Woof Woof Story ~ I Told You a Rich Persons Dog, Not Fenrir ~ Chapter 3

I barked! And then a beam appeared

Zamaa! (´・ω・`) female knight Zama!


「E?, zenovia, is not in today?」

「Yep, she is going to the capital to buy a new sword.It seems she will not return for some time」

「I see, I wanted to play with Routa by the lake today……」

Ojou sama finished studying in the morning, with shoulders dropped lonesomely.

Yesterday, I broke a sword

But it was not my fault

If it did not break I would have died

It is the consequence of one's deeds

I cannot help but to say zamaa

It seems like it was a fake

It easily snapped

After that, It was the fault of the evil female knight, but I could not understand by the end of it.

Instead I decided to be fluffy

「We are all alone, is it useless?」

「I'm sorry, the servant who is usually the coachman is also gone for today. But by order of the master you cannot leave without a bodyguard」

 Recenly Ojousama has been enjoying having picnics by the side of the lake. Eating sandwiches

Made with things like pumpkin and carrot bread. Chicken and herbs or smoked salmon.a;; sorts of things were made into sandwiches,it is also delicious

Really, can I not eat that today. It's a shame.

「That's why. Please relax around the mansion today」

「....I understand」

Ojou gently nodded, and walked back to her room.

I bark softly and followed.

「Wan wan!(Ojou sama! are you not tired of study? I recomend a nap! a nap is the best! Let's endulge in a nap together! I will lend you this fluffy body!)」

I am a loyal dog wagging my tail as I walk, I run around Ojou sama

「Routa, Please be quiet」


Ojou opened a window and then turned

This mansion does not have many people for it's size

There are no signs of life, not even a gardener

「OK, let's go」

What on earth is she thinking

I became speechless, Ojou sama wears a straw hat with a wide brim, and a foot is casually hung out the window

「wa, wau!(Wait, Ojou sama!)」

「Quietly. Let's just go, the two of us. It's allright. Then we can play, and then we can come home by lunch」

Even though it will take an hour to walk.

The sunlight is also hard, I would rather sleep at home.

「Hey, let's go Routa.」

But Ojou is really wanting to go

I cannot bend her will

Even though she is cute, she really is tomboyish

If I bark and make noise a maid might come and the plan will be foiled. But I also would incure the wrath of Ojou sama

 If she studies all day everday she will get stressed, going to the lake would be good the counteract this

So then it shall be

Ojou sama really does not do what she is told to.

「Wan wan!(Then I will come right now! But don't you think it will be imposible to get back in time for lunch)」

「Ha ha, I see.I really like Routa!」

「wafun……(We somehow have some sort of mutual understanding……)」

Ojou holds her hat and the hem of her skirt and jumps

Because this is the first floor,even if you jump there is no danger.

Following, I also jump out the window

「Now, Routa let's go, But quietly」

「Wan!(Okay. I'm proud of my sneaking ability)」

I sometimes steal snacks from the kitchen during the night


 The road is surounded by trees. One girl and one dog, a wolf actually.

「Wa, this really makes you tired」

Ojou is gasping for breath

Well walking this far it is to be expected

I am a dog, even if I walk long distance I won't get tired

「Let's rest under the shadow of a tree」

「Wan!(good idea! I love breaks! but why not just give up and return?)」

「We won't go back」

「Kuun……(okay then……)」

When I lie down I became an armrest, Ojou sama then took a big breath.

Usually, A maid would serve some tea right now, But I am a dog(fake) so i can't do that

Because I became a pillow I also slowly went to rest

The wind that occasionally blew was cold, but comfortable.

In that way Ojou sama rested and began the even breathing of a sleeping person.

If you are worn out it obvious you would sleep

Should I join her?

No, maybe I shouldn't

If we do not go back before lunch It would be obvious that we slipped out

It would be unbearable if Ojou got scolded

When I moved to poe at Ojou I smelt something strange

Of course It was not her though

She always has a nice floral scent

「Guruu……(This smell……)」

I wrinkled my nose

It was the same thing I smelt back of the carriage

The smell of a beast, mud and dirt mixed together, a dirty smell.

Where does it come from……, I understand, it is from the depth

The smell slowly became stronger.

With ears up I searched for any sounds

When I concentrate. A chirping of a bird. Even with the rustling of the leaves I was able to distinguish it.

The origin of the smell.I was able to focus my hearing on。

「Gau……(I found it……!)」

I hear the sound where a group is walking

The weight it light

Though there are small footsteps there are a lot of them

Five or six

When I strained my ears further I heard a voice

「Gugigi, emono」

「gegugu, Attacku」

「Woman woman, gehihi」

This is bad

I must make decision

A hoarse voice. It cannot be human.

Are these demons?. Will we be captured I don't know.

They are coming straight here

Fortunately the distance is still far away

Let's make a run for it

However, how.

Ojou want be able to get far

Even if she is a tomboy. She is still a girl

I don't think it would be possible to run all the way home away from these demons

I could carry her

No, impossible

She is still sleeping

It may not be possible to move her even I wake her

I am not a horse

Even If i pick her up. My back will shake a lot. It is possible that I would knock her off from being too rough,

What should I do.....!

「Gururu……(What should I do.)」

Ojou is still sleeping clinging to me, I do not want to wake her up. So i get  away smoothly.

I'm feeling sorry parting from her. I see her hand searching for my warmth, but she fell back into deep sleep soon enough

Escape successful

If I leave Ojou as it, The demons will come after her.

But I am able to move by myself.

where do I run away to?

In the direction of the enemy!


If something happens to Ojou sama, I ideal pet life will end !!!

Life! Is goes with death

But my life being spoilt just started.

It will not end now. IT WILL NOT END NOW!!

 I want to have the meals every day, and the mofumofu with Ojou sama

I was running through the forest in a dash

The target is the group of demons

It's only a bluff though

Even though I am only a month old I have a scary look

I must take advantage of it

I suddenly dashed out towards all of the presences barking in a scary voice

I try my best to scare them all

Though they can kill me in a single blow, I will overlook it today.

It is the Goblins who should flee

Such a feeling is coming to me

I can do it, I can do it

I can definitely do it


When I look at my own figure. I believe in my scary face.


I rush out of the brush

And I see the crowd that I found through the smell

First is the barking

I let go a big one

「GAROOOOOOOOOOOO!(I push eliminate those who try end my puppy life YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!)」

My roar echoed throughout the forest, leaves scattered, Birds flew away and many small animals fainted

And a ray came out of my mouth and evaporated every one of the demons that was in the crowd

I had to shut my eyes because of the dazzling light.

When I opened my eyes I could see a large path cut through all the trees


I keep staring with a blank look

「Wa, wau?!(What just came out of my mouth?)」


Was it vomit?(´・ω・`)

Chapter end

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