Woof Woof Story ~ I Told You a Rich Persons Dog, Not Fenrir ~ Chapter 8

Chapter 8(4k) It came back! The female knight also came back when I thought about it


Garo chan made me tired(´・ω・`)


I saw off the black wolf that was reluctant to leave

I promised to call again if there was something that I needed and parted with them


They will also continue to work hard defending this forest

You work, and I will stay home and eat

It's a win-win relationship (win win is in english)

E? it's different

Is it?


「Wafu(Aa, I became tired. No my body is tired, it is more like my mind is, The spirit is tired since it has been working for too long)」


The sky started to grow brighter, but it is still night.

Let's return quickly so I can sleep

I thought that I was not dirty, but when I shook my body dust came off


I returned quietly to the room of the sleeping Ojou sama


「kuun……(I'm home……)」


I muttered so and slipped close to Ojou sama

The bed that is warm soft and has Ojou sama is the best




「kun kun(Now, mary Ojou)」


「nn、your quite cold arent you?……did you go out……? it's no use you need to sleep properly at night……fuaa……」


「kuun(I understand Ojou sama. Saa saa, I am ready for a nap. gyuggyu)」


「Kuniyu……Routa is mofu mofu……」


 I take a bath every day and i'm brushed

By ojou and the maid, so ofcourse I am mofu mofu


「……somehow……you smell of sausage……you do…… Just Routa……Tricky……Kuu……」


Ojou who had her face buried in my chest, began to have the even breath of a sleeper


「kuaaa(ahhh, I am tired as well. I will eat a lot tomorrow. Just like usualy~)」


I yawn and entrust my head to the pillow and fell asleep instantly








「wan wan!(fuhhahaha, ball! it is a ball , Ojou sama!)」


I run after the ball Ojou threw and caught it in the air


 Because zonovia still hasn't come back we play in the back yard


「wan wan!(hei hei hei! the pitcher is excited!)」


I run the Ojou sama with the ball in my mouth

I am really happy

My tail buzzes around


An innocent appearance

In every aspect a dog

Is it not?


「Routa, Great work! So fast!」


「wan!(Woo! Throw it further!)」


「Go!! Take it!」


「wan!(fuhahahah super speed!)」


When I was running a whirlwind formed.

A laughing Ojou grabbed her skirt and hair


「Ahahaha! Routaa! Is so Great!」


「wan wan!(Throw the ball, it's so much fun)」


 I jumped up and caught the ball high in the air.


I land and quickly return


「fu fu. Routa, is so clever!」


「wan wan!(Again again! Phraise me! pat me more!)」


With the soft hand of Ojou my head it patted

It is a time of bliss


「Ojou sama! The meal is ready! Please come inside!」


When I looked where the voice came from I saw the young house maid

It's good, if it was the older one she would get mad if we didn't hurry


「a, is it already done ……? I wanted to play with Routa more」


「kuun kuun(I too wanted to play more with Ojou…… However lunch is also important! Leads read under a tree and eat! Because I can be the finest back rest)」


I run around Ojou who was looking depress and she quickly got happier


「I understand. Then it will be lunch」


「wan!(Yes i'm pleased!)」






「gaffu gafuu!(so good! this is so good! even though there is not much meat it's so good!)」


「is it good? It's you favourite is it? So eat it all!」


The old man is happy and patted my head


On today's menu is quiche with bacon and vegetables


In a pie dish cream and egg was wrapped


Baked in the oven it became a golden brown


It is a pie

Even though I say it myself I don't understand

But it is still delicious!


「wan wan!(Old man! Todays food is good. especially the spinach I can't stand to waste any of it.)」 


「it is not only meat and fish, if you work hard the vegetables can also taste good.」


「wa, wafuu!?(it's great! Old han, are there anyone who can stand next to you with such power!?)」


The perfect human?


A man who doesn't compromise anywhere

The master chef James

I long.....


Well, It is my job to consume, I will work hard


「Oh dear, the amount you eat increases everyday……」


The old man quickly returned to work and started dishing up some quiche


Anything this guy makes is top quality


I wave my tail around while waiting for more delicious food


That time is


「I found IT!」


While thinking I heard a voice that sounded like it came from the deepest pit of hell




The voice was zenovia chan?






Zenovia and I face each other in the court yard with no other sign of life


Deja vu


「I will not let it go like last time」


Saying so zenovia pulled out the sword on her waist


「This great sword was purchase for ten times the amount of the last one! The sword forged by maszter Ganche Riu! This wil be great! I absolutely had to buy it from that merchant!」


「wan……(hee~… that's good isn't it)」


「What is with that lack of motivation......?」


This is stopping me from getting my food


So please hurry zenovia chan

But isn't protecting Ojou supposed to be the most important thing


Is there any motivation?

Can I not just leave?

In this good for nothing family am I the only one who is good?


「wha, wha. The eyes……?」




To such a  trivial thing I let out a big yawn


I want it to be ended quickly and return


「wan wan(anyway isn't this sword just an imitaion like the last one?, Please, just do it quickly. Because I have things to do)」


「yo, YOU……! are you mocking me……!」


「wa~an?(E? what? Am i? i wouldn't do tha t zenovia Cha~~n!)」


「GUNUNU……! I cannot stop here!」


While releasing a half cry zenovia comes at me


And then disapears


「wafu?!(E?! it's a lie? so fast!?)」






With a yell zenovia raised her sword


And then the tip blurs and comes down towards my head


「wa, wafu!(This is bad! after just a little while ago!)」


WIth that speed if it hits my head. It will be split in two!


The sword




The sword flies with a hyun hyun and disappeared into a bush in the flower bed


「wa, wafu……(Please wait a moment!……)」


What swing....

When the sword is the real thing I did not die!


Zenovia chan, so strong!


「GU, FUGU uuuuuuu……!」


There is a bibim and a pota pota, drops are falling


When I look up Zenovia was making a face like a child


「wam wafun?(what are you crying? please don't!)」


「my sword, Again, why……!」


A twisted face, zenovia crying and covering her face with her hands, crying over lost of her sword


「ku, kuun kuun(i'm sorry, but zenovia should not cry over the loss, it is only an imitation…… it broke because it is an imitation!……)」


「So noisy! Do not try confort me! it is because you try to hide your true nature!」


Zenovia shakes me off and runs away


「kuun(oh dear…… well, I don't have anything to here I am a free load after all…… I should I clean?……)」


Her pride is in pieces


I pick up the pieces of the sword that was scattered around and threw them all in the bush

Destruction of evidence complete

Now I will return quickly, so I can continue with the meal


Zenovia’s crying face (´・ω・`) I would like to lick it


Chapter end

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