Woof Woof Story ~ I Told You a Rich Persons Dog, Not Fenrir ~ Chapter 7

Chapter 7 the goblins nest appeared! and then it disappeared


Silent Boy!(´・ω・`)


Then all of the wolves excitement died down


I breath in again


「Gau gau(by the way King. if you are the high king of all wolves why do you cry like a dog?)」


「wan wan(jsut like I said before, it is because i'm a dog!)」


「gau?(ha? no no, such a joke. You are not a stupid dog who is at the feet of humans. You are the prud hearted demon wolf king fenrir──)」


「Gaon!!(Silence boy! Will you listen to me!(Second time))」


「Ga, gau!(please forgive me!)」


The black wolf suddenly curled its tail down and groveled


Hiding behind it's paw is cute

It is very mofu mofu. But that's not the point。




「wan wan(Anyway, as I said before it is a bad thing to attack humans. So you should all just keep as you were before. Because then delicious things will come)」


「Gau(If it the order of the king, then we will all obey)」


It seems this guy has given up

At Least they are not yelling『King is great』


If they follow my order then it is a good thing

When they are cowering like they are not scary


「wan(do you know what it is?)」


「gau?(What ?)」


「wan wan(a demon has shown up in this forest, that is why I came out tonight)」


I revealed the real reason that I came out here to these guys


Isn't that a guy from north european myth?

There seems to be a similar guy here


Probably big enough to shake the ground , scary

Didn’t he kill and eat that odin guy?

With this vague memory he must have been a scary guy



What If I get like that?

Is it dangerous? Perhaps if it's not like that it's dangerous


No, it won't happen, it won't happen

I am a dog, I am a dog

If I behave like a dog, everyone will surely be deceived!


I believe it, I will stay with everyone at the mansion


「Gau(is it the goblins?. We eat all the demons that appear, but some might have gotten through)」


The black wolves voice actually replied


「wan?(huh? I was told it was the blessing that was placed on this lake that was keepnig the demons away)」


「gau gau(I have not heard such a thing. According the the promise 1000 years ago, it has been us that have been keeping this forest clean of demons)」


Ojou sama has been living safely all because of these guys?


It is great they are here


「wan wan(well that's great. To be able to do that for 1000 years……)」


「gau!(thank you for the phraise, I am delighted!!)」


 when the black wolf bowed all those around began to make noise


「Gau gau!(The king phraiseed us!)」


「gau Gau(King! Our generous king!)」


「「「GauuuuuU!(king! king! king!)」」」


I said it because it is true


「Wan wan(however, even though it has been so long, why did the leakage only happen now)」




The black wolf hesitated


「wan(what is it? tell me will you)」


「gau(certainly. I will tell you now. Actually do you want me to guide you?)」


「wan wan(because I want to return before morning make it quick)」


With one bark the black wolf gathered everyone and they all ran towards the forest together


That is it though?


I run as well


「gau(Though it is late, my name is garo, I am the leader of the only remaining wolf family)」


「wan(garo, please continue to work hard. I am Routa)」


「Gau!(To me, the only name worthy of you is King……! I cannot be honored anymore……!)」


「「「Gau Gau Gau!(king! king! king!)」」」


「wam……(no, please just use my name……)」






「Gau(King, it is here)」


「Wan (this is the place where they live?)」


We hid in a bush


From there I could easily see a cave


Though there are no demons around I could smell a sign of them drifting from the cave


「gau(Rather than where they are living it might be better to say it is where they come from, because they are made from the magic gathered here)」


「wan(Huh, so i am not necessarily born from a parent)」


「gau(Yes, that cave there is just a large demon)」


「wan?(E? This cave? this is a demon? Though I only see a cave)」


「Gau gau(no, this hole is alive. It is a very strong demon, it is one that extends a hole deep into the ground and makes a point where it will gather magic and spawn more demons in it's depths, it also uses magic from blood spilt to get stonger, we call these a labyrinths)」


「wan(huh, Garo is well read)」


「Gau(I am gratefull for the phraise ......! )」


「wan wan(What is the problem here? you seem strong why not go in and wipe it out?)」


「Gau Gau(no, that can't be done. The labyrinth will control all the demons who enter. We are not exceptions, it can control everything that is invited. Thus this has been just an empty hole for a long time now, after all it has been under constant observation. Even now, this distance is quite dangerous. Does the king also feel it? drifting from inside, as sweet smell……)」


「wan(no, nothing at all)」


It is stinky

It smells like a park restroom


The smell of Ojou sama is much better it is sweet and inviting.

It is truly a wonderful smell.


I want to see Ojou again, I should return soon

Lying by the side of Ojou and sleeping peacefully.



I should finish this and return soon


「Gau(the brain washing doesn't work……! as expected of the king……!)」


「wan(What is the solution to this problem……if I block the entrance will it be fine?)」


「Gau(If so it will probably return to normal very fast. The only way would be to destroy the crystall deep inside, it is nessesary to destroy the main body)」


「wan(do you know where it is?)」


「gau(Yes, mysteriously the crystal is very close to the entrance. But right below is the labyrinth that expands in all directions like the root of a tree. It is not easy to reach)」


「wan(nnn, I understand, then you should all withdraw and wait.)」


「gau(I under stand, but king it is dangerous. if you get closer……!)」


「wan wan(it's fine, I will be ok. Just leave)」


「Ga, gau(haa……)」


I put all the wolves and garo and take steps towards the entrance


「wan(Even this is close is fine, as expected of my high level body)」


Then, I will do this now


I sucked in a huge breath




WIth my roar a pillar of light left my mouth and entered the cave


The pillar of light dug at the walls briefly and continued downwards


When I narrowed my eyes, I could see an enormous hole, of which I could not see the bottom


Did it reach

How it is?

Should I do it again?


I hear a sound coming from deep inside


The tremor grew fast and spread further

Apparently the entire labyrinth collapsed from the inside


When I jumped back the cave collapsed like was made of sand

All the demons who were still alive inside got buried


「wan !(All right, this is done now! let's go home! I am already sleepy!)」


The wolves rush up


「gau gau!(How……! by a single blow……! everyone will be pleased! we are the people who has the strongest king!)」


「「「Gau Gau Gau!(King! King! King!)」」」


「wan wan(a, I understand I understand. I understand your feelings. Please scatter. I am done for today)」


I am already quite tired from all that has been going on


If i look up the sky is already getting brighter

If I don't run home


「gau!(King! Thank you for this! We will all do our best to serve you!)」


「wan wan(no no it's fine.)」


It fine if these guys don't treat me like king


「Gau!(Please let me see you home!)」


「wan(oh dear, it's fine)」


I cut him off quickly

If I return home everything will be fine


Ojou sama!

Please wait for me!

Because your mofumofu pillow is coming home now






「Gau (King, if you ever need us we will come at your howl!)」




「Gau Gau(Nhoooooooooooooooo! isn't it, that's what i meant. Because it is easy to learn, I hope you know now!)」


「Gaon!!(silence child(third time))」


I see it, a cherry tree(´・ω・`)


Chapter end

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