With that bark I understood what my partner ment


The bush broke and out came a big figure


A deep colour like the night. A black wolf

Golden sharp eyes


The physique, it's is large like me, or is it bigger

It’s coming!! it's scaryyyy!!


I could hear his tail moving, making a bun sound

An overpowering feeling was released......... this wolf, is scary.......


 n? isn't his appearance like mine, am I also this scary?

 the people at the mansion are all too relaxed!

Well I am a good guy though


I hate  being in this position

There is so many here


Ha! by any chance! I'm actually in their territory?!


I did not know about the local rule!

Do i need protection money? Will i be ok?


「gauuu……(after all……! In the moonlight there is a glitering silver figure……! that is right……! You are king here……!)」


 e? What did you say? This wolf?


I do not see him being angry

Glittering silver figure?


I look at my body then to the black wolf


「wau?!(Are you talking to me?!)」


What is this

I see a lot of spectators

I am not shining that much and i'm embarrassed about my necklace of sausages……


「gaun!(king! Our king! according to the ancient pledge, THe representative of all of the demon wolf family. It is you!)」


「wau?!(faa?! king?! what pledge?!)」


「gaugau(for many generations it has been passed down, the legend f this clan. After 1000 years, on the night of a full moon the true great king fenrir will reappear)」


No no no

I didn't know

I did not sign any contract like that!

It's a failure! I did not know!


「Gauuu!(The prophecy was fufilled! King! now we throw away this forest, the humans will fall and the worl will return to rules of the jungle!)」


「wauu(no well, I never heard of this)」


What is this wolf saying.


「gau gau gau gau!!(This forest has been the home of this legend for many many years. We leave the humans who set foot here, and we waited for the king!. however! Now the king has reappeared! We must continue untill the end! from here the rebellion will rise!!)」


「「「Gaooo!!(king! king! our true king!!!)」」」


Responding to the black wolf many gathered around and barked


「Gaon!(now, let's go! The advance of our king will begin today!!)」


「wan(I refuse)」


「……gau?(……now, what……?)」


「wan wan(i hate it. No thank you . I said I don't want to do it)」 (no thankyou is in english)


「ga, gau!(What?! the humans are getting fat, they burn our home, and kill for enjoyment. Such rushing. What is the reason to keep them alive──)」


「gaoon!( Silence boy! will you listen!!)」


I have a place to live. food to eat! A bath! Ojou sama!


Only a fool would not like this

I will teach them to wonders of the humans


「kwuuuuu……(I am sory king! I am being vulgar but i am not the only one who feels like this……!)」


To my angry voice, the black wolf cowered with fear

His appearance is somehow cute


To the wolf who was cowering under his front paws I dropped the sausages


Like this I can escape my foolish appearance


「wan(that, try eat it)」


「gau……(so, gracious…… to receive the prey of my king……!)」


「wan wan(because it is good eat it)」


「gau(I understand ……excuse me)」


After being urged on the black wolf took a timid bite of a sausage.


「ga, gau……?!(th, this……?!)」


The eyes of the black wolf opened wide.


「Gau……!(A light taste of blood……! but it is not unpleasant not bad smelling, my whole body is filled with power. So intense!)」


This guy seems to have eating one with blood and nuts

 it is delicious it might be my favourite


「Gau…....!(what animal did this come from……?! such a delicious thing I have never eaten before……!)」 


「wan wan(as for that. It is the prey of a human.)」


「gau?!(this is a human……?!)」


「wan wan(if you kill a human, they do not become good to eat. There is no point in killing. The best way is co existance)」


「ga, ga ,gauu(wa, how foolish I was……!)」


Good good, then I'm glad you understand.


「wan wan(you all should eat, because it is delicious. Share it around)」


When the amount was spread around even though it is only a small amount everyone got to try


Wolves flowed out of the bushes and crowded the sausage


「Gau gau!(delicious! WOW!)」


「gau gau!(King is great! To make the humans create such things!)」


「gau gau gau!(The king has already put the humans under his control! wonderfull! king is great!!)」


 ……huh? this is gone in the wrong the direction


「Waooooooooooo!!(King! We will follow you where ever you need us!)」


「waooooooooooooo!(King! king! our great king!)」


「wan wan!(A, Wait! That's not right! because i'm not the king! because i'm not a wolf i'm a dog!!)」


「Gau Gau(ha ha ha, King your joke is funny)」


「waoooooon!(I SAY I'M NOT THE KING, SO I'M NOT THE KING!!!)」


It seems these guys are all dense


I am so convinced this is true I let out a loud bark to the sky


The oldmans sausage will rule the world(´・ω・`)


Chapter end

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