Woof Woof Story ~ I Told You a Rich Persons Dog, Not Fenrir ~ Chapter 9

Chapter 9 A cat appeared! Then we became friends


Do you now want to?(´・ω・`)


「wan wan!(Uuu, Quiche quiche!)」


I am the extremely excited dog of this house, who happens to like quiche。


If I put enough effort into my bark a beam will come out


That's why I came back to my plate in the kitchen


When I arrived, I saw someone else’s face in my plate


「wan?!(Uhoo! Intuder?!)」


「Nya~n?(Arraa? Is this your meal?)」


The intruder who had their face in my food looked up after my presence was known


This cat

It was a cat with bright red hair that looked quite beautiful

Is it common to have this colour hair in this world?


Shining eyes that make me think《《emerald》》


This red cat turned towards me licking it's lips


「Nya~ the things you eat are quite nice. It smells so good I couldn't stop myself……)」


「wa, wan!(my quiche!)」


I was looking forward to that!

So mean! So mean!


I did not think if I left I would lose everything, but I come back to see someone else's head shoved into my food


「Nyaa~ fufu, thank you for the food)」


The red cat strangely swung its tail


So cute!

I want to pat it and rub it's cheeks


This guy has serious mofu power


But I will not be deceived!


「Wan Wan!(You will not be forgiven even if you apologize! Return! Return it! My lunch! Quiche! The quiche I looked forward to!)」


I wan wan barked and dan dan stomped my foot in front of the cat


「Nyaa~ Nyaa~(Wait wait. I apologize for eating without permission. I'm sorry. Therefore I will also bring you something delicious. Will you allow it?」


「Wan wan(……Ee?. Cat you? since you say delicious it will not be a rat right?)」


「Nyaa~(so rude. It will be a truly good cake, I have absolute confidence in it!)」


「Wan....(A cake?……)」


「Nya~(Huh, do you dislike sweets?)」


「Wan!(I love them!)」


However, will it be a cake made by a cat?

It's a mystery

I mean where did this cake come from?


Is this a clean looking homeless cat, or is it an elegant one?


「Nyaa~(Huh? you seem very excited, kind of strange)」


The emerald eyes were narrowed and focused on me


「Wa, wafun!(wh, what!? It's not stange! dog! I am a dog! I am obviously a dog)」


「Nyaa~(no, even if you say that it doesnlt look like it's truee…… oh well it's fine. Me and you, we are kind of the same. Why don't you be my friend?)」




A friend? So sudden!

I have not had a friend for a long time


Though I get along with Garo, it's more like he is an employee or something


「Wan(I guess it's fine…… if you are fine with it? getting along with a dog?)」


「Nyaa~(huh? I want to be your friend that has nothing to do with it. But I am no a cat!)」


Not a cat?

Though red hair is strange, all I see is a cat


「Nyaa~(I will introduce myself! I am a witch of the forest ferutoberuku. I am hekate ruru arusu. Nice you meet you.)」


Introducing themselves the cat bowed gracefully


A witch.

Since when?

After demons, I found a witch.




I observed the cat and noticed


Ahh, I understand

This fellow

Is a painful child

A self proclaimed witch, that is a cat

I understand


「Wan(I am Routa. The pet of this house and a dog)」


「Nyaa(I don't understand why you emphasize dog so much…… Routa. Fu fu, even the name is interesting. My best regards, Routa kun)」


The red cat hekate jumped easily to a nearby tree

A splendid move that looked weightless


「Nya~(then, let's meet again. Routa kun)」


With a mysterious laugh and a smile the cat hekate disappeared in a poof of smoke


「Wafun!(gh , ghost!?)」


A cake making witch cat that is also a ghost?

So many attributes


I have become this strange cats friend






It is the middle of night

I was sleeping just like normal with Ojou sama next to me, in the window I see the beautiful moon


But there is no desire to howl

That is only for a full moon


But I see strange lights in the distance


「Wafu……(That room? Is it papa’s study?)」


It is usual for him to be up at this time

Shall we go say hello?

Is he busy working? I have not seen him for some time


Then I shall go after a long time apart

I do not mind even if it a man doing the mofu


I slipped from the arm of Ojousama who was clinging to me and snuck out of the room without making a sound


When it is this late I may still run into a maid


I would usually steal some sausages but now they are being carefully watched and guarded

Let leave it for now


I advanced through the hallways and climbed the stairs to the second floor

Take a right up ahead and it will be Papa’s study


「Kuun Kuun(Papa, are you there?)」


Papa came out immediately after I pon pon the door with my foot


「Oh, Routa is it that you also cannot sleep?」


The cheeks of papa are slightly red

I smelt alcohol as well

A drink with dinner?


「It's fine come in」


Papa’s study is full of books

He likes to read

What does he do for work? I do not know


「Do you also drink?」


Papa then took a gorgeous glass down from the shelf


The cork was popped of the bottle that was on the table and was poured into the glass

An amber liquid came out and filled the glass


「Here, try it」


It don't think it is a good idea to let papa fed alcohol to an animal


But I will drink!

I am not a dog!

Even though I am a dog!


The glass of amber liquid was set on the ground and I started to lick it up


「Wafu~……(So good……What is this…… This is so good, 10 000x better than the one that my boss treated me to in Ginza……)」


A super luxury drink

It's not wrong to say that


I slowly drink the amber liquor


`「do you want anything else? Want some snacks? Though it was made before james went to sleep」


I smelt the thing that was put in front of me with a kun kun

With that came the fragrance of honey and cheese


It was a warmed cheese covered in white mold


When moved it jiggles and looks like something's going to spill out


Honey is poured over that lavishly and pepper is ground on top to accent the flavour


I understood before eating

That this would be a good thing


「wan! (Let's eat!)」


I slit up the cheese and pulled it into my mouth with my tongue


「Wafu~!(so sweeeeeeeeet! It's so sweeeeeet! The pepper that comes in afterwards makes it so good!  UHIYOOOOO!!)」


I was in heaven with this taste

With the flavour of the cheese still in my mouth I licked at the brown liquor


「Wafuu……(what is this……I want more……Paradise?…… is this paradise?……)」


「ku ku, recently there has been no one to drink with me. I'm glad you came, Routa」


Papa had a tired smile on his face while he also reached for the amber liquor


「it was some time ago but a loud roar was heard from the forest in the middle of the night」


Papa muttered so


「wagu(It was noticed?!)」


I was about to spit out the liquor because of the surprise


「however, no one else heard, I don't know if it really happened. But I still worry a little」


「Wa, wan(Is that so. It's mysterious……)」


I is probably that

When the beam destroyed the labyrinth. Not only the beam but when all the caves collapsed was also very loud.


「since then I have not heard anything else…… Routa do you know anything?」


「wa, wafun?( ahh , kinda……)」






We both stared at eachother and papa entrusted his body to the backrest of the chair


「hahahaha, what did you say?」


With a hand on his head papa laughed a lot


「it can't be because of you? It seems that I am quite tired. After all you could never make such a sound. It's all my imagination. If I drink this I might just sleep soon」


「wa, wan wan(tha, that's right! That is right! you should sleep! if you sleep everything will be forgotten!)」


I have been the one that sobered up instead of papa


After enjoying the liquor and the cheese the light was turned of and we separated


But in the end the amount of food was not enough so I snuck into the kitchen and stole some





I did not think if the old man would be mad tomorrow(´・ω・`)


Chapter end

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